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Replica watches: Focus on “complex” machinery, never just talk

Replica watches: In the watch market, for a strong watchmaker, making a complex watch that is amazing to the world can be said to be the most direct way to show their own technology. But for actual players, such a sophisticated mechanical product may become a “burden” on the wrist. Because most of the conceptual complex watches do not consider too many practical wearing issues in terms of thickness or shape, hiding in a safe may be the best destination for it. So, at this point, skilled watchmakers began to compete with each other, how to make a high-complexity timepiece that can be adapted to daily wear?Luxury replica watches

We may find the answer to this difficult problem here in Zenith, Switzerland. In terms of movement research and development, Zenith has always been recognized by the public. From the pioneering “El PRIMERO” movement in the past history to today’s one-hundredth timing, silicon vibration plate, etc., Zenith has given us too many surprises. In recent years, the brand’s avant-garde and innovative DEFY series is gradually emerging and widely circulated in the market. So, for such a “unusual route” product series, how will its complex design behave? It is worth our careful study.

In November 2021, Zenith brought two high-value DEFY series complex timepieces, namely the DEFY ZERO-G zero-gravity watch and the DEFY double tourbillon watch transparent sapphire crystal. The two best fake watches not only adopt Zenith’s most advanced watchmaking technology, but also decorate the conceptual design of the very popular “universe starry sky” on the basis of it, “highly complex movement” and “high-value appearance” Going hand in hand, this can keep players deep in the water.

First, let’s briefly talk about the DEFY ZERO-G zero-gravity watch. The tourbillon of this watch seems to have got rid of gravity and is suspended in mid-air. This is due to Zenith’s ingenious control of gravity, which allows the tourbillon structure to be fixed on the universal device, no matter how the wearer rotates. Watch, the tourbillon is always in a horizontal position, this design is very bold.

As far as the tourbillon device is concerned, its purpose is to improve the accuracy of the watch. Under the irresistible “gravity”, the influence of gravity on the gears will still cause slight errors. Over the centuries, These watchmakers are trying to solve this major problem.best fake watches

Inspired by the nautical environment, Zenith brought the high-complexity Columbus watch in 2010. It was the first time to transplant the free-swinging horizontal direction frame of the nautical astronomical ship clock to the watch, borrowing the principle of “universal suspension”. Keeping the speed regulating mechanism in a horizontal position can obtain the best balance swing, thereby counteracting the influence of gravity on the travel time of the watch.

In short, it can always keep the adjustment device in the same position at any angle, regardless of gravity, and can maintain accurate travel time even when sailing on a drifting sea. This device was subsequently used by Zenith in the Christophe Colomb series, and won the GPHG “Complex Watch Award” in 2011.

Having said that, back to the question we explored at the beginning, what is the feeling of wearing a Zenith watch equipped with a “suspended” tourbillon? This kind of gyroscope-like tourbillon frame and horizontal constant escapement device needs space. At that time, the ZERO-G zero-gravity watch of Christophe Colomb series adopted a more prominent “bubble” design, which accounted for a large amount of space. , In this way, it is not convenient for some watch friends to wear.

Until 2018, Zenith replica made another breakthrough and brought a redesigned El Primero 8812 S-type manual winding movement, which was reduced to 30% of its original volume and completely fixed in two flat sapphire crystals, making it It’s easy to wear. In other words, Zenith not only has more depth in mechanical manufacturing, but also shortens the distance between us and high-complexity functions, so that such excellent mechanical watches can be used for daily travel without being hidden in safes. More perfect “service” to the wearer.

In addition to being equipped with the El Primero 8812 S manual winding movement, this DEFY series ZERO G zero-gravity sapphire watch also has a new layout. The overall display function is more open and transparent, and the movement is inside the transparent sapphire crystal case, which is clearly visible from all angles. This is also the first feat of the Zenith watch factory.Luxury replica watches

Under the pure sapphire crystal case, Zenith adopts the fashionable theme of “starry universe” for decoration. The most conspicuous one is the movement components treated with blue PVD coating,

but the large-area “Painting” will make the overall effect slightly monotonous. In order to make the visual effect more profound,

the chamfered edge of the plate bridge is coated with rhodium-colored PVD coating. This unique process is also specially developed by Zenith,

so as to make the layered movement parts have a stronger sense of space, and the effect is very good. .

Supplemented by the lettering and decoration on the Banqiao, it looks like a star field, shining on the Banqiao. The hour and minute discs have been treated with more unique craftsmanship. Zenith decorated the gold base with a mosaic pattern made of meteorites, aventurine glass and Grand Feu enamel,

which is used to display hours and minutes, and the superimposed small seconds disc The pattern of “Mars” is made. Under the cover of the hour and minute dial, the small second dial of “Mars” reveals a half-color,

which interprets the beauty of the universe and celestial bodies very well and is highly ornamental.

Another watch with the theme of the universe star field this time – the DEFY series double tourbillon sapphire watch,

also uses a large area of blue PVD coating to process the movement parts,

due to the complexity of the design of the double tourbillon and timing components ,

the overall mysterious “starry sky” atmosphere is stronger.

In 2022, Zenith has enriched the “Double Tourbillon” product line, and also presented two DEFY EXTREME Double Tourbillon watches,

which are different from the above-mentioned DEFY series Double Tourbillon Sapphire watches in style. (Click here to view the DEFY EXTREME double tourbillon watch), but its function is roughly the same,

and it can be said that it is one of the fastest rotating tourbillons in history.Luxury replica watches

The DEFY series double tourbillon sapphire watch is equipped with a Zenith El Primero 9020 movement. This movement has a high vibration frequency of 360,000 times per hour, and the timing accuracy can reach 1/100 second. The tourbillon is adjusted, and at such an amazing vibration frequency,

its speed can complete one rotation every 5 seconds (12 times that of the usual 60-second tourbillon).

In order to solve power problems, the movement is equipped with two sets of escapement devices with different speeds,

and the travel time and timing are performed separately through independent gear trains and tourbillons. Under the action of double barrels, the two do not interfere with each other. But it is worth mentioning that the power reserve of the 1/100 second timing part is about 50 minutes,

and the kinetic energy of the travel time part is 50 hours, which is reasonably distributed. In addition, this movement is also certified by the TIME LAB Observatory,

and it can still achieve accurate travel time even with a number of complex devices.

In the end, these two cool and stunning high-complexity Luxury replica watches can be said to have broken our inherent impression of Zenith. And in the past, when it came to Zenith’s complex mechanical watches,

the first thing that came to mind was a strong mechanical tough guy style. In the past two years, Zenith has become more and more proficient in the use of sapphire crystal materials. The above two watches show a “cool and dreamy” effect under the stylish

and exquisite sapphire case and the high-value star domain concept. This is also a big “face value” challenge for Zenith, very beautiful and very bold.

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