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Someone asked,what is the charm of the fake watches?

Story Highlights
  • Wearing a watch is an attitude
  • Wearing a fake watches is a kind of taste
  • Wearing a watch is a hobby
  • Wearing a watch means wearing an identity
  • Wearing a watch means feeling
  • Wearing a watch, what you wear is emotion

Fake watches friends,have you ever encountered such a situation,you have worked so hard to save money to buy a famous watch that you like,and when you show it off to your friends,some of them will say:so expensive,what’s so good about it?It’s not as good.

Recently a friend asked me what is the charm of a watch,so that some people are willing to spend tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands to buy it.

He thinks a fake watches of 10,000 is very expensive,and,A watch is not a necessity,and there is no need to wear it at ordinary times.

Regarding his question,I would like to answer as follows:

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Wearing a watch is an attitude

In modern society,everyone has a mobile phone,and it seems that watches are no longer useful.

But in the era when mobile phones were not fully promoted,wearing a watch will make people think that you have a more sense of time and that you are a punctual person.

This perception still exists,especially for men.

Wearing a watch is an attitude,which proves that you are a person who pays attention to time.

Don’t you see that many bigwigs often wear a watch regardless of the brand.

In addition,there are very few accessories for men,and watches are the most expensive ones.

Wearing a fake watches also proves your attitude towards life,at least it shows that you are a person who is willing to pursue a better life,rather than muddling along.

Wearing a fake watches is a kind of taste

As I said earlier,there are very few accessories for men,and watches are one of the most expensive items.

Women love to dress up,and men have to pay attention to their own image.

A suitable watch can often play a finishing touch and reflect a man’s taste very well.

Although we are all old men,it is undeniable that a man with good taste is more popular than a rough man,especially by women.

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Wearing a watch is a hobby

But although I boasted the watch as a flower,the watch is essentially a tool,an accessory,or a luxury.

People who like it are naturally very good,and people who don’t like it may be incomprehensible.

Or maybe I don’t like it at this time,but I don’t know when I was”poisoned”.

Sometimes I was obsessed with it,but I calmed down after a while.

In any case,playing and buying watches should be within the range that you can afford.

Of course,when you can’t afford it,if you really like it,it’s also an elegant thing to learn about watch-related knowledge and reserve your own watch knowledge.

Wearing a watch means wearing an identity

In modern society,the function of watches as timepieces has been greatly weakened.

Many people wear watches for their status.

After many men have financial conditions,they will want to buy a decent watch for themselves.

Whether they go out to attend class reunions or parties,they will look more face-saving.

Going out to talk about business will also make you feel more confident,just like some entrepreneurs now rent luxury cars to talk about business,these external things are sometimes so important.

It can be said that there are still a small number of people in the world who understand watches,and there are even fewer people who understand watches and can afford watches.

Most people buy watches(famous watches)to show their identity and economic ability.

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Wearing a watch means feeling

At the end of playing the watch,you will always enter the pit of the mechanical watch.

And machinery has a natural attraction to men.

A small mechanical watch is a miniature mechanical world.

There is no difference between men who love aaa replica uhren watches and men who love cars.

The kinetic energy brought by the contraction of the hairspring transmits the operation and rotation of each gear.

For men,mechanical watches release their unique charm,especially advanced and complex mechanical watches,cool tourbillons,and three repeaters with the sound of nature,and the perpetual calendar,although it cannot really manage 10,000 years,it represents the ultimate pursuit and romantic imagination of humans and watchmakers for time.

Wearing a watch, what you wear is emotion

Watches include diving watches,pilot watches,railway watches,and starry sky watches…

from the sky and the universe to the ocean and desert.

We live in a city of steel and concrete,although we may not have the time and experience to go to the sky.

Earth,but we can pin this feeling on a small watch,just like people who don’t play basketball wear jerseys.

In addition,watches are not only bought by yourself,but also given by lovers,relatives,friends or elders.

These fake watches contain the heart of the giver and have different meanings.

At this time,wearing a watch is not only a watch,but also a watch emotion.

There is a very famous example: Prince William of England has been wearing an Omega Seamaster watch priced at 28,800 yuan, which has not changed for more than 10 years.

With his wealth, it is not that he cannot afford a better watch, but this Omega watch is A gift from his late mother, Princess Diana.

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