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Seamlessly Solution to Export Outlook 2016 Emails to PDF Document Format

Mass Export Outlook Emails to PDF File Format with Attachments without Outlook

Nowadays, most users are using MS Outlook email clients for personal as well as professional purposes. But, due to some problems and reasons, users need to export Outlook 2016 emails to PDF. With the help of this blog, I want to provide you with a method to export Outlook 2016 emails to PDF format directly. But first, get brief information about PST and PDF file format.

Complete Overview – PST and PDF File Formats

Today, most email applications are available in the digital market. Every email clients have a different file format. Here, we are going to discuss PST and PDF formats.

PST (Personal Storage Table) – it is a common and most used file format by users developed by Microsoft Office Suite. It works as a personal information manager. It gives multiple advanced options such as emails, contacts, calendars, journals, tasks, notes, etc.

PDF (Portable Documents Format) – it is a secure and safe file format developed by Adobe Reader. It is programmed safe and secure format and users can also make different copies of the files. PDF files can save the entire content of each topic which includes the number of images, graphics, and fonts.

 Manually Way to Convert Outlook Emails to PDF Format 

To export Outlook 2016 emails to PDF format manually, follow these steps:

1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2016/2013/2010 or any other version on the computer

2. Open any email messages from the Outlook account

3. Then, press the File menu and choose the print option

4. Now, opt for Microsoft Print to PDF from the drop-down menu as the preferred printer.

5. After that, hit on the Print option.

6. Now, select PDF format as the Save As Type and provide a file name before selecting Save.

In the above-mentioned steps, you can easily export Outlook 2016 emails to PDF format using the manual method.

Limitations & Drawbacks of Manual Method

The manual method has many drawbacks i.e., it is a time-consuming and too long process and it cannot save your attachments. By using the manual way, you have to follow the one-by-one steps correctly. If any step is missed, then you need to again start the complete process. It needs to complete technical knowledge to perform this process. There may be a possibility of data loss during the process. It cannot support the bulk conversion process. For those reasons, many users do not choose the free manual solution to export Outlook 2016 emails to PDF.

Automatically Export Outlook 2016 Emails to PDF Format without Outlook

PST to PDF Converter Software  – an excellent and advanced software, it is specially designed to save Outlook emails in PDF file format with all emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and attachments. The software supports a simple and easy interface, anyone can easily use this tool without a technical expert’s help. Microsoft Outlook installation is not compulsory for the migration procedure. The utility also has no file size limitations so users can migrate large sizes of Outlook PST files. It supports a smart PDF Page Setting feature to set page layout with Margin, Paper orientations, Page Size, Bates Number Format, and Stamp Current Date. Thi software also supports date filters and different file naming options to convert desired Outlook PST files into PDF format without any extra effort. It was workable on all editions of MS Outlook macOS and Windows OS. With the help of the demo version, you can convert the first 25 messages per folder from Outlook to PDF format without any cost.

If you want to export Outlook emails to Webmail Services? If your answer is yes, then you take the help of the IMAP migration option which will ask for the credentials details to connect Outlook to webmail accounts such as SmarterMail, AOL, Roundcube, Gmail, G Suite, MDaemon, and many more.

End Words

Microsoft Outlook is used by different companies and enterprises for purpose of emailing. At times, outlook users need to export Outlook 2016 emails to PDF file format. For benefit of the users, we have mentioned two popular methods to save Outlook emails as PDFs from Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc. Users can follow any solution to their requirements. Since experts always suggested and advised using Outlook Converter software for such purposes.

Import PST to Thunderbird

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