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The best IVF clinics in Pakistan

The choice of a clinic for IVF plays an important role because a positive result largely depends on the qualifications of doctors and the equipment of the clinic medical equipment. Today in Pakistan there are more than 100 medical institutions where in vitro fertilization can be performed. Let’s dwell on the best ivf center in lahore since this is where most patients go.

How to choose the best IVF clinic

Choosing a clinic is a crucial step in planning pregnancy and childbirth, especially if you need to carry out in vitro fertilization. You need to “study” the information on the network, and read the reviews of patients about the institution and a specific product ologist. It is also worth paying attention to the qualifications and experience of the doctor, and the number and effectiveness of similar operations performed by him.

It is also important to take into account the geographical location of the clinic and the opening hours of the institution. If the pregnancy will be carried out by IVF, then both spouses will have to visit it quite often. Also, for many, the determining factor is the cost of this procedure and the general prices of examinations. It is worth comparing your financial capabilities and prices in the best IVF clinics.

The best clinics in Lahore

Most of the best IVF clinics are located in Lahore, so patients come here not only from our country but also from neighboring countries. We present you a rating of the best Lahore clinics in descending order, which have already helped thousands of people find full-fledged families.

Clinic “IVF Center”

Here, not only the IVF procedure is carried out, but also the diagnosis of all diseases of the reproductive system of women and men is carried out. If necessary, you can take a course of inpatient treatment.

If we analyze the statistical data, then the rate of successful IVF here is 1.5 times higher than the rate for the whole country. In some age groups, the effectiveness of the procedure stops at a scale of 60%. In this institution, IVF can be carried out under the compulsory medical insurance program. Here, the cost of IVF will be about 195,000 rubles.

The best IVF clinics in Pakistan

Even though there are not so many medical institutions specializing in IVF in other regional centers, they have managed to gain popularity among the population. Let’s make a rating of the best Pakistan IVF clinics (excluding Lahore ones).

IVF Center in Lahore

The positive IVF result in this institution is 49.7%. The cost of one procedure together with drugs is 130,000 rubles. Today it is one of the best IVF clinics, and this is proved not only by the effectiveness of the procedure but also by the qualifications of doctors, and the availability of modern equipment and laboratories.

IVF Center in Volgograd

The positive result of IVF in this clinic is 49%. The center is funded by the state, so the cost of the procedure is only 130,000 rubles. A lot of pleasant words and thanks are addressed to him, which eventually allowed him to be placed among the best ivf center in Pakistan .

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