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Some Awesome Products to Achieve a Glam Eye Makeup Look

If we could teach one thing at our professional makeup artist training, it would be how to do eye makeup. Applying eye makeup is one of the trickiest skills to teach and master in any professional makeup artist course. In addition to having numerous layers when demonstrating each appearance, there is a huge range of eye makeup. The possibilities are endless. You may keep it basic with winged eyeliner or go all out with a cut-crease look and a rainbow of colors.

One of the most beautiful things you can learn at any professional makeup artist training is how to create a gorgeous eye makeup look. Your entire appearance is changed in an instance. Eye makeup is a lifesaver, whether it’s simply a dash of colour or the ideal flick of eyeliner.

So we made the decision to teach you guys a fun lesson today. You’re about to learn our secret insider tips for perfecting the glam eye makeup look. You can enrol in our new batch for makeup classes 2023 at the BHI Academy whenever you like to gain the skills, but these awesome products will also be useful to you in the long run.

Eye Shadow Primer

This is what will maintain the current state of your overall appearance. There are eye shadow primers that are made for the delicate area of the eye lids, just like your face primer. This helps provide an even base for your eye makeup and keeps the eye makeup in place longer. Since eyelids are frequently extremely pigmented, an eye shadow primer is a necessity when creating a glam eye makeup look!

eye makeup look


Good eyeliner should be one of the first purchases for any beauty enthusiast. It’s one of the main components of our starter kits for our courses for professional makeup artists. There are many “excellent” eyeliners available right now. Each one differs in terms of colour, composition, and pigments. Black eyeliner is the only colour we would use for a glam eye makeup look. It gives the appearance just the right amount of punch, and since you keep the colour neutral, you can experiment with eye makeup colours. The formula, which can be liquid, gel, or stick, is the next thing you should check for.

You can use liquid eyeliner if you are an eyeliner expert, which all of our students in our professional makeup artist classes are. The greatest pigment of all is provided, although its watery formula makes application difficult. You can start with the pen or gel eyeliner if you want to. Even those with trembling hands can apply them a little more easily (we’ve got you covered!).


Good mascara may instantly enhance your appearance. It’s a wonderful workaround for those who dislike wearing false eyelashes as well. And if you ask us, you still need a decent mascara to make everything look cohesive even if you are wearing eyelashes. You need lightweight mascara that gives you the ability to curl and volumes your lashes. You need all the drama you can get because you are creating a glam eye makeup look. Choose a waterproof one to prevent dark streaks from appearing on your face even if your eyes start to tear up.

Even when you are going all out glam, we think that less is more. Layers of makeup are not necessary to achieve a glam eye makeup look. The secret knows how to get the desired look with a small amount of items. Doing more with less is the first lesson we teach our students in our professional makeup artist classes. If you want to learn more about makeup courses, enrol in one of our professional makeup course 2023.

What is Makeup Artistry?

The term “makeup artist” generally refers to a professional discussing their preferences for makeup design with clients. Based on a client’s skin tone, eye colour, hair colour, skin type, complexion, and even what they are wearing, someone in this field will develop custom looks for them (perhaps a wedding dress). Makeup artists must be savvy and talented at creating unique looks with various colour palettes and materials to fit each customer best. Consultations vary depending on each occasion or event.

Some of the primary skills that every makeup artist should possess are listed below:

#knowing the in and out of Makeup Theory

The most important skill for every makeup artist to possess is this. An in-depth study of a number of disciplines, including colour theory, facial anatomy and bone structure, product chemistry, etc., will be aided by a well-designed cosmetics course. Beyond this, mastering a wide range of makeup tools, methods, and trends will be essential for professional success.

#Be True to Yourself

Believe in your art, and don’t compromise on your style because every makeup artist has their own unique style. Therefore, creating and exploring your style is very significant. You should upgrade your skill frequently, and it is wise to join and does a new makeup course from a dignified makeup academy. Hence, if you keep updating yourself and your skills, it will never let you down; instead, it will help you stand taller, withholding your position.

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