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QuickBooks Data Erased? Use QuickBooks Auto Data Recover ADR

Everyone is aware of the importance of backup of your financial information (such for instance, the QuickBooks Company File) however, do we are able to do this? Every company should have a reliable backup plan for their business data, however, many times, even the smallest enterprise fails to follow this. I’ve heard the usual reasons (sometimes in my office) The most common excuses are: It’s an effort to set it up and slows down computers I thought I’d done it, but then I forgot…


Beginning in QuickBooks 2011 R6 along with QuickBooks 2010 R12, Intuit has added QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery, which will automatically create local backup copies of your company’s data for you. The feature is only available for QuickBooks Pro and Premier but not with QuickBooks Enterprise or QuickBooks Premier Accountant’s Edition.

If you’re running one of the versions that are supported by QuickBooks, you might see an additional folder appearing on your system, along with some new files. It is called known as the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery folder which will appear as a separate folder.

  • The backup file is your QuickBooks company file. It also contains the transaction log that matches that QuickBooks creates automatically for you.

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How Does QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Work?

After about an hour, when you open the QuickBooks company file then QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery feature will conduct internal tests of the data. If the file is opened and passed the tests, QuickBooks believes that it is an acceptable file, and the backup copy is placed to ADR folder. ADR folder.

Once the initial copy has been created After the initial copy is made, after the initial copy is made, ADR transactions logs will record all transactions that were added to the file after that.

Each day for 12 hours following the time that the first copy has been made, QuickBooks will make another duplicate from the original file. This will not happen if you don’t have QuickBooks open , but it happens the next time you launch the desktop program. You now have two copies of QuickBooks, one that’s up to 12 hours old and one that is 24 hours old. (Older copies are deleted.)

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What can you do to recover the backup files? Intuit does not require customers to restore the backup file by themselves. The intention is that the backup files are made available to Intuit technical support personnel to use as a last resort just a step away from sending the backup file into Intuit Data Services to be repaired. If you’d like more information on this feature, and its operation (including how you can restore the backup files yourself) check out my in-depth article on QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery.

What Else Can You Do to Recover Lost QuickBooks Lost Data?

If the QuickBooks Auto Data File Recovery utility fails to retrieve the Erased QuickBooks data, use Quick4Support Repair for QuickBooks Software to recover all the data. The software can repair various damaged company files (QBW) and the backup files (QBB) and recover all the data from the corrupted files in just a few clicks. It supports QuickBooks versions 2021, 2020, 2019, and earlier versions. You can also Dial 1-(888)-293-0274.

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