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Top 6 Gadgets at CES 2022 That Caught Our Eye

6 Gadgets at CES 2022

The biggest tech fair in the world, Consumer Electronics Show, is home to the top leading brands in the industry and has several categories that showcase impressive tech innovation you certainly don’t want to miss out on! If you are a tech geek looking to invest in the smartest gadgets this year, keep up with this list! We have rounded up our favorite 6 highlights from the show below. Check them out:

Samsung Odyssey Ark

One of the best purchases to make remote work productive is the new Samsung Odyssey Ark monitor. The 55-inch screen is rare for monitors in the market, so it’s huge! And a 4K resolution on a screen of that size is what makes it a statement piece for your home-office setup. Say hello to high detailed imagery and sharp text! And did we mention the screen is curved so you can work while the screen is literally wrapped around you? Plus, the 16:9 aspect ratio makes it ultra-large, arcing the view above your head in portrait orientation. Level up to an immersive experience with this monitor for your home-office setup and enjoy working from home even more!

Robot Shelf

Amongst a myriad of robot concepts, this robot stood out and caught our eye instantly. It’s a simple and practical shelf on wheels that is called the Labrador Retriever. It can do a lot of things for you, using off-the-shelf technology, like getting a beer (on an accessible shelf) or opening a fridge (if motors are added to the fridge door). It solves real-life problems and simplifies day-to-day routines for people with limited mobility.

Masonite Smart Door

Convenience and luxury are byproducts of technological innovation and we are not complaining. With smart home automation gaining popularity for all the right reasons, we surely expected to see a few smart home automation wonders stand out at the event. The Masonite Smart Door is one of them. It’s not a tiny handheld gadget, to begin with. It comes with the functionality of all the gadgets though! It connects every device you need to control in one huge device which is the Masonite M-Pwr smart door.

It comes with a smart lock, video doorbell, and door sense capability to alert you when it’s open and activated smart lighting. Plus, it’s powered by your home so you don’t have to invest in disposable batteries every six months! It’s an integrated and useful smart home solution with immense potential that you don’t want to miss out on when it hits the markets!

Just make sure you have a solid internet connection like Rise Broadband internet to keep your smart home running. You can even check out Spectrum bundles if you want to save up a few bucks!

NFT Support on Samsung TVs

The 2022 Samsung TV lineup is full of brilliant additions, and NFT support is one such addition that Samsung is publicizing as a key part of its TVs this year.  It doesn’t only let you view an NFT but allows you to display it by blending it into the background. The Frame TVs by Samsung let you browse and purchase NFTs right from your couch!

Cyberpower PC Cabinet

If you are building a PC and need the right casing to keep it safe and secure, especially when you are gaming, you will love the Cyberpower Pc Cabinet. It comes with 18 vents to keep things cool with optimal airflow. It can open and close each vent to maintain the airflow thanks to its impressive mechanical system.  Apart from its functionality, it’s quite aesthetically pleasing to look at too. It’s about to hit the stores later this year, so don’t miss out on it!

BMW’s Color Changing Car

One of the showstoppers of the CES 2022 has to be the BMW iX Flow car. It changes colors from black to white in an instance because of e-ink display technology that was used by gadgets from Sony and Amazon. Although the mass production of this very car is still far from happening, it’s surely an interesting concept that can take over the road soon!

To Wrap It Up

Our selection of the most impressive consumer tech showcased at the biggest tech event in the world surely deserves your attention and your money! Unlike anything ever seen before, these top 6 gadgets are a game-changer.

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