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The Top 10 Rock Climbing Destinations in Europe

Europe, often regarded as the birthplace of climbing, is without a doubt one of the top destinations to go if you want to climb some rocks. It’s tough to choose just a few routes because there are climbing routes for every grade and style conceivable. Instead, we’ve selected a handful of the best bouldering, sport, and trad climbing spots. 

While many of the continent’s well-known climbing locales have been highlighted, we are unable to include them all. Here are the top 10 rock climbing destinations in Europe.


Around 4000 sport mountaineering routes and 1000 multi-pitch climbs may be found across the entire climbing continent of Sardinia. On solid limestone and occasionally granite, climbing is done on the mainland as well as immediately on the beach and over the water (Deep Water Soloing).

There are a lot of beginning and moderate spots with safe routes on the island. “Cala Gonone” in eastern Sardinia is one of the most well-known spots for novices. It offers stunning scenery surrounded by crystal clear water, making it the ideal climbing playground for a lengthy holiday.

Sardinia is a brilliant climbing location for both novice and experienced climbers, with more routes and climbing places than you could ever climb.

Finale Legure

More than 3000 paths on the best limestone rock are available in Finale Ligure. Each of them has a different degree of difficulty.

No matter your level of climbing, you will undoubtedly find something to climb here. Near Finale and Finalborgo, there are several, frequently affordable, and cheery lodging options. Many tourists find it impossible to resist taking a brief dive into the water because of the pleasant weather, especially after a strenuous day of hiking.

The greatest limestone crags in Europe are located here, where visitors may climb year-round. There are various routes and paths that run across this breathtaking environment, making it ideal for mountain riding. In Finale, the morning was magnificent. In addition, the experiences and relaxation you’ll have on your Delta airlines first class ticket will make your trip truly memorable.


The Dolomites are in the lead because of their breathtaking multi-pitch climbs and expansive views. Climbers seeking for multi-pitch routes in an amazing scenery will find the area to be a real playground thanks to the region’s rugged limestone cliffs and spires. This is the pinnacle of adventurous climbing. Each and every person has the chance to climb a rock. The most well-used routes will be quite clean, while the less traveled routes could have some loose rock and shaky fixed placements. 


Kalymnos is a heaven for climbers. People who come here frequently will do so. The traditional Kalymnos climbing photos can appear a little scary to the less experienced climber, but with approximately 3000 routes in varied degrees of difficulty, there is much to do even for novices.

You can easily locate affordable lodging options in Kalymnos on www.booking.com. The pricing is fair, and the cuisine is excellent—especially the seafood. The primary modes of transportation are motorcycles and scooters.

A motorcycle or scooter rental is necessary. Given the island’s small size, they are fantastic for moving around. As soon as you arrive in Kalymnos, I advise hiring one so you may maximise your travel time.

Peak District

Central England may well not appear like a mountaineering hotspot due to its comparably flat landscape, but it really has some of Europe’s most renowned rock climbing. 

The Peak District’s cliffs are shorter than those in Norway or Italy, but because of their accessibility and extensive construction, you probably won’t have to wait in line for a climb, even on busy weekends. 

Visit the well-known Stanage Edge, a gritstone climbing area, to try out a variety of routes. If it’s open, climb Flying Buttress or Flying Buttress Direct for some challenging moves, depending on your degree of experience. Keep in mind that the bottom bit is not adequately protected if you rope up on Direct. If you have a pet at home that you can’t live without, do not worry. Check out Delta airlines pet policy for more details on this.


Climbers, mountain bikers, and fans of water sports all like Arco, which is situated right on Lake Garda. On their off days, those who prefer bicycling or surfing will certainly receive their money’s worth.

There are countless sectors and routes, all of varied difficulty. Both sport climbers and alpine climbers will discover a wide variety of routes with simple ascents, stunning vistas, and excellent climbing infrastructure.

You can perform climbing on limestone rock, which, at the most popular locations, is occasionally a little beat up, but this doesn’t ruin the mood or the ambience. Arco is a great place for climbing vacations since it is nearly always sunny and accessible.


When you first enter the town of Céüse, the striking cliff band catches your eye. This crag provides about every style of route conceivable; all you need to do is move sectors to find it. There are several of the simpler climbs in Demi Lune. On the other hand, the vistas are magnificent from this steep wall. Angel Dust is a terrific route that calls for light feet and quick moves. 

The well-known Harley Davidson follows huecos and pockets up a difficult crux. You may climb different parts of the Berlin wall, which will put your stamina and ability to the test. Do you feel you can manage the sandbag? Take a look at Makach Walou. It traverses a vertical face using sharp jugs, polished pockets, and crimps before flattening down to a narrower profile.


On the Mediterranean Sea, Geyikbayiri is situated around 30 kilometres west of Antalya. You have two options for transportation from the airport: you may rent a vehicle or be picked up by a reputable shuttle service provided by one of the several campgrounds in Antalya or Istanbul (this costs between 10-30 EUR).

Around Geyikbayiri, there are many climbing camps with accommodations for overnight stays. You will be climbing on porous limestone rock with a grey-reddish hue as well as steep rock walls and overhangs in this area, which is better for those with a little more expertise.

Both novice and experienced climbers will be satisfied with the more than 700 routes and varied levels of difficulty offered.

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El Chorro

One of Spain’s greatest climbing regions, El Chorro lies in the south of the nation and has approximately 2000 routes. El Chorro is a great winter climbing location for both novice and experienced climbers, with 300 sunny days each year.

There are a few reputable climbing schools that provide climbing lessons. The ideal course of action would be to book a cheap ticket to Malaga, hire a car there for eight euros per day, and then travel to El Chorro.

The available climbing options vary from straightforward beginner climbs to vertical routes and even endurance climbing on overhangs. Along the 300-meter limestone wall, there are also safe multi-pitch routes.


Frankenjura has well over 700 rocks, over 12,000 routes, and a stunning green hilly scenery. It also has excellent infrastructure, quick ascents, tasty beer, and a unique kind of rock.

The rock you’ll be climbing has sediments and has partially dolomitic limestone, offering climbers a range of various rock formations to practice their techniques on, including indentations, ledges, fissures, and edges. Here, the illustrious Wolfgang Güllich had a huge impact on the course of climbing history. As a novice, there should be enough to do, and the circumstances for climbing are also more than suitable. Given that the closest climbing gym is not too far away, you even have the option of climbing indoors when the weather is terrible.

Do you want to experience the most stunning rock climbing destinations in Europe? While most people believe that rock climbing is a sport.

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