Seven Reasons to Hire a Family Lawyer

Seven Reasons to Hire a Family Lawyer

Family relations are supposed to be governed by mutual love and understanding, however, this is not always the case. When things go wrong, sometimes, to protect your family, you may need help from an outsider. You see, regardless of the subject of the dispute, if it falls under family law, it’s important. It’s either a custody battle, that might just plot the future course of your child’s life or a divorce settlement that may determine your financial future and lifestyle for decades to come. Now that it’s clear just how much is at stake, here’s why you need to hire a family lawyer.

1. Specific knowledge of the subject matter

First of all, a family lawyer is knowledgeable of the legal proceedings in question. Sure, you know the situation better than anyone else and when the judge hears the sincerity in your voice, they may be swayed. But, as the saying goes, a person who represents themselves has a fool for a client. It’s not just enough to be in the right, you have to prove that you’re right through the legal process and this has to be done via a proper procedure.

Other than this, your knowledge of these matters might come from word of mouth or popular culture. The problem is that family law is different between states and you need to know if what you hold is relevant in your particular case. Lastly, keep in mind that legislation always changes and you need someone who is keeping up with it.

2. A reality check

Everyone’s too emotional when it comes to family law cases. With so much at stake, who could blame you? There’s a reason why the majority of divorces don’t end up in a settlement. Human emotions are on a pendulum and if it swings too much on one side (love), once released, it will swing equally as far on the other. It’s basic physics.

The problem is that you’ll often feel betrayed, or like you’re owed more than you’re receiving. You might also feel remorseful and extra generous if you believe it’s your fault. This could make you make decisions that you’ll come to regret in a couple of months. This is why you need someone whose head is clear on your side. Also, you need someone who has seen many such cases and won’t hold back to tell you the hard truth. Your friends and family members are hardly unbiased. This is why they shouldn’t be representing you either.

3. Protection from bullying

After a divorce, all sorts of foul things are spoken, some in a state of anger, others out of sheer malice. The problem is that they leave a scar and they may impact one’s decision-making. Statements like:

  • You’ll never see the kids again.
  • You’ll be lucky if you end up with anything.

May sound scary but they’re not grounded in reality. First of all, even inmates on death row are usually allowed to see their kids, so the idea that your spouse has the power to take this away is simply ludicrous. After all, it’s not their decision to make but you may not know this. So, you need assistance from someone who can say this from a position of authority.

According to renowned family lawyers from Sydney, it’s not uncommon for one of the spouses to try and put pressure on the other partner. This is not necessarily legal but without proper legal guidance, you might not be able to recognize or fight it. Sometimes, taking a restraining order is the best course of action.

4. Experience in assessing options

Another thing worth considering is the importance of proper option assessment. You see, sometimes, settling is the best possible option. At other times, shared custody is possible only with slight adjustments. The truth is that both sides are too emotional and believe that their case is special and unique. An insight provided by someone who has seen hundreds of such cases can, in this case, prove to be completely invaluable.

It’s so important to keep in mind that even in seemingly unique scenarios, the judge is affected by their own previous experiences. They already have their presumptions and expectations (even though, in theory, they should be impartial at the start). A good family lawyer knows this and they can figure out how good you’re doing far better than you can.

For instance, your testimony may sound far more compelling to you than it is but your lawyer will be able to tell immediately if the judge hasn’t bought it. Out of fear, you may agree to a bad settlement, believing that your case is doing worse than it is.

5. Documentation

A good lawyer will check everything before you sign it and compose a document for the other party to sign if need be. They will also help you gather all the necessary documentation and inform you of the relevant documentation needed. Overall, this may drastically help you prepare your case. The remorse of getting into a suit unprepared is a serious matter and something that you shouldn’t underestimate. Still, you might want to gather some documentation prior to meeting your divorce attorney.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, hiring a family lawyer helps you get what you want at one of the most critical crossroads in your life. They’re there to help you get fair treatment and a chance to express yourself legally. They’re your best defense and your best bet of proactively fighting for your interests at the same time.

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