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Rapper King Von had excitedly told fans about his new music just hours before he was shot dead. The talented 26-year-old musician, real name Darvon Bennett, had hinted at a brand new video to accompany his track before he was gunned down in a car park in the early hours of Friday morning. The dad of three had shared a picture of himself sitting in a black car looking down at the camera on Thursday, the evening before his tragic death.

A stack of paper money lay at his feet in a bundle, and the rapper wore designer trainers, a bilgy watch, and a bright orange jacket for the promotional picture. “Armed & Dangerous Video king von outfits want it?” he captioned the moody snap on his Integra. The rapper had been celebrating the release of his new album Welcome To O Block on the night of his death and had urged fans to join him at a club called Opium for the launch party between 10 pm and 3 am.

But at around 3 am on Friday morning,

gunfire broke out at a car park outside Monaco Hookah Lounge between two groups. Von was reportedly unarmed but was fatally wounded during the exchange. Three other men were shot but survived, including Van’s manager, who remained in hospital last night.

Off-duty cops ran to the scene calling for backup, and some police officers fired shots, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation confirmed. But Atlanta police said its officer’s essentials hoodie Vow’s shooting. “At this time, our investigators believe Mir Bennett was shot during the initial shootout between the two groups of males, prior to police responding and attempting to stop the shooting,” the force said in a statement.

“Part of the investigations wile

l include determining which individuals were struck by gunfire from the suspects and whether any were struck by gunfire from the officers. Charges are anticipated against the two suspects detained on-scene and additional charges are likely as the investigation continues

Tributes have been flooding into the up-and-coming rapper, including from fellow musician Chance The Rapper, who tweeted: “Wow. This year was so tough. rip von God bless him and his family I can’t believe it.” Basketball legend LeBron James added: “Damn Rest Easy Von! Branny, Bryce, and I rocked with his music and storytelling! The kid had a damn good future ahead of him. My prayers and blessings to his family. #LeVonJames #Kimono.

“Periodically, according to his spokesman

In order to help families and children in need, he would travel to his birthplace “with wads of cash.” Von was arrested at the age of 16, which launched a protracted court struggle. He was charged with trying to kill two more men and killing one in 2014, but the charges were dismissed after witnesses declined to show up. Von went to music in order to rebuild his life, working with his childhood friend Lil Dark and signing with his label. Positive reviews were given to Vons’s single Crazy Story in 2018 and his debut album Welcome To O Block, which was released just one week before he passed away.

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