The Beginner’s Guide: How and Where to Buy Wine Cooler Singapore

Wine Cooler Singapore How can I purchase wine in Singapore? If you like wine as much as I do, you’re probably always searching for a decent bottle to buy (or even a case, for that matter!). But where is the real question? There are several wine retailers, as well as supermarkets and internet… If only we could import directly from the grapes. There are so many choices, which might be a bit frightening. Don’t worry; City Nomads is here to help you through the minefield.

There are three reliable methods for purchasing wine in Singapore, and they should be used in the following order of preference: Now are searching for Wine Cooler Singapore

Wine festivals and events

On a weekly basis, several types of wine tastings take place. Did you know there are over 300 independent wine importers in Singapore? The BEST locations to purchase wine are at these events (and larger festivals).


1) It provides an enjoyable day or evening out. You make some wonderful friends and have a little fun in the process Wine Cooler Singapore.

2) Budget-friendly. Most of these wine tastings are free, and even when they aren’t, they seldom cost more than $50 per person, which is a little fee to pay for an enjoyable few hours of trying out various wines from across the globe. Additionally, the greatest pricing are often found at these events.

3) You may trial anything before you purchase it. Nothing is worse than paying $100 on a bottle of wine that is supposed to be exceptional only to be disappointed. If you purchase at wine events, this problem simply does not arise. Try the wine, please. Buy it if you like it. Otherwise, don’t. Capiche?

As we already noted, there are several wine-related events held all year round. Just check out the lists of wine events below to stay up to date on forthcoming ones.

liquor stores

Second place goes to wineries. Unfortunately, you cannot sample the wine before purchasing it, but at least at a store, a trained salesperson should be able to assist you in making your decision and suggest some quality bottles.

According to this modest Nomad, the following wine stores in Singapore provide the finest combination of variety, value, and service Wine Cooler Singapore:

Vigne, Le

Le Vigne, a great treasure hidden on Namly Place, is difficult to leave without a few bottles in hand. They have a wide selection of Old and New World wines in their store, and there are some excellent deals to be grabbed. Additionally, their staff members are quite educated about their offerings, enabling them to skillfully provide suggestions.

Le Vigne can be found in Singapore at 72 Namly Place, Suite 267220. Contact 6314 1597 to learn more.

Wineries in The Straits

In addition to having a huge assortment of wines to pick from, Straits Wine is one of the most well-known wine wholesalers and retailers in Singapore Wine Cooler Singapore.

Visit straitswine.com/straitswine-shops-locations to locate the Straits Wine location closest to you.

Wine Relationship

Wine Connection, another large-scale wine importer, has connections to retailers around the city. If you’re searching for some inexpensive wine, they do offer lower offers even if their collection isn’t nearly as great. Get here Best Wine Fridge

Click here to locate the closest Wine Connection.

Wine Merchants Cellar

The CBD-ites will love Merchants as a great spot to buy wine. Their wines, which range from $25 to $75 a bottle and are mostly Australian wines, include some true jewels Wine Cooler Singapore.

It serves as a café, bar, and restaurant in addition to being a wonderful spot to open a bottle and sample it right away.



The address of Merchants is 52 Duxton Road, Singapore 089516. Call them at 6222 1162 if you want additional details. Keep in mind that they also operate a store within Pasar Bella market.

Craft Cellars

With some amazing wines from France, Italy, and California, Artisan Wine Cellars, tucked away in Orchard Road’s Palais Renaissance, caters to the somewhat upper end of the market.

390 Orchard Road #B1-01, Palais Renaissance, Singapore 238871 is the address of Artisan Cellars. You may reach them at 6838 0373 for additional details.

Bottleshop 1855

The 1855 Bottleshop has a wide selection of wines to suit all price ranges. Additionally, they are quite handy since they have stores in Somerset, Raffles Place, Serangoon Gardens, and Sixth Avenue.

Click here to get the precise locations of their stores Wine Cooler Singapore.

Best Wines

A vast assortment of wines, priced from $20 to hundreds per bottle, are available at Top Wines in Joo Chiat. Their affordable new-world wines from Chile and Australia stand out in particular.

At 33 Tembeling Rd, Singapore 423576, you can find Top Wines. Contact them at 6468 3866 if you want additional details. Open Mon 11am-7pm, Tue-Fri 11am-8pm, and Sat 1.30pm-6pm.

Wine cellars Ponti

Ponti Wine Cellars in Aljunied provides a great assortment of more than a thousand bottles if you decide to go there. If you’re searching for that massive Napa Cab or Bordeaux mix, this could be the spot for you since they lean more toward the expensive.

Ponti Wine Cellars can be found in Singapore, 369585, at 18 Howard Road, Novelty BizCentre, #07-10. You may reach them at 6733 0369 for additional details. Open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.

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