Top 20 Trending YouTube Channel Ideas You Need to Know 

Trending YouTube Channel Ideas:


You’ve chosen to be YouTuber.

What content will you be putting out?

That’s the question.

Prepare yourself as we’ve done sufficient studies to assist you in answering that.

Here are the best YouTube channel ideas. Not just random, but successful channels. Based on the amount of time viewers spend these examples have been confirmed to draw YouTube tags for views.

Go through them!

The Most Popular YouTube Channel Ideas

From music lovers to talk show political topics There’s a broad range of topics to impress your viewers. You can use the Trending YouTube Channel Ideas below to get off to a good start.

1. Tech Channels is one of the best Trending YouTube Channel Ideas

As tech lovers watching the latest gadgets is our preferred pastime. It’s not just us. Take, for instance, Unbox Therapy and its massive 18.2 million users. We live in the digital age!

If you’re a tech-savvy person then this is the most relevant content to YouTube.

There isn’t much you need to begin with. Start by recording videos that show the unboxing of different consumer electronics such as laptops, smartphones, etc. Examine them on the basis of first impressions or break them down into details.

2. Photography Vlog Channels

Are you a fan of aesthetics? If you enjoy taking pictures of beautiful things, then creating videos that are related to photography a la Thomas Heaton could be your choice.

Explore scenic locations go camping or shoot stunning landscapes. Also, take some photos of your most loved people. Take pictures of the entire process, from the beginning to post-production. You’ll be surprised by how many people want to know Photoshop and Lightroom tips!

Camera enthusiasts can also conduct reviews of the cam gear. There’s a large audience waiting to be discovered just check out DPReview TV’s website and their huge subscriber count!

3. Educational Channels

Knowledge is power. That’s the reason 86% of YouTube viewers frequently use YouTube to discover new information. The majority of viewers watch YouTube videos to help with their studies, too!

There are a lot of interesting topics to discuss on YouTube like:

  • Subjects of school
  • Astronomy
  • History
  • Mythology
  • Media literacy
  • It’s all worth it!

CrashCourse is a good example. It assists its 13.5 million members to excel with simple-to-understand video courses. Ted-Ed, with its 18 million users is another great instance. It’s the place where we learned about the dark story of zombies.

You can find out about everything and anything on YouTube. Why not contribute your fair portion?

4. Music Channels

Music content is one of the most popular YouTube channel concepts.

There’s no surprise, considering that music videos are among the most watched videos on YouTube. Song covers, especially are a huge hit for those who love music. Because of these covers, we have stars like Justin Bieber, Alessia Cara as well as Shawn Mendes. They all began by creating songs on this platform.

The public loves to hear different musicians’ takes on current songs. If you’ve got the talent to sing take it to the next level and give it to the world!

5. Album Review Channels

Music-related content, such as an album review or song is another very popular type of content on Trending YouTube Channel Ideas. This is the best example for you to follow.

Anthony Fantano’s channel, theneedledrop, is dedicated to reviewing new music releases. His thorough, honest reviews are the reason why he has more than two million subscribers.

6. Fitness Vlog Channels

As we move through health-conscious times, staying fit is essential. And for a majority of people, YouTube has become an official exercise buddy.

This is why fitness vlogs are among the most beneficial Trending YouTube Channel Ideas and content suggestions!

They’re also the fastest-growing channel, too. Chloe Ting’s channel was home to around 2 million subscribers prior to when the pandemic swept through in 2020. With her free workout program and workout videos that are quick her number has increased to 23.9 million subscribers. Talk about the growth!

7. Home Workout Channels

Working out from home suddenly became a norm in the wake of the lockdown of COVID-19. This explains the growth of channels such as Blogilates or The Fitness Marshall, with millions of viewers.

What is their style of vlogging? They blend music and fitness to make exercise an enjoyable sport. From dance-based workouts to single-song exercises, this kind of content will attract new fitness fans.

8. Cooking Channels

If you’re a pro in cooking Here are some great YouTube channel concepts that can work for all cooking shows.

  • Help people learn about how you cook a particular recipe
  • Create your own how you can recreate a classic delicacy
  • Discuss your thoughts on an ingredient in a particular recipe.
  • Common cooking blunders

Additionally, the majority of people would like to see chefs who are great at cooking. Sam The Cooking Guy entertains his more than three million subscribers by presenting easy-to-make dishes and basic kitchen skills.

9. Food Review Channels

Food reviews are among the top YouTube tags for views, to begin with. In addition to the excitement and thrill of trying new foods, there’s a large viewership waiting to see these mouth-watering videos.

Consider this show, the Best Ever Food Review Show For instance. Sonny The man on the move travels around the world to taste the finest foods that each country can provide. What’s the result? He now has around nine million customers!

10. ASMR Channels

It may be a bit odd to certain people, but there is it’s true that something regarding Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is extremely satisfying to the majority of people. It’s the tingling sensation that it gets from sounds such as whispering, tapping or crinkling.

If you’re a fan of that but aren’t sure what to start a YouTube channel around This is the perfect opportunity to sign up.

You might become the next AsMRtist!

11. Travel Channels

Adventure vlogs can be a fantastic source of inspiration for travel.

