Top 7 Ways To Generate Revenue From Streaming Videos

You have a duty as a businessperson or marketing professional to take note of changes in consumer behavior. The process through which people are watching video content is one of the fastest and most significant right now to generate revenue.

If you are curious to know how video streamers make money, then we are here to answer all your queries. Starting a live streaming business is an alternative to think about if you are seeking new methods to make money. This kind of enterprise has the potential to be very successful. There are many different methods to start the process of learning how to make money streaming. In this essay, we will look at what is currently available to stream, how much money you could potentially make, and some starting points.

Your business can make significant revenue via video streaming, and the process is dependable.

  • 70% of viewers who watch live streams do it once in a day or more frequently.
  • One out of every five videos shared on Facebook is a live video.
  • The majority of respondents, 67%, concur that the video quality they are viewing on a live broadcast is its most important feature.

Making a plan for monetizing your internet videos might be difficult because there are so many possibilities available to you. Regardless of the size of your company or organization or where it is in the expansion process, you can start selling your live videos with solutions that are tailored for it. Before you do that, though, you should get to know how streaming services are monetized and, more particularly, how much money your movies might bring in.

Here Are The 7 Ways To Generate Revenue From Online Videos:

  • Advertisement Revenue

The typical approach to monetizing a video broadcast in order to make money is adding advertising to it. There is a chance that commercials will start playing before or during your stream. For many years, this method has been used on radio and television.

Instead of asking consumers to pay for the content they view, advertisements give your audience access. The majority of the time, broadcasters will work with an advertising network to be matched with sponsors who want to reach a similar audience to their own. 

You can achieve this using the ad integration features offered by your online video platform. Video monetization platforms provide a number of various possibilities to earn great money.

  • Sell Recorded Content to Other Broadcasters

Pre-recorded Video selling is crucial because it gives your message a more personal touch and allows you to develop a deeper connection with the individual buying your goods or services. Many broadcasters promote unique ideas from video makers and provide them with a platform to host their videos. Always choose the best video monetization platform or broadcasters to give your content a credible platform to reach out to their dedicated audience.

  • Offer Coupons and Promotions

As is usual in sales, promotions and discount coupons can stir more sales than would otherwise occur. For usage for other live streaming providers, you can create discount vouchers with customized rebates. These coupons can be used as per the user is requirements.

It allows users to help themselves with exciting offers and would like to visit the platform again and again.

  •  Subscriptions

In SVOD, Your live stream video content could offer you a valuable chance to land sponsorships, also frequently referred to as partnerships.

Your sponsors will provide money for the chance to be acknowledged during your live stream broadcasts.

For the majority of content producers, they are a section of your video that consists of the following:

  • Mention the assistance that was given.
  • Give you their offering, please.
  • Give a succinct description of your own experience.

Sponsors often only collaborate with well-known streamers who can guarantee that each video will earn thousands of views. Other than that, it doesn’t usually merit their time.

Additionally, keep in mind the following crucial details:

  • Sponsors will want to offer their opinions on the content you create.
  • Losing subscribers can occur if your sponsor is inappropriate.

It would help if you looked to collaborate with respectable businesses that make goods related to the subject of your live streams.

  • Sponsorship from Businesses

Over-the-top (OTT) sponsorship relationships comprise a firm paying for the right to advertise on a particular piece of content, much like it did in the days of traditional television.

Your sponsored messaging can be delivered through a variety of various techniques. For example, you may add it to your current content, show it as banner advertising, or display it on launch screens.

One advantage of sponsorship alliances is that they can greatly simplify your advertising rotation because you need to serve a small number of sponsoring companies. On the other hand, it can be pricey if any sponsors decide to stop assisting.

  • Pay-Per-View Content

A simple way to make money is to sell access to previously recorded content through a pay-per-view streaming service. This can generate a sizable sum of money as long as you have a significant audience interested in what you offer and willing to pay for it.

Most well-known streaming services, including Prime Video and iTunes, which also provide pay-per-view content, give consumers the choice of buying or renting the movies they wish to watch. Both of these models are available for use without charge, although in most cases, unrestricted access can be rented for a shorter time for a few dollars less than the model would cost to purchase.

  • Event Access

If you are in charge of planning virtual gatherings, you can use a modified version of the pay-per-view strategy previously outlined. You will always be able to receive a one-time payment for attending the event. Participants can get access to both the live streamed event and a recording of the event that they can see whenever they choose in the future. In addition, there will be live streaming of the event.


If you are looking forward to making money via video monetization platform methods then the above-listed ways can help you in reaching your goal. If you continue to produce live video content after building a rapport with your target audience, you will have a great chance to increase your current revenue stream. 

Always create unique, concise, and subject-oriented goals and you will see great results. You can keep up a two-way communication with your clientele for a longer time by developing a video approach.


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