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The Best U.S. Destinations to Visit in May

Are you planning a trip to the U.S. in May? Then, it’s essential to know about the best destinations in the United States. Now, flying to the U.S. with Southwest Airlines offers Southwest Airlines Vacation Packages to enjoy your trip to the United States along with different facilities. 

May is also the best time to visit & explore the U.S. & its other locations. Here, you can try to find the most wonderful locations that offer the most incredible vibes, unique environments & jaw-dropping views. But, reading here will help you to learn about the best locations in America to visit in May:

  1. Joshua National Park:

You can start your tour from Southern California by visiting the most beautiful Joshua National Park. No doubt, it’s one of the best & incredible destinations to explore in May. During this month, the overall climate is cooler, so travellers can go hiking & camping. 

Several things make this place more fabulous, such as the species of plants and the animals of different breeds. Exploring this place under the blue sky is quite a fabulous experience. For those who have arrived here for the first time during this month, it is a great destination. 

  1. Illinois:

If you are confused about choosing the Best U.S. Destinations to Visit in May, then you can not ignore Illinois Chicago. The main benefit is the place receives the minimum footfall that makes it easier to explore & avoid the long queues. The other thing is after the end of the long winter you can visit the restaurants & enjoy their outdoor dining space. 

Moreover, from the start of May to November, you can witness some of the best fireworks from the Navy Pier that take place twice a week over Lake Michigan. Apart from these, you can enjoy 20 street festivals in Chicago during May. 

  1. Zion National Park:

Welcome to Zion National Park, which is among the big five national parks in Utah & the best areas to enjoy in the United States. However, the month of May seems to be an ideal time to arrive at this place as you can feel some fresh air & enjoy hiking. The other factor to keep in mind is less crowding during May. 

This park is divided into two sections. However, the most famous area is the Zion Canyon. Its main access is not along the rim but via the bottom of the canyon. 

  1. Oahu:

If you are seeking the best option for home space in May, then Oahu is the best option. To be more precise, Haleiwa on the North Shore of Oahu is worth visiting. During the springtime, Haleiwa Beach Park offers an open & less crowded space filled with surfing & swimming. 

There are several other activities & apart from that, booking a Southwest Airlines flight to the U.S. offers plenty of inflight services. However, Southwest Airlines Vacation Packages provides great deals & other on-air benefits that make your vacation worth remembering. 

  1. New York:

The other hidden treasure that is worth visiting in May is New York City. There are lots of factors behind it, as the climate is sunny, but moderate weather conditions make it easier to stroll. Moreover, if you pass through Manhattan, then it’s the best time to see numerous neighbourhoods followed by iconic landmarks. 

These are Greenwich Village, the Flatiron Building, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty & more things to watch. If you wish to visit one of the high-rise buildings to enjoy the views from the New York skyline, then there are multiple options. 

However, the month of May offers some clear views that are worth catching live for your eyes. 

  1. Myrtle Beach:

It is one of the most famous & Best U.S. Destinations to Visit in May, which also represents the best weekend spot. Beach time is when you can stroll on the soft sand and play with the water. In short, it’s a way to spend some time in peace & enjoy nature. 

The visitors can enjoy sunbathing, running & enjoy the other activities that can offer you an exciting time. Moreover, the combination of soft sand, warm water & amazing surroundings makes this place more amazing. 

These places are open all the time & visitors can arrive here to release their stress & just enjoy this fabulous atmosphere. 

  1. Grand Canyon:

You might have arrived at several marvellous locations in the United States, but when it’s about visiting the Grand Canyon, it’s incompatible with the others. It’s a different way to explore the overall natural beauty from a massive height. It’s among the world’s seven natural wonders & too incredible.

It offers jaw-dropping views of the attractive landscapes & one of the national parks to visit. While being at this place, you can not miss exploring the South Rim & which offers world-class views from 25 miles away. 

  1. Portland:

The United States is home to the most famous cities that have numerous key areas to visit; apart from these, there is still one of the most gorgeous locations in Portland, Maine. There are several factors that make this place more unique, incredible & above the world. 

For a visit during the month of May, there are several reasons that make it the perfect holiday hotspot. These are the rocky coastline and ultimate seafood, offering a mouthwatering taste along with the other features. 

It’s the most famous summer destination in the United States, and it attracts millions of tourists through its charm & sandy beaches.

  1. San Diego:

If you are flying to America during the month of May & don’t have any idea how to explore, then San Diego is your ideal destination. This city comprises several attractions. This city holds pristine beaches. Book a table at some of the best restaurants & enjoy your trip with different facilities.

It’s not only home to the best beaches, but also the tourists can head towards the San Diego Zoo, which is no less than the other famous spots. During the late spring, you can find small babies of animals here, along with multiple attractions.

  1. New Orleans:

This is another city in the United States that is worth arriving in May. It’s quite famous for its delicious cuisine, fun festivals, jazz music & more options. However, during may there are several exciting & fun activities to enjoy at New Orleans, so these are the best way to enjoy holidays at New Orleans.

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