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Geekflare Printing has the support of our audience. We may earn affiliate commissions by purchasing links on this site. Print management is a booming concept as businesses and print shops need to reduce operating costs to increase profitability. It also serves as a line of defense to prevent sensitive business files from falling into the hands of bad actors. But finding the best print management software is a daunting task as it requires a lot of research.

Read on to learn more about print management and the best apps you can use without wasting time on market research.

What is print management?

Print management is the use of different practices, such as printing machine tracking, computing device tracking, print output tracking, sensitive data security, print cost optimization, and print analytics. The latest intelligent software developers combine all these functionalities in one place to develop a print management solution.

Startups and small and medium-sized businesses at least use a basic tool to manage print operations. Instead, companies deploy a full-featured print management solution on-premise or in the cloud to manage global print activities.

Print Management Benefits

The following are the reasons for and benefits of implementing a standard print management solution:

#1. Reduced printing costs

Businesses pay huge annual bills for printing in the form of devices, toner replenishment, and paper. Research shows that an organization can save a lot by using a print management system to prevent employees from doing unnecessary printing.

#2. Protection of confidential documents

You cannot allow employees to print confidential business documents whenever they please. You must document the printing of secret files to establish proper responsibilities for shredding once the job is done. next day printing management software allows you to ensure data security.

#3. Print Operation Optimization

Managers and supervisors often witness employees waste time standing in line to pick up their printouts. You can avoid such unproductive practices by streamlining your print operations. Your employees will thank you at the end of the day, too.

#4. Enabling remote printing

Employees working from home can send print commands through cloud-based print management solutions. You can pick up the physical copy at the workplace. These printing solutions also ensure the security of business data by encrypting data packets in transit.

#5. Reduced paper waste

Human beings produce paper by cutting down trees, which in turn harms the environment. You can install a robust print management system that will efficiently control paper waste and do your part to save nature.


When it comes to efficient print management tools for small and large businesses, PaperCut is certainly one of the leading names. The tool and its cloud-based services help businesses of any size to minimize waste. At the same time, business owners can take the worry out of data security by printing confidential reports.

With PaperCut, your printing experiences become delicious. Your employees are required to carry various devices at work such as smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, laptops, etc. It could be a challenge for IT system administrators to make sure all the drivers are in place for effortless printing when there are multiple devices.

PaperCut effectively solves this with its Easy Printing services, such as sending a print command to a queue and getting the copy from any printer, a common MFD touch screen for all different printer models, etc.

You can also implement highly secure commercial printing using their services. PaperCut employs a three-way print protection:

  • It allows you to protect the printing infrastructure before someone prints something like what you can print, who can print, etc.
  • During the printing process, you can use 2-factor authentication and secure card-based print release.
  • When the print is out and the copy is in the office space, you can implement measures like watermarks, audit trails, digital signatures,

    Print Conductor

    You can print over 90 different types of documents without even opening the file if you try Print Driver. It comes with a fast and reliable print engine along with a simple and easy-to-use interface for mass printing. Plus, you can collate print documents, preview the print document, control batch print jobs, and make quick adjustments to print settings, all from a single application.

    and print the file to keep sensitive data safe.

You also get some free tools with PaperCut, like an alternative Google Cloud Print tool, PaperCut Mobility Print, QRdoc for stamping business documents, and PaperCut Views for print analytics.

The tool supports all kinds of modern printers on local networks, wide area networks, or cloud networks. Also, apart from physical printers, you can use this tool to manage printing tasks on virtual printers like PDF printers and OneNote printers.

Like its competitors, Print Conductor offers a print analytics module. Helps you estimate paper and ink requirements before doing large batch print jobs. Estimates are available in the Detailed Report and on the Report page.

Print Manager Plus 9.0

Print Manager Plus 9.0

Following are some of the notable features of this print management software:

  • IT admin can audit live print tasks for employee, workstation, printer, network and cost.
  • Payment or ID card release station streamlines printing tasks for work or print shops.
  • Its quota and budget settings allow you to save money by limiting printing per person, workstation or printer.

Print Manager Plus 9.0 also follows an eco-friendly policy to make your office or print shop greener. Reduce ink, energy, and paper waste, thereby reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

 adds a new dimension to print management by giving businesses unparalleled print control, access and insight into their print operations. The developers of this tool have perfected their program over decades of use in many companies.

It is the next generation print management software that represents the best in technology and end user support. By implementing this tool in your organization, you can reduce printing supply costs, reduce paper waste, and receive enhanced print intelligence across all departments.


Another tool to take control of the printing infrastructure in the workplace is uniFLUJO . Large organizations and printing companies that run various advanced printing equipment like Canon, Xerox, Epson, Brother, Konica Minolta, etc. use this tool to handle printing, browsing and document management tasks.

It has on-premises and cloud-based applications for print management. Both the cloud and on-premise tools work as an integrated portal to scan, print and manage devices with ease and complete security.

uniFLOW’s secure print and universal driver features are notable developments that you should be aware of. Secure print technology allows you to assign individual accounts for each employee. Employees must submit the hard copy using their own identification card or PIN. In addition, the user must be present at the machine to pick up the printout.

The Universal driver ensures that the application is compatible with various devices and printing machines. Users can send print commands to any networked printer from all computing devices such as mobile phones or laptops.

UniPrint InfinityCloud

UniPrint InfinityCloud is another popular tool for virtual desktop interface (VDI) and enterprise print management with a scalable solution. Since it is a vendor-independent tool, the application can seamlessly communicate with all modern printers and computing devices for printing purposes.

UniPrint’s solution is perfect for businesses of any size, from start-ups to multinational conglomerates. It also offers specialized on-premise and cloud services for industries such as banking and finance, insurance, managed service providers (MSPs), cloud service providers, government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and healthcare.

Its featured print management solution includes standard features like a flexible consumption model and tool licensing, serverless printing, print analytics, print tracking, printing from anywhere, and contactless printing.

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