QuickBooks Closes Unexpectedly: Complete Analysis & Solutions

QuickBooks Desktop is a fundamentally advanced accounting application that has been widely accepted by small business units for their routine tasks & its rapid growth can be attributed to its highly sophisticated tools.

However, despite having advanced tools, some errors often emerge while working in the QB Desktop application & one of these technical problems is the ‘QuickBooks Closes Unexpectedly’ problem. In this highly troublesome issue, QB users find that the QB application closes suddenly during any task with or without an on-screen error message.

This highly complex technical issue has been explained thoroughly in the present article, along with relevant step-wise solutions.

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Common Instances in Which Users Can Encounter ‘QB Desktop Unexpected Closure’ Problem

You can confront the ‘QB Desktop Unexpected Closure’ problem in the following situations while working in the QB Desktop application:

  • Firstly, the most common occurrence of this technical problem takes place when the user is attempting to email an extremely large report via the QB Desktop application.
  • Constantly modifying many invoices & sales orders within the QB Desktop application can also cause the emergence of this glitch.
  • When the QB user operates several reports at the same time in the QB Desktop application, this issue can happen on the system.
  • Operating various tasks in the report center in the QB Desktop application can also cause this technical glitch.

Major Factors That Lead to ‘QuickBooks Desktop Sudden Shutdown Problem’

The following points explain the primary causes of the ‘QuickBooks Desktop Sudden Shutdown Problem’:

  • This troublesome problem generally manifests due to a lack of fresh QB Desktop updates on the user’s computer.
  • If the company filename has an error or if the QB Desktop program setup has internal glitches, then this technical problem can easily emerge on the screen.
  • Any misconfiguration in the ‘QBWUSER.ini’ file can also cause sudden closure of the QB Desktop application on the computer.
  • Not having relevant Windows operating system updates on the user’s computer can also lead to this troublesome problem.

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What Are the Different Step-Wise Solutions for ‘QuickBooks Desktop Automatic Closure Problem’?

The following step solutions can be easily implemented on a user’s computer to solve the ‘QuickBooks Desktop Automatic Closure Problem’:

Easily exterminate this issue by carefully installing fresh QB Desktop updates on your computer

  • First & foremost, you should jump to the ‘Help’ menu in the QB Desktop application & then you will need to simply click on the ‘Update QuickBooks Desktop’ icon present within that menu.
  • With , you must move to the ‘Update QuickBooks’ window, & then you will be downloading fresh QB Desktop updates by easily tapping on the ‘Get Updates’ option within the ‘Update Now’ menu.
  • Next, as soon as you have completed the proper downloading of fresh QB Desktop updates, you shall need to just restart the QB Desktop application & then you will have to tap on the ‘OK’ option to install fresh updates.
  • After successfully completing the installation of fresh QB Desktop updates, you shall go forward to easily finish your remaining tasks in this application.

Fully root out all the technical faults from the QB Desktop program setup by easily running the ‘Quick Fix my Program’ utility

  • Here, the relevant task is to simply launch the official Intuit website via the web browser & then you will have to download the most recent edition of ‘QuickBooks Tool Hub’ on the system through the correct link.
  • The next point is to carefully choose a relevant location like the ‘Downloads Folder’ or the ‘Windows Desktop’ to save the ‘QuickBooksToolHub.exe’ file & then you must execute that file in order to finish the valid installation of ‘QB Tool Hub’ utility on your computer.
  • After that, as soon as you perform a double-click on the ‘QB Tool Hub’ icon, you shall effectively obtain the ‘QB Tool Hub’ window, following which you must jump to the ‘Program Problems’ menu on that window.
  • Next, carefully access & then execute the ‘Quick Fix my Program’ utility through the ‘Program Problems’ menu to fix all technical problems that can have through the set up the QB Desktop program.
  • Thereafter, in the final step, you shall just need to launch the QB Desktop application to resume your remaining tasks.

Properly eradicate various QB installation problems via the valid execution of ‘QB Install Diagnostic Tool’ on your computer

  • In this solution, the first appropriate task is to simply launch the ‘QB Tool Hub’ window as mentioned in the previous solution, & then you will to the ‘Installation Issues’ menu within that window.
  • Next, go ahead to successfully strike on the ‘QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool’ icon shown inside the ‘Installation Issues’ menu, and then you will easily remove all the installation problems from this accounting application.
  • After the full execution of this utility, you have to restart your computer & then you shall be able to resume your essential tasks in the QB Desktop application.

Establish new & valid names on the ‘QBWUSER.ini’ file & the ‘EntitlementDataStore.ecml’ file in order to completely tackle this problem

  • Here, you will immediately launch the folder presently holding the ‘QBWUSER.ini’ file, & then just right-click on the icon of the ‘QBWUSER.ini’ file to successfully tap on the ‘Rename’ option shown on the system’s screen.
  • Thereafter, you must edit the name of the ‘QBWUSER.ini’ file in a proper manner, like the following example: ‘QBWUSER.ini.oldupyu.’
  • Next, immediately hit the ‘Enter’ key to save the newly imposed name of this file, then fresh the establish to the ‘EntitlementDataStore.ecml’ file in a similar manner.
  • Finally, when you have renamed both files, you can launch QB Desktop to resume your tasks on essential projects.

These solutions are required to be implemented in the correct order to tackle the ‘QuickBooks Closes Unexpectedly’ problem. For further technical help & advice, dial 1.855.738.2784 to connect with our QB Specialists Team.

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