The materials used in replica rolex watches are precious precious metals,which have a strong ability to preserve value

In today’s global economic downturn,what better visual symbol of the security that material things provide than gold?So our suggestion is,consider getting a replica rolex gold watch,it can give you a strong ability to preserve value,and it is very worth investing.

Regarding Rolex,we have heard of this brand even if we have never seen it.

Rolex is a classic brand in the Swiss watch industry and has a history of 113 years.

Now the registered trademark of replica rolex is the crown,which means its dominance in the watch field.

At the beginning,the Rolex logo was a palm with five fingers outstretched,implying that the watch was made by hand.

The watches of the Rolex brand have been sought after by many celebrities since the product was launched,and their prices are extremely expensive.

  • After all,Rolex’s design is solemn,practical,and flashy,so it is sought after by many successful people.

In addition,Rolex gold watches are world-famous,and many Rolex watches are hard to find now.

We all know that the watches of this brand are very popular,and the quality of their watches is beyond doubt this argument;

As I noticed,but if you really want to say that there is something special about replica rolex,there is actually one key reason why its watch products are worth pursuing,and that is the insistence on the details of materials.

What is the persistence of materials?

Among the Swiss watches currently on the market,leaving aside those top brands,in Swiss watchmaking,which is the lighthouse of the watchmaking industry,

the pointer base materials of most brands are often made of aluminum or brass.

Finally,for the sake of beauty,a layer of rhodium will be plated on the base material to prevent rust and corrosion while increasing the beauty.

  • However,rolex kopia is not the case,because their watches,including pointers and even scales,are all made of precious precious metals.

Looking at the products in the entire watchmaking circle,the price is comparable to that of replica rolex watches.

  • This practice of insisting on using precious metal hands shows a high degree of sincerity.

First of all,in terms of metal content,the purity of 24K gold is of course the highest.

Its gold content exceeds 99%,but the fact is that 24K gold is relatively soft.

If it is processed to make watch case parts,it is not only easy to deform,but also not protective enough.

Therefore,watchmaking companies will take a step back and mix pure gold with other metals to produce 18K gold with a gold content of 75%.

The gold,platinum or rose gold we often see on high end replica uhren are usually pure gold plus gold.

It is produced by mixing silver,copper,platinum or palladium metals in specific proportions.

When did replica rolex decide to use 18K gold hands and scales for all its products?

There is no evidence for this origin,and no relevant information can be found on the Internet to prove it.

But what is certain is that Rolex does only use 18K gold to make hands and scales.

  • And I want to emphasize again that no matter whether the material of the watch case is platinum,white gold or stainless steel,their hands and scales are all made of precious metals.

The basic logic of the brand is what material the case is made of,and the hands and scales will choose precious metals that are similar in color to the case.

Therefore,the three cases mentioned above are all silver-white in appearance,so their hands and scales are usually made of platinum;

As for the replica rolex watch with 18K eternal rose gold case,its hands and scales are of course 18K eternal rose gold.

What material are Rolex hands made of?

Some people may ask questions,because some models of GMT-Master II,Milgauss,Yacht,Air-King and other series will have red,blue,orange or green pointers,

so what kind of materials are they made of?

As I said,these colored pointers are essentially 18K precious metals,

just because Rolex uses electroplating technology to plate colors on the surface of the pointers.

On the one hand,it is to enhance the visual effect,and it is also anti-magnetic and corrosion-resistant.

  • The last thing to add is that Rolex pays attention to details to the point that they even need to develop and produce the precious metals of the watch body by themselves,and everything depends on themselves.

In the watchmaking industry,there are less than five companies that can produce watches with a high degree of self-production,

  • while Rolex has its own watchmaking factory and can manufacture movements,cases,dials or chain straps.

Replica rolex can even develop unique alloys through the laboratory in the watch factory,and self-metallurgy to produce patented precious metals,such as 18K Eternal Rose Gold (Everose Gold) born in 2005.

The composition of Rolex’s 18K eternal rose gold is rose gold,copper and a small amount of platinum (about 2%),

and the amount of pure gold is maintained at 750 per thousand.

The alloy of rose gold and copper produces a light red color,which is lighter than the general color of rose gold and relatively restrained.

A small amount of palladium metal can prevent copper oxidation,so that 18K eternal rose gold is not easy to fade,

just like the name “eternity”,is one of Rolex’s research and development that amazed watch fans.

  • Replica rolex such as Datejust,Cellini and other series of watches with relatively simple styles,
  • or more complex Day-Date,Daytona and Sky-Dweller have used 18K eternal rose gold as the case,chain belt,timing button or is the pointer material.

A brief introduction to two Rolex gold watches

  • Rolex Datejust Series 116233 Champagne Plate Diamond Replica Watch
  1. This watch can be said to have most of the classic designs of Rolex,such as dog tooth ring,five baht belt,oyster case and other classic designs.
  2. This watch is equipped with Cal.3135 self-winding movement produced by Rolex,which adopts high-end KIF shock absorber design

rolex kopia

  • Rolex Day Date Series 118238A-83208 replica watches

replica rolex

  1. All Rolex Day-Date watches are made of precious metal materials,and none of the watches are made of “base metals”.
  2. Therefore,Rolex Day-Date series watches can also be said to be a high-end series of Rolex.
  3. This watch is made of 18K gold case and bracelet,with a diameter of 36 mm.

Gold not only symbolizes legendary,precious and enduring,but also a symbol of perfection,purity and eternal brilliance.

It is the top precious metal,and many Rolex Oyster series watches are carefully made of it,adding to its gorgeous style.

Well,after reading the above Rolex knowledge,are you particularly interested?

Welcome to leave a message in the comment area,I will be happy to answer you in detail.

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