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Top 6 Glass Bridges in China

Top 6 Glass Bridges in China

What is the ideal tourism experience? Nowadays, travelers expect an extreme experience, with an experience that is hands-on. It’s something you will be able to remember. China has a wealth of extraordinary stunning landscapes that travelers are eager to explore including the locations featured in films like Avatar. It’s not surprising that many of these gorgeous spots appear somewhat difficult to access.

Tourists want to preserve their memories by bringing home souvenirs like hundreds of photos, particularly self-portraits. You may also take some inexpensive items to keep at home when you return home. However, the most important thing is a memorable experience that will be etched forever on your memories.

As odd as it might sound that tourists, especially young ones – like to be terrified. This is especially true when they are able to guarantee that their experience is in reality, secure.

This is why China has come up with an innovative strategy to blend the terror factor with the pleasure of stunning scenery by building glass bridges in the most picturesque and difficult-to-reach tourist destinations. Use the Chinese name generator to generate Chinese names.

Glass Bridges in China

There’s not enough time to go to all the bridges made of glass on your journey to China. These are our top six that you should consider.

1. Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge – the highest bridge made of glass

China isn’t the only one that has built glass bridges, however, this one is taller (430 meters) and more high (300 meters) than the other bridges. The bridge was built to let you see some of the most impressive panoramic views of the planet.

The 6-meter-wide Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge connects the two sides of the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon in Hunan Province located in the region where the cult film Avatar was shot. It is constructed of steel and is supported by four pillars at the canyon’s edges. The walkway is comprised of three layers comprising greater than 120 pieces of glass each with a 2-inch thick of glass that has been tempered.

There was plenty of excitement at the opening of Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge, and ceremonies were staged to prove its safety and strength, like driving a car packed with people across the bridge, as well as people using sledgehammers to prove the bridge is not susceptible to smashing. However, all visitors are given protective footwear covers prior to walking across and are warned not to leap, run or lean against the railings.

The park was first opened and officials had permitted 800 people at one time which was an average of 8,000 visitors during one day. They were shocked to discover that 80,000 guests showed up every day, and so they had to close the park to make improvements to the parking area tickets, the ticketing system, and customer service procedures. The bridge was reopened the following week.

2. Hongyagu Glass Suspension Bridge

The Hongyu Glass Suspension Bridge is situated in Hongyagu Scenic Area in Hebei Province and connects two peaks by a 488-meter-long and 4-meter-wide suspended bridge made of glass. It was officially opened to the public on December 24th, 2017.

Built using suspended cables, the bridge is constructed of 1,077 glass panels with a four-centimeter thickness. It can accommodate a capacity of up to 600 at the same time. It features a Vertical drop that is 218 meters, and its sway is an element of suspension cables.

The visitors can enjoy an exciting experience, being escorted by the staff on the bridge to help people who have “jelly legs” to recover their balance.

3. It was the first 3D glass bridge built in Ningxia

In 2004, a 2.6 meters wide and 328 meters long timber suspension bridge was constructed across China’s old river, the filthy Yellow River at Ningxia. In 2017, the mere 10m walk above the turbulent waterway was much more exciting as the wooden panel was replaced with glass panels.

A portion of the panels comprises two sections of 60 meters. are transparent, layered, glass that is tempered, allowing people to look down on the flowing brown water below their feet.

But, there are two 75-meter sections that have built-in 3D images that have been cleverly created in the glass layers so that visitors can experience the feeling of they’re perched on top of the rumbling, steep waterfall, or looking at a frightful canyon.

Like all bridges with glass, visitors are required to wear shoes covered, and any safety precautions are in place.

4. The world’s longest overhang glass bridge in Chongqing (Yunyang Longgang Glass Bridge)

Another thrilling experience can be had when you walk across an open bridge with a glass finish in the air.

First, in the year 2015 in the year 2015, a horseshoe-shaped, glass-bottomed bridge with an overhang of 26 meters was made available to the public in Yunyang Longgang Geological Park, situated in the heart of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area in Chongqing. The scenery of the region is comprised of caves, forests mountains, and canyons.

The idea was further developed by the building of a second cantilevered skywalk bridge that is which is the biggest in existence. The terrifying, yet thrilling bridge is shaped in the shape of the letter A and spans an impressive 86 meters from the cliff’s edge over 200 meters above the ground.

As always, the park officials allow only as many as 30 people to cross this bridge at any time. When you get to the top of the “A” people are supported up in the sky and with amazing beauty everywhere.

5. The first suspension bridge made of glass in Guangxi

What makes the experience of crossing a glass bridge thrilling and frightening is the fact that the bridge is suspended and can move beneath your feet when you cross it.

The Glass Bridge in China’s SE Guangxi crossing over the Shuanglong Ditch Primeval Forest is thought of by some as the most stunning transparent bridge made of glass in China and by others as the most frightening.

It extends for 199.9 meters over a 52-meter deep valley that is located in the Shuanglonggou natural forest resort.

It is made more popular by special events like yoga sessions as a whole strung over the bridge and other groups who decide to propose marriage or even get married, right on the bridge.

6. Pingjiang Shiniuzhai glass bridge in Hunan

The first high-quality glass bridge that was constructed is 300 meters in length at a height of 180 meters above the ground. It is located in Pingjiang Shiniuzhai in Hunan Province and is affixed to high canyon walls. It was originally constructed with wood, the bridge was transformed into a glass bridge in the year 2014, and is sometimes referred to as “Brave Man’s Bridge” because of the strength required to traverse it.

It’s the walkway that runs along the cliffside towards the end of the bridge. It also has an elevator made of glass to facilitate and speed up the process to climb to the height that the bridge.

Activities like eating meals or doing yoga are also held here to showcase the strength and security that the structures provide.

What’s Next for Glass Bridges in China?

There are already over 40 bridges made of glass and walkways in China All constructed in beautiful picturesque areas. Glass bridges continue to increase in popularity throughout China.

Although crossing them might seem terrifying, the main problem is whether they’re really secure.

There have been cracking accidents. In one instance, the bridge was designed to create a loud crack in a certain area and was designed to raise the fear factor and increase the thrill that visitors experience. There have been a handful of minor incidents in which there was no risk, and no harm was caused since the bridges are all made of many layers of sturdy tough glass. Workers are always checking and maintaining bridges, particularly during times like when it is National Holiday when there will be more people.

There are already plans to build the bridge made of glass that makes it appear transparent, making use of mirrored stainless steel as its structure along with black granite (which is reflective when wet) to create the flooring. The concept comprises two layers – one with transparent floors for anxious tourists and a second, completely flooring made of glass for the courageous. Every seven minutes, water is sprayed over the bridge, creating clouds that will last between the mountains.

Glass bridges are clearly going to be around for a while If you don’t include one on your excursion to China then you’ll not be able to enjoy a unique experience.


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