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Smart Tips and Tricks to Make Your University Room Feel Homely

Moving Into Student Accommodation: Smart Tips and Tricks to Make Your Room Feel Homely


Moving into student accommodation with your friends is surely a great adventure and an exciting experience but it is not always the most positive one. While the thought of creating new memories, making new friendships, and chasing your dreams and passions may sound very enticing, there is also a rather daunting part to it all. The part where you move out of your family home in which you have lived all your life, where you step out of your comfort zone and many changes start to occur in your daily life. 

The one place where you will be seeking out comfort and solitude when things get overwhelming is your own uni room, which is why it is important to try and make it feel as cozy as possible and make sure that it has a homely feel to it. There are many ways this can be achieved and here we have gathered the smartest ways to do that.

Change the Layout

Student accommodation can sometimes feel rather characterless since all the rooms pretty much have the same layout. If you wish to make your own feel more unique and personalised, one thing you could do is play around with the layout. Rearranging the position of your bed, desk and wardrobe so that it is more comfortable for you or so that it reminds you of how your furniture was laid out in your home will make a massive difference to your room. In most cases these standard student rooms are rather tiny which makes it harder to figure out more layout options but with a little creativity and imaginative thinking, even the smallest change could create the sense of it being your own. 

Incorporate Aromas

One thing you shouldn’t expect from student accommodation is for it to smell nice. You must bear in mind that there are many people who come from different places all around the world, they all have their own cuisines and traditions, and since the insulation is not particularly great, a lot of the times you may be able to smell everything your flat mates are cooking and eating. What’s more, you might end up living next to someone who is known for not cleaning their room very often. That is why incorporating pleasant smells into your space could make you feel a lot better. Perhaps you could even buy the same washing detergent as your family buys in order to have everything smell like home as well. There is a great nostalgia connected to aromas and that is a smart way to bring a little piece of home with you. 

Invest in Comfy Bedding

You never know what kind of circumstances you might find yourself in, so investing in comfortable and warm bedding would probably save you from many sleepless and cold nights. Most students will avoid spending too much on it or rather bring their own from their homes, thinking that it wouldn’t last much anyway. However, once you are there, you will quickly realise just how much time you will actually be spending in your bed. That is why seeking comfort there will prove to be essential in order to make yourself feel more at home.

Bring Life into Your Room

As simple as this may sound, bringing a living house plant into your student room could provide that extra personal touch that you might need. Moreover, it would be nice to have some responsibility for something other than yourself, while also being a good test of whether you could keep the plant alive or not. If you are not great with plants though, getting a succulent or a cactus is a popular choice since they are really difficult to kill. Watering for these plants does not have to be very regular and they can stay alive with minimum maintenance and care. 

Add Personal Touches

As much as the previous suggestions have the ability to make you feel more at home, there is nothing quite like adding personal touches to a place and making it your own. Whether that is in the form of framing pictures, putting up memories on the walls, adding fairy lights or putting valuable souvenirs on display, it is important to surround yourself with things that bring you positive energy. Having these things which are important to you on display around your room rather than hidden will instantly make it feel homely, while keeping you at ease as well. 

A lot of the time, students get completely new things prior to going to university but bringing a little piece of home with you will make all the difference in how you feel in your new home. Even if it is a teddy bear or a favourite blanket, having something special which reminds you of home is vital to have. You’ll never know when you will need it the most.


Having said that, even if you are someone who loves their home or not particularly, considering little things like bedding, aromas and personal items could make your student room from being like everyone else’s to your own safe haven.


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