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Replica watches: The “Car King” in famous watches is even more powerful than Rolex Daytona

There is no distinction between cars and replica watches, and many famous replica watches are made for cars. Even the Omega Speedmaster, which went to the moon, was originally a chronograph for racing when it was born in 1957. It’s just that later, “by mistake”, it landed on the moon, and instead became a lunar watch.

We all know Rolex Daytona. It can be seen from the name that DAYTONA refers to the Daytona track in the United States. As for TAG Heuer, the car is even more powerful. The main series are all racing-style chronographs, including the famous Carrera, Monaco and today I want to tell you, the new Monza chronograph. We can see from the name of Monza that it refers to the Monza circuit in Italy.

If TAG Heuer’s “Top” is the Carrera Tourbillon, then the new Monza chronograph is the existence that is close to the ceiling.

The public price of TAG Heuer’s new Monza is almost twice the public price of TAG Heuer’s regular chronograph, exceeding the price of TAG Heuer in the past. Why is the new Monza more expensive than other TAG Heuer? Because this watch not only concentrates the historical elements and top configuration of TAG Heuer, but also absorbs some characteristics of LV Group Hublot and Zenith into this Monza.sell replica watches

The new Monza, size 42 mm, uses a pillow shell shape. In 1976, when Monza was born, the “big abalone” case was used. Afterwards, adjust to the cushion shell shape. The new Monza uses a carbon fiber case. Carbon fiber cases are rare in TAG Heuer’s lineup of sell replica watches. Among LV Group replica watches, Zenith and Hublot will use more carbon fiber. This time, TAG Heuer used the carbon fiber case on Monza, which obviously improved the positioning of this new watch. TAG Heuer uses forged carbon for the carbon fiber case of the new Monza. In addition to the fact that carbon fiber is very light to use, you can also see irregular beige patterns on the case, which greatly enhances the modern luxury of the watch.

TAG Heuer’s new Monza watch has a forged carbon fiber case and uses black-plated steel for the chronograph pushers. But what we need to pay attention to is that the case, bezel, and watch body are all carbon fiber, but the chronograph button and bottom cover of the watch are not carbon fiber.

Chronograph pushers in black PVD steel; watch case back in black titanium PVD.

The appearance of the new Monza is very high. The dial of the watch continues the “modern hollow” style commonly used by LV Group Hublot, Zenith, and TAG Heuer. Except for the small seconds dial and the 30-minute chronograph dial, TAG Heuer adopts a hollow design for other parts. And you can see the date ring around the outer ring of the bezel. The hands and hour markers of the watch are all lacquered and have a luminous coating at the same time. The white pointer, blue hour markers, and scales have obvious contrast. One detail is that the scale on the outer circle of the dial is a mixture of speed ring and pulsometer (the first 15 minutes is a pulsometer).

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The panel layout of the new Monza is a bit special. The 30-minute counter is at 3 o’clock, the small second is at 6 o’clock, and the calendar is at 9 o’clock on the left side of the dial. The layout is reversed from the general watch. Why such a layout? This is because the new Monza imitates the layout of the antique TAG Heuer in the 1970s. The TAG Heuer chronograph in the 1970s used the CALIBER 11 automatic chronograph movement. Due to the movement, the small second hand is at 11 o’clock, and TAG Heuer arranges the crown on the left side of the case, all upside down. Therefore, on the new Monza, TAG Heuer imitated the characteristics of this antique watch and improved its recognition.

The new Monza uses TAG Heuer’s self-produced 02 automatic chronograph movement.

This version used in Monza has a flyback and is certified by the Observatory. It is the “high-end version” of the 02 movement family. The 02 automatic chronograph movement is TAG Heuer’s current main self-produced movement. It uses a column wheel and a vertical clutch, with a swing frequency of 28,800 times per hour and 80 hours of power. The vertical clutch layout of the movement is similar to the Rolex 4130 movement. The vertical clutch and the central chronograph second wheel are arranged separately. Both TAG Heuer and Rolex chose this layout in order to reduce the thickness of the movement.

TAG Heuer’s new Monza uses the 02 automatic chronograph movement, which has a flyback function and is certified by the Observatory. The TAG Heuer 02 movement is at the same technical level as the Rolex 4130 chronograph movement, Omega 9300/9900 chronograph movement, and Breitling B01 chronograph movement from the basic design of the movement and the level of technical configuration.sell replica watches

In terms of movement decoration, TAG Heuer has always been in a modern style.

The automatic rotor and the upper splint are decorated with Geneva stripes, the lower splint is sandblasted,

the cylindrical wheel is painted red, and the automatic rotor is hollowed out.

Many famous watch brands are more or less related to cars, but the most closely related to racing cars and sports cars must be TAG Heuer.

Now, the car brand TAG Heuer cooperates with is Porsche. The F1 team that TAG Heuer cooperates with is Red Bull Racing. The cooperative FE electric formula team is the Porsche team. The cooperative F1 event is the Monaco Grand Prix. And the cooperative simulated racing game is Sony’s “GT Racing”, and even Nintendo’s Mario Kart, TAG Heuer has given a tourbillon watch. There is no connection between a famous watch and a racing car that can surpass TAG Heuer. TAG Heuer’s influence is huge.

So for players who like cars, TAG Heuer is the most suitable watch for you. Some people will say, can’t Rolex, can’t Patek Philippe? They’re both fine, but that’s not a conflict. You can buy as many best fake watches as you want, but car lovers wear a TAG Heuer, which is very suitable.

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