Omega Fake Seamaster Planet Ocean Watch – White Universe

Fake watches: In 2005, Omega launched a new series of Seamaster diving watches, the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean series. The new Ocean Universe watch is more in line with the contemporary design style in appearance, and is equipped with Omega’s most advanced movement. Classic style.

The watch introduced this time is a women’s watch in the star series, the Omega Seamaster series Ocean Universe White “St. Moritz” Ceragold watch, this watch came out in 2012, using 37.5 mm 18K The red gold case, with the new Ceragold bezel, and the 18K red gold diving scale embedded in the white ceramic base, present a unique visual aesthetic. Official model: This watch is a tribute to the Swiss snow mountain resort of St. Moritz, where every winter, Omega will be the designated timekeeper for many of the world’s top bobsleigh events.Perfect Fake Watches UK Shop, fake watches

The watch has an 18K red gold case with a diameter of 37.5 mm, which has a luxurious atmosphere. The white dial suppresses the luxurious feeling of gold very well.

The combination of gold and white makes the watch only noble.

The gold-rimmed hour markers and hour hands are located on the pure white dial, which is clearly displayed and finely crafted, and the details show the brand’s charm. Date display at 3 o’clock.

The 18K red gold hour markers on the dial are covered with a white luminous coating, which,

like the polished domed 18K red gold hour and second hands, glows blue in low light conditions. The minute hand and the dots on the diving bezel glow green. This feature makes it easy to read the time at a glance while diving. Perfect Fake Watches UK Shop

The white bezel is made of the innovative Ceragold™ new material, which perfectly integrates 18K red gold and zirconium-based ceramics with a special process. The white ceramic base is embedded with an 18K red gold diving scale, which is a world first with extraordinary craftsmanship.

From the side, the watch has a certain thickness, which is inevitable for high-precision mechanical watches. The screw-in crown is located in the middle of the case. The crown is the most likely part of a watch to get water, because it is the only part that communicates with the outside world and the movement. The screw-in crown is joined by a rubber-made waterproof apron. When the crown is tightened, the water is tightly isolated from the watch. perfect replica watches, fake watches

The patented helium escape valve is located at the 10 o’clock position on the other side of the case,

which allows the helium bubbles to escape quickly during the decompression process

when returning to the ground after diving, protecting the watch’s safety.  The watch is worn on a white leather strap with an 18K gold folding clasp. perfect replica watches

The watch is water-resistant to a depth of 600 meters.

Inside the watch is an Omega 8521 coaxial movement with an 18K red gold pendulum and balance bridge. This movement is the smallest in OMEGA’s exclusive family of in-house co-axial movements,

and the same movement is also mounted on the acclaimed Ladymatic women’s watch. This watch is equipped with a Si 14 silicon hairspring and enjoys a 4-year after-sales service guarantee.

The Omega fake Seamaster Planet Ocean White Universe “St. Moritz” Ceragold model combines the characteristics of professional diving watches, innovative Ceragold materials and ceramic bezels and many other extraordinary elements, which are impressive. The noble gold paired with the pure white, plus the luxurious details, is full of luxurious

and delicate charm that is different from ordinary diving watches, and it is worth having.

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