Possible Reasons and Solutions for QuickBooks Error 1402

QuickBooks is an online software used to maintain the financial records of large to small-scale business companies. Like any other Windows program, It provides multiple benefits and a smooth user interface to work in. QuickBooks needs some additional Windows components, such as.TLG, .NET, or C++. If these components stop working due to some issues, then errors may arise, such as QuickBooks error 1402.

The error message may pop us as “Error 1402: could not open key” on the screen and the QuickBooks installation ends suddenly. In this blog, we will discuss the possible causes and troubleshooting methods to fix QuickBooks error 1402. However, in case of any questions or issues, you can contact our support team for guidance.

Signs For the 1402 Error in QuickBooks

To confirm the presence of the 1402 error in QuickBooks, look for these signs:

  1. Sluggish and degraded performance of the QuickBooks desktop.
  2. The keyboard and mouse pointer stop responding to clicks and button presses, respectively.
  3. Errors may arise while accessing the company file.
  4. Slow performance of Windows operating system even while accessing other online applications.
  5. The screen starts to black out after multiple attempts.

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Possible Causes For 1402 Error in QuickBooks

There can be several reasons that can trigger the 1402 error in QuickBooks, such as:

  1. Insufficient access: Whenever you try to install any application on Windows, the application makes some changes in the registry windows. However, if the application doesn’t have sufficient access to make the required changes, error 1402 appears.
  2. Outdated Windows operating system: An older version of the Windows Operating system can cause errors in online applications, including QuickBooks.
  3. Missing Windows components: Important windows components like the .NET framework and MSXML essential to using online applications go missing then error arises.

Solutions to Fix the Error 1402 in QuickBooks Software

QuickBooks Error 1402 can be proved harmful if not resolved in QuickBooks Software on time. You can try these methods for a hassle-free approach:

Method 1: Running Reboot.bat

  • Go to the C-drive and open the QuickBooks Installation file, and double-click on the reboot.bat button. This tool will register windows in the online QuickBooks desktop.

Method 2: Use QuickBooks Diagnostic Tools

  1. Download the QuickBooks Tool Hub on your computer by following the instructions. Open the Tool Hub application, navigate to the Installation Issues tab, and select QuickBooks Installation Diagnostic Tool.
  2. The diagnostic tool scans the application and repairs the errors in around 25-30 minutes. Restart your computer after the QuickBooks Tool Hub is successfully installed. Try using QuickBooks again to check if the error is gone.

Summing Up

QuickBooks Error 1402 can be a troublesome error if not fixed in time. It might require multiple tries to resolve this error. In this blog, we have gathered all the information relevant to this error. Hopefully, the methods elaborated above will help you fix this error. However, if you still need any assistance, you may dial 1.855.738.2784 and share your doubts.

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