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When the entire world was struck by Covid 19, online classes were introduced. It gained a lot of popularity because the uncertainty of covid-19 led everyone to doubt how long the lockdown would last. Nobody could tell with a surety we would ever get back to how it was. Schools made changes so that students could adapt to the “new normal” without harming their studies. Online classes emerged as an improved way of teaching as opposed to the traditional methods of teaching. A school management system is needed to manage these online classes and so much more. A school management system should be easy to adapt and use. It should make administering and tracking online classes, lectures, tests, and the progress of each student easy. It helps in digitizing the entire process of teaching and should help the student to learn anywhere and anytime.

Online classes can be conducted smoothly and efficiently. This happens through the medium of the Learning Management system, which is a school management system that allows schools, colleges, and other educational institutions to create, manage, edit and host their online lectures. Online lectures allow students to attend classes and obtain knowledge from their homes without the hassle to travel thus saving the travel time spent daily. It is the easiest way to conduct lectures online. It allows you to track every lecture and also record the lectures so that it is available later for the students to watch. 

School Management System?

A school management system is basically software that aids schools and other educational organizations in managing training events, courses, and advanced learning programs. Many schools and educational institutions have embraced technology because it has simplified things for people. It has been proven to be effective in the education sector as a training tool. Schools that use E-Learning are a step ahead of those who are still using the traditional way to teach.

Learning management system? 

The schools have thus transformed the way they impart knowledge by adapting to a new school management system that involves an LMS. A learning management system is a software application for the tracking, documentation, administration, reporting, automation, and delivery of educational courses, training projects, and learning and development courses. The learning management system concept was born directly from e-Learning. Learning management systems make up the highest percentage of the learning system market. The Learning management system was first brought to light in the late 1990s. 

The following points will give you a better insight for Learning Management System 

  • Learning management systems have faced immense growth due to the focus on remote/ online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. The full form of LMS is the Learning Management system. Schools have adopted online learning, online team-building activities, and online mental health sessions.
  • Online classes have revolutionized the way we learn today. Students are able to grasp better through illustration and are also able to attend the lectures again if they need a quick revision because of recorded sessions. Even if they miss a lecture they can always watch the recording later. This was not possible earlier. Additionally, it is now possible to take notes online and share the documents with the entire class.
  • Online learning saves money and time. With online learning, learners can take lectures and classes anytime. Online Learning is also cost-saving. It helps save the traveling cost for both students and teachers. E-books and pdfs save paper waste which is beneficial for the environment. Having a school management system is thus environment friendly. It could solve the problem of faculty shortage as well. A teacher can teach a lot of students from home and utilize the time saved to teach another batch of students. Therefore, a School management system can greatly contribute to the overall growth of the students as well as the teachers. 
  • There are various LMS providers in the country but one of the better ones has to be Edneed. Edneed has made E-learning a simple task. It aims to make things easier for the learners so they could flourish in their field too. Edneed enables you to make a website for your institution in under 2 mins. The interface is simple and easy which makes it possible for students and teachers as well as parents to adapt to this new way. It is simple and effective. 
  • Online learning has thus dramatically changed the education system. Students are learning even more and have everything from the syllabus to the tests just a few clicks away.   

About Edneed

Edneed’s goal is to enable educators and students to gain knowledge and impart it to millions of students worldwide. Edneed aims at transforming the world of education.  It is on a path to building a community of learners and educators worldwide. To adapt this impactful learning school management system, get in touch with Edneed.

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