Prayer alone is insufficient for obtaining Allah’s favor.

Without Allah’s blessing, we cannot accomplish anything, whether everyday tasks, working, learning, or anything else. Only Allah can grant the greatest blessing; thus, we must pray and put faith in Him alone.

There are many tasks we must complete and traits we must acquire, all of which are based on morality and taught by online Quran classes for kids in the UK. This illustrates that the blessings Allah has given to His people are extremely contingent on whether or not they strive to cultivate virtues. For Allah to bestow the blessing, we must conduct good deeds and maintain good behavior, avoiding committing too many sins.

We must always submit to Allah and His apostles if we desire Allah’s blessing.

We must disobey Satan and refrain from committing sinful, forbidden deeds. Allah severely despises those who transgress His commandment but seek His favor with no effort.

Follow the Quran by reading it.

Allah has made the Qur’an a precious book, so we must read it regularly to enjoy its blessings. The Qur’an is our guide; if we seek to gain devotion to Allah SWT, we must follow its directives. Additionally, we must practice it to get larger rewards and blessings for our good deeds.

We recognize that life is fleeting.

However, we must protect the ecosystem because future generations will inhabit it. Therefore, we must engage in preservation rather than destruction. Even others can experience the benefits of even the most modest acts of kindness. Whoever spends his life performing good deeds and caring for the environment will be blessed by Allah.

To get Allah’s bounty, we need to believe in Him,

As only He can bestow the greatest blessing onto us. We must stick unwaveringly to Islam as our religion and resist Satan’s temptations at all costs. Allah honors only those who never abandon their faith for material riches.

Follow Allah’s command and avoid His prohibition.

As Muslims, we must always obey Allah’s command since doing so benefits our way of life. In addition, we must avoid His prohibitions since they can lead us to evil, which Allah hates. Thus, Allah would bless our life on earth and lead us to the light path leading to heaven.

If we sin and make mistakes in our lives, we must seek Allah’s forgiveness.

Sins and errors made in the past can prevent us from receiving Allah’s blessings. Allah loves His servant, who recognizes his sins and begs His mercy. He will not hesitate to bestow this blessing upon the servant.

Become a good person

Islam is a religion that teaches its adherents to be kind, never harming friends or foes. We must not mimic terrorists and others who kill in the name of Islam. Some of the Prophet’s stories reflect His manner of life in the past, which was always to love everyone and never harm them; therefore, we must copy this to receive Allah’s blessing.

We must love everyone equally and never engage in discrimination.

We must get along as we are identical to Allah’s creation. Additionally, we must value His animal and plant creations and use them to our advantage. We may be the perfect creation, but we cannot survive without them; therefore, we must show them respect. Allah will reward those who show compassion for His creation.

Participate in recitations and social gatherings alongside online Quran classes for kids in UK.

This is the only way to gain Allah’s favor in Islam. We hope that by performing these actions and remembering Allah, we will receive Allah’s favor and be able to live happily in this world.

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