Sportswear Wholesale Suppliers You Need to Know

If you’re running your own business, one of the best ways to save time and money on stock is to buy it in bulk and get wholesale prices. Wholesale distributors provide that liaison, buying large quantities of products from manufacturers, storing them and then supplying them to retailers and other businesses. But just because you’re going wholesale doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality or style—

the following are some of the best sportswear wholesale suppliers in the industry.


One of the largest sportswear wholesale suppliers in the world, Adidas, was founded in Germany by Adolf Dassler back in 1948. The company’s first product was a running shoe called Adi. To this day, their most popular shoes are the NMD and Superstar. In its early days, Adidas sported a logo that would become iconic for the company: three stripes. One stripe represented one of Adolf’s brothers who died during World War II, another represented his mother and a thirdly represented his father. Today, Adidas is still an international phenomenon with headquarters in both Germany and North America.


Canada Sportswear wholesale companies are an excellent option for retail stores, wholesalers and boutiques alike. With the incredible size of Canada’s population, a business that operates within Canada has many options in terms of suppliers. However, it may be time-consuming to find those perfect providers – and it may even require visits across the country. For example, why spend hours travelling from coast to coast when you could have your sportswear delivered straight to your door? If you’re interested in carrying Nike products, consider working with a company like My Canadian Designer Apparel as they specialize in carrying products by designers like Nike Canada.


Some businesses look for wholesale puffer jackets, with vendors like Puma. They can carry a wide selection of sizes and products and are known for having good prices. Customers like that the jackets come with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.
The customer service department was responsive and we were able to re-ship without any hassle. – Via Yelp

Under Armour

There are some supplies that any business needs in order to run smoothly. One of those items is a custom hoodie Calgary supplier, which is where Under Armour came from. After graduating from the University of Maryland and then returning home to start a sports apparel company with his brother, Kevin Plank formed Under Armour as a simple idea that didn’t take long to grow into one of the most innovative custom hoodies Calgary suppliers in the world. By 2005, this Baltimore-based custom hoodies calgary supplier was branching out internationally, and by 2016 its products were being worn by the Super Bowl champions on stage during their celebration victory parade.


Founded in 1892, Reebok was the first athletic shoe company to launch a basketball shoe with Pump technology. Today, the company owns and operates brands like Reebok, Ashworth and Rockport -all of which focus on athletic footwear, sports apparel, accessories and equipment. The company began selling wholesale puffer jackets in the 1980s when it acquired White Mountain Shoes Company.

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