Top 6 Logo Design Trends For 2022

Marketing tactics have evolved over the years. There’s been a considerable shift in how we look at various marketing gimmicks. One thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of unique logo designs. This is because a brand’s logo is Its identity in the market. A well-designed logo helps the brand acquire a unique spot in the industry, making people connect with its ideology.

Logos have always been an important element of branding. The year 2022 isn’t any different. The established and emerging brands are investing in getting logo designs that are simple and engaging. The main focus is to make the logo recognizable to the masses.

Companies are going with logo designs that align with their ideology. They are incorporating an array of different color palettes and typography to create logos that reflect their company’s vision and impress the audience. It allows brands to become more prominent and identifiable to the customers.

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We will talk about the trendiest logo design trends that have taken the market by storm. Let’s dive in.

Top 10 Logo Design Trends


It might surprise many people, but typography has a significant impact on the appearance of a logo. Companies recently have been experimenting with different typographies that allow them to turn into a recognizable brands. Typography embeds curiosity among the customers pushing them to have a look at the company’s logo. Many of us might have noticed that companies have begun to work on unique designs that are easily comprehensible. It’s safe to say that good typography can change the way people look at a logo. If you aim to make any changes to your brand, you need to pay attention to your logo’s typography. It will certainly make a difference.


Logos over the years have become more simplistic due to the emerging concept of ‘less is more.’ Companies have deliberately started to work on designs that are easy to remember. It allows the brands to stand out and encourage people to talk about them. Today, we look around; different brands have tried to simplify their logos. It has provided them a chance to reach more people and make a universal impact. Some of the examples of logos with simple logos include Nike, Mcdonald’s, and Puma


Gradients have been a primary focus in logo designing in the past few years. Many would wonder what is a gradient after all? It includes different shades of the same color. It transforms the colors and provides a new perspective to the logo. Different leading brands have started to incorporate gradients in logo designs. It has helped them give a new look to their existing logo.

Disappearing Letters

Most of us might have seen a logo or two that seemed like a riddle. This is a common marketing gimmick in 2022 that brands have incorporated into the way they design their logos. It intends to design a logo that keeps the audience puzzled for a while. Brands have started to create logos that have incomplete letters to attract the attention of the masses. It provides a mystifying appearance and pushes the audience to look at the logo for a longer period.

Bold Designs

Bold letters and geometrical shapes have been a tried and tested solution for brands. It leaves the audience in sheer curiosity, making them guess the story behind a logo. Companies have started to use bold and highlighted letters incorporated with unique geometrical shapes in their logos. This allows them to engage the audience by making the bare minimum effort. Secondly, a bold logo design is not something that can go unnoticed, making it a win-win situation.

Using the Lines

Don’t get surprised if you see a logo made with crisp and fine lines. Companies use this strategy to keep their logo designs simple yet impactful. This use of some popular fonts makes a huge difference in the logo’s appearance. The trend has been developing for many years, but some leading brands have now started to adopt it. This trend aims to amplify the reach and visibility without complicating things. In addition, it also plays a key role in engaging the targeted audience.


Like everything else, the logo designs have also evolved. However, the science behind logos remains the same. Today, companies are way more conscious and creative when designing a brand’s logo. The primary purpose is to build a logo that transforms into a unique identity. The logo designs that we see today have at least one thing that matches a company’s ideology. Honestly, there’s no rocket science.

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