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Still Hesitating? 6 Tips To Make A Narrow Block Home Look Bigger

Are you planning to build a home on a narrow block? If you’re having doubts about how you’ll be able to incorporate all the features you like into your new home, then you’ll need thorough planning. And with the ideal new home builders, you can maximise the space your family needs.

Nowadays, narrow block homes are becoming popular since land properties are becoming more expensive. That’s why smart techniques in-home designs were created to achieve houses that look bigger even though they’re built on narrow lands.

Narrow block homes don’t mean people are automatically going to live in a deprived state. As long as your designer and new home builders are experienced in this area, it’s not impossible to have the dream home you’ve been longing for.


If you want to know some ideas on how you’ll be able to maximise a narrow block space, then you should check the list below!

1. High ceiling

If there are two properties with the same width, would you choose the one with a high ceiling or not? A house with a high ceiling looks well-ventilated and well-lit so it can affect the perspective of the property.

Having high ceilings can make up for the lack of lot spaces. Don’t worry, you can still plan on having a two-storey home even if one floor has a higher ceiling than the other. If you have more budget, both floors can have high ceilings. But just to be sure, consult your new home builders if it’s possible.

It’s a matter of how you are going to make your place look bigger by being creative with other angles.

2. Let the natural light in

When it comes to lighting, it’s important to incorporate natural light into your home. Since you’ll be having high ceilings, you can add some glass windows to the top area. Moreover, you can opt for glass doors, especially in the kitchen.

Aside from the common area, you can also add more glass windows or skylights to the bedrooms. That way, people can wake up on a bright sunny morning. It’s also a good idea to lessen the electrical consumption of your household during the day.

If you think you already have too many glass doors and windows, you can also add a huge mirror in the smaller room of the house. It’s a good statement piece, plus it’ll make the room look bigger.

narrow block

3. Open space

Room dividers are no longer in demand, and people are switching to open space living. This concept started when people had enough small spaces. So instead of dividers, you can easily access the living room, kitchen, and dining area as if they’re all just in one huge room.

Furthermore, if you want to extend this kind of living situation, you can opt for a sliding back door where you can have alfresco dining in your garden. These options are especially important with narrow block homes. Instead of investing in dividers, you can put your money on furniture and other necessary things you need for your home.

4. Neutral and light colours

The lighter the paint of the home interior, the more chance for the light to bounce. In the same sense, you’ll feel as if you have a bigger space when you use neutral paint rather than dark. Having too many colours or patterns also tends to make a room seem smaller.

So instead of using paint in adding your personality to the place, why not just try to add some furniture pieces for pop-up colours. If your base is lighter, then you can easily experiment with different patterns and colours through other things.

If you need some suggestions you can ask your new home builders or designer about the latest must-try home interior paint colours.

narrow block

5. Multi-purpose rooms

Narrow block homes get limited space for each room, so you should create a way to maximise them. If you’ve seen a loft-type kind of bedroom, then you can adapt it. That way you can use your bedroom for sleeping and working.

When making a multi-purpose room, you can be as creative as you like. However, making the place look bigger starts in the planning process. Think about how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and common rooms you’ll need so that you can create a feasible plan.

But of course, the decorating part will also be a great help. If your plan is well-executed, then you won’t have to worry about having a limited space.

6. Maximise storage areas

Even if you’re having a new home, storage space is still a must-have. To maximise your storage space, make sure that every corner of your house is utilised. For instance, avoid having a hallway. It’ll just have your space look smaller, and it’s just a waste of storage space. Instead, you can just remove the wall, and put the doors on a different side.

The most popular storage hack is below the stairs. You can fit a lot of things there, plus you won’t be bothered going into a huge room full of unused things. In addition, furniture can be your go-to storage for living room-related things.

To make things work, make sure that the things in a specific room have designated storage. Otherwise, you’ll never find anything at the right time.


Now that you know the basics on how to make a narrow block home look bigger, then it’s time to call your new home builders! Don’t forget to share with us more tips in maximising spaces by leaving a comment below!

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