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Sizes for Metal Barn Buildings: Ideal Size for You

Are you planning to purchase a metal barn building? You should consider several factors like size, design, and aesthetics at first. Without proper planning and implementation, you won’t be able to design your dream home. Here are some must-know aspects of metal buildings you should consider for the smooth purchasing of steel buildings.

Crucial Factors Related to Metal Barn Building Sizes

Find Correct Dimensions

The size of any structure can be defined in three measurements: length, width, and height. You must consider these primary factors before purchasing a prefab structure. You can analyze your requirements to select appropriate dimensions for the building.


The length of the steel structure is a significant factor you must consider from the functionality point of view. The length of a metal barn building depends on the purpose of buying. At the time of considering the length of the steel structure, you must assess all your needs. It will help you make better choices.

Physical measures of the structure depend on their utilization. For example, If a building is designed for garage purposes, its length will vary according to the length of your vehicle. For large commercial vehicles, you need a higher length structure; for a smaller passenger car, you can prefer a standard garage size. Conditions are similar for residential, commercial, and farm structures. You have to understand your needs to make the correct choice.


Width is also a crucial measure that is important when purchasing or customizing a steel structure. The width of the frame also depends on the space you require for your needs. While considering the width of the proposed building, you must consider the availability of land and operational & functional needs.

The width of the garage and carport buildings depends on the number of vehicles you want to park. Storage needs can also encourage you to purchase metal structures with wider spans. Width-related requirements of multipurpose buildings could differ from the standard facilities offered by dealers. Two or three-door structures are generally wider than regular steel barn buildings. The span required for commercial buildings is wider than for residential installations.


After length and width, height is the third crucial factor that should be considered for the size-related needs of the building. When dealers ask about your requirements related to custom steel buildings, you have to be specific about all measurements. Height crucially matters for both commercial and residential buildings.

People who own trucks need carports or garages with greater height. Otherwise, you won’t be able to park your vehicle under it. Boat garages or sheds generally need sheds with greater height to avoid any damage to the sale of your boat.

Framing Suitable for Your Building

The overall strength of prefab buildings relies on their primary structure; the primary frame of buildings prevents any distortion or deformation in structure in case of external force. For multi-story buildings, you must consider a strong primary structure that can efficiently hold the entire building. Building frames that are used in prefab structures are-

Modular Frame

A modular rigid frame consists of a solid web frame, including interior columns. Modular rigid frames provide multiple spans in the structure. It is the most economical type of shed used in metal buildings.

Clear-span Solid Frame

For buildings that require a clear span from 40 to 250 feet, you can consider using a clear-span metal barn building with a clear span frame. For industrial or commercial structures, this type of frame can be used. These frames could be in the gable or single slope formation.

Single Slop Structures

Single-slop structures are generally used for retail stores and small facilities. Generally, it is a lean-to type of shed that effectively fulfills additional storage requirements.

Lean-to Sheds

Lean-to-frame is the most effortless frame design in metal buildings. These are single sheds that are adjoined to the existing structure. Lean-to-frames can be used for a clear span of 40 to 60 feet.

Tapered Beam Structure

The tapered beam structures are primarily used for interior structures that require a clear span under 60 feet. Tapered are best known for partitioning internal gaps.

Additional Considerations

Enclosed / Open Structure

Metal buildings come in both open and enclosed types. People have different choices when purchasing metal prefab structures. Both open and closed facilities can be purchased based on your requirements. For better security and safety features, you can prefer an enclosed structure. For leisure needs, an open shed structure can be preferred.

Metal Buildings with Scope of Expansion

Flexibility and customization are the best features of metal barn buildings. From both current and future perspectives, prefab buildings can help better. Based on the current requirements, you can purchase any metal barn structure and extend it further later based on your needs. Implementing modifications in the existing structure can help make the further extension.

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