If you’re a hiker, you may want to begin recording your mountain hikes and skydiving experiences in travel videos. It’s easy to create and that’s the reason they’re among the top YouTube channel suggestions for those who are just beginning.

A lot of people rely on travel guides for security, too. Honest Guide has a million customers and definitely fits the pattern. Its hosts help travellers understand the positive as well as the negative aspects.

12. Product Review Channels

Did you find out that 79% of the population prefers to watch videos rather than review products? Through product reviews, customers can:

  • Take a good look at the object
  • See how a real customer thinks about it.
  • find out more about its specifications and capabilities
  • Learn about its pros and cons.

If you’re running out of suggestions to promote your Trending YouTube Channel Ideas, think about this idea. The majority of people visit YouTube to view unboxing videos initial impressions, in-store experiences, etc.

13. Reaction Video Channels

Many creators of content simply record themselves reacting to a viral video, whether it’s live performances, funny skits or sad commercials. The public loves it!

It’s the natural and spontaneous reaction that’s both enjoyable and satisfying. This is largely the reason behind the growth of such videos. It’s true that anyone could make it happen, and that’s the reason we call it the “best kind of YouTube channel to begin.”

No Life Shaq is a great example of a thriving story. He now is home to 3.75 million subscribers simply by being “a person who makes videos and talks about trash.” The Normies which has 675k subscribers is a fantastic reaction channel that takes into consideration TV shows, movies Vlogs, anime, etc.

14. Political TV channels for commentaries and satire

If you enjoy talking about political issues, you will never run out of YouTube topics on your channel. You can:

  • Share your thoughts on specific policies
  • react to news or speech
  • deal with unjust and problematic situations
  • Increase social awareness

You can opt for an approach that is more news-based such as Secular Talk, which does political commentary from a popular left-leaning perspective. There are also satire/debunking videos in addition to.

The Young Turks is another excellent illustration. They discuss politics, but also entertainment and sports. They also talk about pop culture. The show was initially a radio talk show, TYT now has five million users.

15. Yoga Channels

Yoga is one of the most sought-after YouTube channel themes, now that exercises at home are becoming a thing.

There’s a good chance that people aren’t prepared to attend an instructor-led class immediately. Therefore, they resort towards YouTube Yoga to achieve that harmony in the body. It’s totally free, and they can practice it within their living space!

Yoga With Adriene is just one of many channels that have taken off. The channel’s 11.2 million subscribers enjoy her helpful series of videos including:

  • Yoga for beginners
  • The Foundations of Yoga
  • Under 10-Minute Yoga Practices
  • 30-Day Yoga Journey

16. Fashion Channels

You’ll be amazed at the sheer number of people looking for inspiration on style. Ideas for outfits, clothes hauls and collaborations with designers are among the most viewed YouTube topics of today!

Song of Style One among the OG fashion Vloggers is well-known for her chic outfits as well as trips to big fashion shows. There’s also a bit of DIY as well as interior designs in her videos that her 365k subscribers are thrilled to view.

Tim Dessaint is another channel to check out. He provides excellent fashion tips as well as styling tips and a quick fashion video for guys.

17. Movie Review Channels

If you’re a fan of movies then this is the perfect category for YouTube channels. People are always looking for reviews and discussions about the latest film they’ve seen. Your blog post could be what they’re looking for!

Film reviews are also an excellent way for moviegoers to determine whether a movie is worth the price or not. It’s possible to be like CinemaSins and inform 9 million hashtags for Youtube shorts that every movie has a sin.

From screenplays and actors as well as the cinematography it is possible to examine your critiques in more depth.

18. Gaming Channels

Gaming isn’t just for children. It’s accessible to all regardless of gender, age or background. With such a huge audience, it’s definitely one of the top YouTube channel ideas to begin your journey to content.

You could, for instance, follow the style of Markiplier. In this scenario, you could record your playing sessions with simple non-filtered and awe-inspiring comments.

If you’re looking to become more active, you can join VanossGaming, and play with other gamers. In addition to the actual gameplay, there are chats in the game and jokes that players enjoy.

19. Tutorial Channels

90% of millennials log on to YouTube to discover how to do something.

It’s not the only reason videos are one of the top popular YouTube channel concepts!

If you’re skilled at something, begin making videos showing others how to do it or even perfecting it.

Here are some tutorials that are popular subjects:

  • makeup
  • games
  • gadgets
  • Software and applications
  • academics

Common Sense Education, for instance, teaches students and teachers how to make use of technology to enhance learning.

You don’t require expensive equipment to create these videos, either. All you require is your abilities and that’s why they are among the top YouTube channels for novices.

20. Beauty Routine Channels

If you are a pro at skincare, an army of followers is eager to see your regimen. Hyram, a skincare expert is now home to 4.5 million customers. This is how highly-rated beauty channels are today.

If that’s the case If so, here are some topics that could be great to consider for the YouTube channel you have:

  • Tips and tricks for skincare
  • Product reviews and suggestions
  • Makeup tips
  • Expert opinion from a dermatologist on various types of skin
  • Beauty-related items are well-loved in this area!

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