Top 10 Most Watched Games on YouTube

Most Watched Video Games on YouTube – YouTube gaming channel YouTube is getting more popular with each passing day. At present, there numerous gaming channels which already have millions of views. That means should you decide to start your own gaming channel, you’ll need to prepare for some intense competitors. Along with knowing what games receive the most views on YouTube and other platforms, you’ll need to invest in top equipment to ensure your videos stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we’ve chosen to provide a few tips for gamers who are looking to launch the YouTube channel they want to build into an economically stable profession.

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Video Games Are Trending On YouTube

It’s crucial to create popular content to increase the reach of your channel’s reach on YouTube. If you’re considering starting an online gaming channel, be sure you select the video gamers that people enjoy watching or playing. Before discussing strategies to gain more views on YouTube we should first look at what games on video are popular on YouTube.

1. Minecraft

Minecraft is among the earliest games that gained attention through YouTube. YouTubers such as Pewdipie along with Ninja were among the first content creators to achieve notoriety when they published the Minecraft gameplay.

Presently, Minecraft is the most popular video game played on YouTube. It is so well-liked by viewers that it boasts an overall 53.3 billion YouTube views and is now among the top-played video games available on YouTube. If you’re an expert on Minecraft it’s an ideal time to turn your passion into a profession.

2. Fortnite

Similar to Minecraft, Fortnite is also a well-known gameplay video on YouTube that has been played by millions of users. In the year 2019, Fortnite was the most talked-about video game on YouTube. Thanks to the players such as Ninja and Myth We watched numerous videos on Fortnite in the past year.

In 2020 Fortnite has still a huge fan base on YouTube. If you’re a Fortnite fan, you are able to start your YouTube channel without a doubt. One of the main benefits of using Fortnite is that it’s an extremely popular game with other streamers such as Twitch.

3. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the best-selling video games ever. It was released in 2013 and remains popular over the past seven years. YouTube is filled with “GTA V Compilation” videos with billions of YouTube views.

What differentiates GTA V from other video games is its variety. As opposed to other video games you can make a variety of videos with GTA V. Some gamers opt to create tutorial videos of how to accomplish GTA V missions. Others, however, publish videos that include “GTA V Win/Fail/Funny” compilations.

4. Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is a very popular Battle Royale that became the most downloaded game on mobile in the year 2019. As an online Battle Royale, Free Fire lets players stream their games and show their shooting abilities all over the world.

Many YouTubers have also begun making “hack videos” for Free Fire that provide strategies and tricks for ways to get access to events, gain new items, or improve the gameplay of Free Fire. It’s certain it’s likely that Garena Free Fire is most likely to see massive growth in popularity over the next few years.

5. Roblox

Roblox is a platform for gaming that lets users create games and play them with other players in the community. Since the platform provides distinctness it is able to have huge popularity on YouTube.

A lot of YouTubers have already begun creating Roblox videos where they critique games created by other players or stream their games via the Roblox channel. Roblox is an exclusive platform, which means that it will let you create unique videos for your YouTube channel.

6. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a different Battle Royale for smartphones. Although the game is accessible on PC its mobile version has been extremely popular over the last few years. Fans from all over the world are enjoying this amazing Battle Royale game with some distinctive features. Similar to FreeFire you can create various content for PUBG with tutorial videos as well as quick hacks.

7. League of Legends

League of Legends is a global game with millions of players participating every single day. If you asked us what game is most popular on YouTube and the answer would likely be League of Legends. Why? because it is a large player base. Furthermore, you are able to participate in events every day that last up to 3 hours. This can help you gain lots of time to watch your channel and increase your viewers.

8. Playerunknown’s BattleGround

PlayersUnknown’s BattleGround is the version for the desktop of PUBG Mobile. Since it’s an online Battle Royale, you’ll have to battle a group of 30 players on an island that is deserted and be sure to avoid being eliminated. Therefore, you could stream live PUBG videos or take a video of your gameplay for editing the best moments from the game.

9. Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a game on mobile that’s created by the developers of “Clash of Clans”. Its unique gameplay makes Brawl Stars appeal to viewers of all ages. With various gameplay options, such as Battle Royale and PvP, you’ll have plenty of chances to develop engaging videos for the YouTube channel.

10. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a Battle Arena for mobile where you can take part in five-on-five battles and win tournaments. In this game for mobile, you can start by forming your team of five players and then compete against other teams in order to win games. It isn’t as well-known as the other Battle Arenas in America. It has a large fan base throughout Asian countries.

This is an overview of the games popular on YouTube currently. If you’re looking to launch your own Gaming channel using YouTube The following 10 games can help you get a large audience and help increase the popularity of your channel.

But, no matter what game you pick it’s important to select the appropriate tool to record your experience and edit it in order to create the final version to upload to YouTube. Be aware that if your videos don’t look attractive, they will not be able to make you stand out and your channel will end up difficult to gain views on YouTube.

So, you must find out which games are the most well-liked on YouTube. Once you’ve selected the best video game to play, your next step is to pick the right video recording software program to record your play.


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