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Remove Metadata from Document Files Like OTT, ODT, RTF and More

Best Way to Remove Metadata from Documents

Do you wish to remove metadata from document files? Are you unsure how you intend to proceed? If so, clear your doubts. This article explains why and how to remove metadata from document files such as OTT, ODT, RTF, and others. You must continue reading the article in order to get yourself benefited from it.

Why Should You Remove Metadata from Document Files ?

Metadata includes a wealth of personally identifiable information, including the name of the author, the date the file was made, the author’s location, and the device used to create the file. Those characteristics are sufficient for con artists to trick you. So, in order to protect your privacy, you must first erase the metadata from your document files before sharing them online.

How to Remove Metadata from Document Files ?

One of the best and simplest apps for erasing metadata from document files is Metadata Erasure Tool. This app was developed specifically to remove metadata from any type of file, including document files. The software also allows you to delete metadata from media files, Word files, Excel files, and other types of files.

It’s a robust application with lots of complex features that you may use to successfully remove metadata from documents files and get the results you want. In Addition to removing the metadata you can inspect your files in this all-in-one utility.

The application also saves time by allowing you to simultaneously erase all metadata from a lot of files. Also, it provides you with just a few straightforward steps to remove all metadata. We recommend you to carefully follow the instructions listed below to understand how the tool works.

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How to Delete Metadata from Document Files? Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Get the document Metadata Erasure Tool for Windows. Then install and launch the utility to remove metadata from document files.
  2. You must choose the Select Files or Choose Folder option after starting the application by clicking the open tab.
  3. Start scanning all of the document files and add them to the tool for removing document metadata.
  4. You can preview the files after they have all been uploaded to the tool.
  5. You may also search or specific item using the tool’s search bar.
  6. You must now select the metadata clean up option by clicking the Action button.
  7. Now, select the location to save the output files. After that, to remove metadata from document files, click the Save button.
  8. Once all the metadata from select document files have been removed, you will be notified.

Therefore, this is how you may use the software to remove metadata from document files. If you want to learn more about the tool, take a look at the features listed below.

Learn more about the Document Metadata Erase Tool

  1. Ease of Use: The app is quite simple to use. You may not encounter any difficulties while utilizing it. The tool does not require any technical understanding from the users. It features a very basic graphical user interface, so you should have no trouble using it even for the first time.
  2. Support for Document Files: The application supports to remove metadata from wide range of document files. You may delete metadata from OTT file, DOT files, ODT files, RTF files and more.
  3. Capability for Batch Metadata Removal: You can use the software to delete metadata from a large number of document files. You can choose any amount of files or folders and then delete metadata from them all at once, with no slowdowns or delays.
  4. File Selection Modes: The software provides two modes for selecting data in the hopes of removing metadata from it. You can remove Metadata by selecting individual files or entire folders.
  5. Multifunctional Software: The application is all-in-one and can remove metadata from a wide range of files. You can use the software to delete metadata from Excel files such as XLSX, XLS, and XLTX. Metadata can also be removed from PowerPoint presentations, Word pages, audio, and video files with the aid of the tool.
  6. Preview: The app also lets you view your document files prior to removing the metadata. It has a viewer tool that allows you to thoroughly examine any document files. As a result, consider this application to be all-in-one.
  7. Device Compatibility: On Windows devices, you can remove metadata from document files. The app is optimized for Windows OS versions 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and older.

FAQs Regarding the Metadata Erasure Tool

Is there any limitation to the application?

The only limitation is that it does not work with the Mac operating system. Only Windows may be used to launch the application. Also, there may be certain limitations in the tool’s demo version. When you purchase a license key, however, there are no restrictions.

I need to use the software on more than one PC; should I get a separate license key for each System?

There are several packages available to meet various demands. If you need to use the software on two computers, you can purchase a personal license key. If you need to use the tool on more than 5 or 10 PCs, a standard or enterprise license is the best option.

Do I need to download any extra settings in order to complete the metadata removal process?

The application is completely self-contained and does not require you to download any additional apps or settings during the removal process. You simply need the recommended tool and nothing else.

Note: Please keep in mind that if you have any more questions not addressed here, you can contact us at any time. We are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with the document metadata removal process and the software’s operation.

In Conclusion

We have provided you with an excellent tool to remove metadata from document files. The Metadata erasure Tool is a single piece of software that allows you to bulk delete metadata from document files like OTT, ODT and more. There is a free demo version available. You can use the tool right now by downloading it from the above URL.

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