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The Reasons Why Real Estate Is An Excellent Investment

Diversifying your investment portfolio is essential. In the event that you throw all your eggs into the same basket, then you may be wiped out within the moment.

If you do invest money on the market for stocks, or other funds in ETFs or bonds as well as some with Gambia real estate investments, you boost the chance of earning more and less losses.

A lot of people steer clear of investing in real estate due to the fact that they feel they’re scary or require a lot of funds to invest. This is not the case for sure, so to help you feel more confident that you are not alone, here are eight reasons for why real estate can be a great investment.

The Top Reasons Why Real Property Is A Great Investment

If you’re thinking of investing in real property, you’re about to begin one of the most rewarding investing experiences of your life.

These are top reasons why you ought to consider this even if you’ve never previously invested in real estate companies in Gambia.

You Can Leverage Your Investment

There aren’t many options to invest in assets worth more than what you need to invest. For instance, if you want to put $10,000 into the stock market, you could typically buy $10,000 worth of stocks.

There is an exception if you invest in margin (borrow) but you have to possess an approved investor and large net worth to be able to make it happen.

In the case of real estate, you could put down only a portion of the home’s price and then invest it. Let’s say, for instance, you find a house for $100,000. This means that you only invest 10 percent of the assets value and hold the rest.

In the future as you pay your loan down you’ll have more of the asset, increasing the rate of return, not only through making the mortgage payment but also through the natural appreciation that comes with house for sale Gambia properties.

You Can Force Appreciation

Contrary to bonds and stocks You can make property rise in value. It may sound strange however it’s actually possible.

First, be aware that real property increases in value naturally. On the average, property values increase 3- 5 percent every year, without doing anything other than maintaining your home. You can however increase the value of your home by carrying out repairs or renovations.

Some renovations do not improve the value of a house. If you’re considering changes to increase the value you should consult an appraiser licensed by the state or an agent for real estate to figure the most effective (most beneficial) improvements you can undertake.

The work doesn’t need to be extensive either. Of course, adding an extra space as well as finishing the basement could increase the value of your home more than just aesthetic changes, but small bathroom and kitchen renovations could drastically impact the value of a home’s value.

Tax Benefits You’ll Receive

As with all business owners Gambia houses investors are able to profit from tax deductions. While they are investing, if you own your own home and lease it out, you are running an enterprise – you’re the landlord.

As a business owner you are often able to write off the below expenses :

  • The mortgage’s interest was paid on the loan
  • Points for origination to be paid upon the loan
  • Costs for maintenance
  • Depreciation (spread across 27.5 years)
  • Taxes on real estate along with homeowner’s insurance and HOA dues

Make sure to consult with your tax advisor prior to assuming that you are able to write off expenses. However, you should know the fact that investing in property has an advantage.

If you are investing in bonds or stocks you’re only able to deduct any capital losses when you sell the property for less than the price you have paid for it.

gambia real estate
Image Source : Swami India International Limited

You Can Earn Regular Cash Flow

If you invest in properties, they could earn cash flow monthly by renting it out. This can boost the earnings of owning real estate as you don’t have to rely on the appreciation, but rather the rental income that you earn monthly.

It might seem daunting to purchase real estate investment properties and to identify quality tenants and maintain the property there are many resources available to assist you.

Marketplace is a fantastic source. They do not just list properties for investment however, many have leases in place.

If you decide to purchase the house, you instantly become a landlord. This also provides plenty of due diligence in researching and all you need to do is to purchase the house you think is the best.

Of course, there’s the possibility of tenants not paying rent or leaving the property early; however, there’s an element of risk in every investment. If there’s no risk involved, then there won’t be any rewards.

You Might Feel Confident About Your Finances

There’s nothing to be confident about when investing in the stock market. However, as the year 2020 proved that, the market can be changed within one glance. In one moment, you’ve got an investment of a major amount, and the next moment, you’ve lost everything.

If you make a decision to make a long-term investment in cheap houses for sale in Gambia you are aware that you’re investing in an asset that appreciates.

It could undergo a series of valleys and hills with a loss of value but the property usually bounces back when you hold on to it for long enough.

Some people feel more confident that their money is placed in a secure property (real estate) rather than keeping it in a cash bank account as well as investing it into the market for stocks.

Several Methods Exist For Investing In Real Estate

If purchasing real property and renting it to others is too difficult your way, you can find different ways to invest in real estate. These include:

Purchase a property that is undervalue it up, then sell it ( then flip)

Wholesalers are intermediaries between motivated sellers and an array of buyers.

Utilise house hacking, which is when you purchase a one four-unit property and live in one apartment and rent other units through the rental cash flow to pay off your mortgage.

Invest In A Real Estate Investment Trust

You Can Transfer Real Estate Down to Your Heirs

If you’re looking to leave a legacy but aren’t sure if cash is the best option or even a way to pass real estate down is a great option.

You’ll not only give your heirs an asset that generates income It’s also an investment that is growing. Therefore, they could either hold the property, or let the legacy live on or sell it to earn profit.

You Can Make Use Of The Equity To Increase The Value Of Your Real Estate Portfolio

One of the most popular ways to utilise the equity of an investment property is to increase the real estate investment portfolio.

As an example, suppose you own equity of $50,000 in a house. You could refinance your mortgage that’s attach to it, then remove the $50,000 and use it to make a down payment towards the next property.

Based on the worth of your property depending on the value of your properties, you might be able to pay cash for any future properties, thereby increasing your portfolio and the equity.

gambia real estate
Image Source : Swami India International Limited

What Is The Best Property To Invest In A Real Estate Investment?

Although there isn’t a standard answer, there are some specific characteristics to be looking for when investing in Gambia real estate, such as:

  • Choose a neighbourhood which is attractive to renters, or houses that appreciate quickly.
  • Check to see if the area is equipped with everything you need to have the amenities that homeowners would like.
  • Pay attention to the price of recently sold houses to find the average sales price and the comparison with historical prices.
  • Like all investments it’s not guaranteed that an investment will be successful or yield a profit.

Everyone is looking for the perfect answer. They want to determine which property is most suitable to invest in for the best return on investment.

Jagdish Patel

Jagdish Patel is a marketing consultant for Swami India International Limited based out of Banjul, Gambia. He manages customer experience and brand development, two key aspects for any firm, and his strong business and marketing abilities enable him to take on many demanding ventures. Steve spends his time away from the office writing informative and interesting blog pieces for many well-known websites.

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