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Replica watches: What kind of watch can I wear for “skiing sports”?

Replica watches: After the Winter Olympics, skiing can be said to be very popular at the moment. As the weather gradually cools down, friends around me are also starting to prepare and buy some skiing equipment. No matter how skilled they are, the equipment must be excellent! As a French Fusalp brand specializing in the production of ski suits that integrate function and fashion, it is a popular choice for most ski sports enthusiasts. It not only pays attention to the style of ski suits, but also pays attention to professional sports and daily styles. High-quality fabrics are the key to its success.Replica Swiss Watches

And these unique brand features of the Fusalp brand are precisely the important elements pursued by the Swiss watch brand Zenith in the design of ski sports Replica Swiss Watches. A perfect ski sports watch must not only have a watch that fits the wrist perfectly The standard curve must also be able to adapt to extreme environments, and at the same time, be stylish and exquisite for daily wear. Not long ago, these two brands with full technical scores jointly launched a unique capsule series because of the words “professional and innovative”. This series includes two customized watches and a series of handsome and dynamic ski fashion clothing, from clothes to Time meter equipment full score! Not long ago, we got a watch in this capsule series, and share with you the specific design of this “ski watch”: (watch model: 49.9000.670-1/22.R797)

The large-area hollowed out panel style is the iconic design of the DEFY Classic Skeleton classic hollowed out watch. Since the launch of the watch, Zenith has “outlined” the bold and avant-garde hollow dial with its unique mysterious structure. It is precisely because of this innovative style design that the DEFY Classic Skeleton classic hollow watch has become this This is the template for the first cooperation with the Fusalp brand, thus presenting a DEFY Classic Skeleton watch that can perfectly adapt to the harsh environment, with a strong style and a prominent shape. There are two pieces of this new work, one of which is a white ceramic model with a limited edition of 100 pieces; the other is the black ceramic model pictured above, with a limited edition of 300 pieces.

As soon as I got the real watch, I couldn’t help but sigh,

this watch can be said to be the most “cool” watch among Zenith’s DEFY Classic classic best fake watches! Under the hollow structure, a rose gold hollow bottom layer is designed,

and the black gold frame is suspended in the sky,

layer by layer, deep and clear, with a high value.Replica Swiss Watches

Looking carefully at the dial, the brand characteristics of Zenith and Fusalp are very conspicuous:

while the structure on the dial retains the iconic pentagram of Zenith,

the snowflake pattern is integrated into the design to display ski-related elements. The dull black frame with pentagram and snowflake patterns is also gold-rimmed on its edges. The overall black and gold color scheme is full of high-end and strong texture; in addition,

the outer ring on the dial is made of blue and red, white tricolor design,

its inspiration comes from the French national flag,

and this design also pays tribute to the Fusalp brand from France.

As a professional watch that can adapt to skiing sports, in addition to providing basic night vision functions,

when the wearer is in the daytime, in the dazzling light of the snow on the ski resort,

the finely polished hands of the DEFY CLASSIC SKELETON FUSALP watch are timely. The logo can also reflect bright metallic colors, and the reading performance is quite good.

Looking at the side of the watch, we can find that this watch not only adopts a symmetrical layout in the dial design,

but also has a particularly harmonious proportion of the shell, just like a Fusalp ski suit that fits snugly. The diameter of the watch is 41 mm. The slightly inclined lugs and the thin case can perfectly fit the curvature of the fake watches

In addition to the above design,

the rubber strap of this watch also incorporates the inspiration elements of the Fusalp capsule series. The outer side of the strap presents a three-dimensional pattern texture composed of concentric rectangles,

which is similar to a cloth structure, and the design is more detailed.

The bottom of the watch adopts a transparent design. Through the bottom cover, we can clearly appreciate its built-in self-produced Elite 670 self-winding hollow movement. Another main movement of Zenith is usually used in the regular three-needle watches of Zenith replica, and we can see the blue-purple silicon escapement running carefully, and the hollow escapement wheel is also made into a five-pointed star shape. , It can provide 48 hours of power reserve after full string.

The cooperation between Zenith and the Fusalp brand is still very surprising,

whether it is its ingenious high-value appearance or performance device, it is quite good. In daily skiing, the mechanical watch on the wrist still needs to adapt to various extreme conditions,

such as precise shockproof, waterproof, and cold ice and snow temperatures. Zenith, known as the technical master, is still very reliable. The Fusalp x Zenith series will be released publicly on the occasion of the opening of Fusalp’s new boutique in Zurich,

Switzerland in November. The DEFY CLASSIC SKELETON FUSALP watch will be sold in Zenith’s global boutiques

and online boutiques, as well as designated Fusalp boutiques.

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