Poney Price in Pakistan

 It is a natural sweetener that is popular all over the world. Honey price in Pakistan is produced in Pakistan local beekeepers and sold in markets and supermarkets. Prices in Pakistan of honey vary depending on a number of criteria, including the type of honey. .

Honey Varieties in Pakistan

In Pakistan, numerous types of honey are produced, including:

Acacia honey is made from the nectar of the acacia tree’s blooms. It is pale in color and has a gentle, sweet flavor.

. It is deeper in color and has a more robust, rich flavor than acacia honey

Honey Costs in Pakistan

Honey prices in Pakistan can vary depending on a number of factors. The type of honey is one of the most important considerations. Because of its better quality and scarcity, sidr honey is often more expensive than acacia honey.

The quality of honey is another aspect that can influence honey pricing in Pakistan. Pure and unadulterated honey is often more expensive than honey. That has been blended with other substances or heated or treated in any way.

The location of the honey

Pakistan’s Current Honey Prices

Honey prices in Pakistan can range from roughly Rs. 500 to Rs. 4000 per kilogram as of 2021, depending on the type and grade of honey. Acacia honey is the most affordable, whereas sidr honey is the most expensive.

It is important to note that honey costs in Pakistan can vary based on the season and availability of honey. For example, when bees are less active in the winter, honey production may fall, resulting in higher pricing.

Finally, honey is a precious and delectable commodity in Pakistan, with prices ranging according to factors. Such as type, quality, and place of production. If you want to buy honey in Pakistan, you should conduct your research first.

Finding the best honey in Pakistan might be difficult due to the numerous sorts and varieties available. Each with its own distinct taste and quality. Here are some suggestions for finding the best honey in Pakistan:


Seek out pure and unadulterated honey: Pure and unadulterated honey contains no added sugar, corn syrup, or other additives. It is critical to examine the honey jar label or ask the seller if the honey is pure and unadulterated.

 Buying honey from a respectable source, such as a trusted local beekeeper or a well-known brand. It is always a smart choice. This assures that you’re getting high-quality honey that is not only pure but also picked, kept, and processed appropriately.

Choose the correct honey: Pakistan is home to a wide variety of honey, each with its own distinct flavor. The qualities if you’re seeking honey with medical benefits, Sidr honey is well-known for its therapeutic properties. Acacia honey may be a suitable alternative if you want honey with a softer flavor.

 The easiest approach to determine whether or not the honey is of high quality is to taste it. Before making a purchase, go to a local market or a honey shop and ask to sample the honey. To determine the quality of the honey, consider its flavor, aroma, and texture.

Examine the certifications: Many respectable honey brands in Pakistan have certifications, such as organic or fair trade certifications, which can give you confidence in the quality and authenticity of the honey. 

To summarize, finding the best honey in Pakistan needs considerable research and cautious thought. You can enjoy the delightful taste and health advantages of honey by selecting pure, reliable, and high-quality honey.

The price of honey in Pakistan can vary depending on various factors such as the type of honey. Its quality, and the region where it is produced. Generally, the price of honey in Pakistan ranges from PKR 800 to PKR 3,000 per kilogram.

However, it’s important to note that the price can be higher for specialty honey types such as Sidr honey. 

Furthermore, the price can also vary based on the seller, market demand, and supply availability. It’s always a good idea to compare prices from different sellers and markets to find the best deal on honey.

In conclusion, finding the best honey price in Pakistan requires a bit of research and shopping around. By buying from local beekeepers, purchasing in bulk, shopping around, considering the type of honey, looking for seasonal deals, and checking online marketplaces, you can find high-quality honey at an affordable price.

. Here are some key facts about honey in Pakistan:

Honey production in Pakistan: Pakistan is among the top honey-producing countries in the world, with an estimated annual production of around 80,000 to 85,000 tons of honey. 

Types of honey in Pakistan: Pakistan is home to many different types of honey, including Acacia honey, Eucalyptus honey, Beri honey, Ziziphus honey, and Sidr honey. Each type of honey has its own unique flavor and properties, with Sidr honey being particularly sought after for its medicinal benefits.

Honey exports from Pakistan: Pakistan exports honey to many countries around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia. 


In conclusion, honey is a beloved and important product in Pakistan, with a rich variety of types and health benefits. From small-scale beekeepers to international exports, honey plays an important role in Pakistan’s economy and culture.

Buy from local beekeepers: One of the best ways to get the best honey price in Pakistan is to buy directly from local beekeepers. This not only supports local businesses but can also offer lower prices as there are no middlemen involved.

Purchase in bulk: If you are a regular honey user, it may be more cost-effective to purchase honey in bulk. Many local beekeepers and honey sellers offer bulk pricing for larger quantities of honey.

Shop around: Prices for honey can vary greatly between different sellers and markets. It’s always a good idea to shop around and compare prices to find the best deal.

Consider the type of honey: Different types of honey can have different prices. For example, Sidr honey is generally more expensive than other types of honey due to its unique taste and medicinal properties. Acacia honey, on the other hand, is typically less expensive.

Look for seasonal deals: Honey production can vary seasonally, with higher yields during certain times of the year. Some honey sellers may offer seasonal deals or discounts to reflect this.

Check online marketplaces: With the rise of online marketplaces, it’s easier than ever to find and compare prices for honey in Pakistan. Online marketplaces like Daraz, Shopsy, and Symbios. pk can offer competitive prices and deals on honey products.

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