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Like any other art form, computer games are a reflection of reality or our ideas about it. Therefore, it is not surprising that such a gaming genre as simulations will always find its connoisseurs. After all, it is simulators that try to bring the gameplay as close as possible to reality, albeit within the framework of the chosen subgenre.

The online boom that began in the early years of the 21st century has also affected this category of games. And no wonder, because multiplayer games allow you to immediately show off your achievements to your friends. Yes, and playing online is much more fun, competing with real players.

Therefore, we have dedicated another selection to the best online simulators, which include both full-fledged MMOs and just games with active multiplayer.



Starting as just an attempt to replicate the functionality of the paid Transport Tycoon Deluxe, by now the OpenTTD project has grown into a standalone game. The player will have to develop a transport corporation, and rail, water, air, and vehicles are available for purchase.

For prosperity, it is not enough to buy top-end cars and trains – you need to create the right infrastructure for them and build supply routes so that the created chains contribute to the development of cities and enterprises, which means an increase in the flow of goods.

A well-thought-out economy system, a huge variety of vehicles and wide cross-platform make this game the best in its category and definitely worthy to be included in our list. In addition, you can play it for free – just download the installer (or even source code) from the project website.


Travian Kingdoms is one of the most famous browser-based strategies , the events of which unfold during the confrontation between the Roman Empire and the Gauls and German tribes. The player can choose one of these three warring parties and turn it into an outpost of their civilization, developing the economy and strengthening the troops. Despite a well-thought-out economic system, Travian is still not a pure simulator, so it just missed the first place on our list.



Rail Nation is a railroad simulator set on a map of Europe or the USA . The game covers the time period from the very beginning of regular rail service to modern times with EuroCity bullet trains. At the same time, it is necessary to develop both the company’s fleet and infrastructure, including tracks and stations. You can play it online both on the browser crazygames online and from your smartphone .



Xterium is a space strategy in which you need to start from a small lonely colony and build your grandiose intergalactic empire. Having a well-thought-out economic system and the need to constantly trade with other players make Xterium worthy of inclusion on our list.

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Business Mania is a turn-based economic simulator that works in any browser. Which is fair, because the best crazygames in fact, is a set of tables and numbers – this, however, does not make it less exciting. Players will have to launch a successful business with a small start-up capital and a desire to outperform all competitors. The action takes place on a real world map, and gamers have at their disposal an impressive set of graphics, statistics and mechanics based on the laws of economic sciences.

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