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Top 8 Jobs with an AWS Certification

Top 8 Jobs with an AWS Certification

AWS is famous for being the leading cloud service provider. Check out the Top 8 AWS jobs with an AWS certification.

It had created a niche in the world of cloud computing that had opened up numerous resources for businesses to make a grand shift to the cloud.

Additionally, it has also created career scope for aspirants who want to make an entry into the world of cloud computing.

AWS certifications are highly demanded in the market, and these are meant to confirm one’s expertise on the AWS platform.

Whatever role you are in, being a developer, solutions architect, database admin, big data analyst, or anything else.

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AWS certifications are meant to honor you with a great and rewarding career ahead.

Does AWS certification offer some benefits?

Yes, of course, it offers many benefits to the learner. Some of the valuable benefits offered by AWS certification are:

  • It helps in validating AWS skills and knowledge.
  • It increases your chances of getting a pay raise.
  • It makes the applicants competent enough to become desirable in the job market.
  • It helps in manifesting commitment within a profession.
  • It opens up the door to several rewarding job opportunities.
  • It informs applicants about the technological advancements occurring in the world of cloud computing.

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AWS jobs are available with an AWS certification.

As you have read above, AWS certification prepares a candidate for the job market. Once you have taken the AWS certification, you can easily explore several career opportunities. Here are eight AWS jobs that you can get after completing the AWS certification.

AWS Cloud Architect: This profession entails working with stakeholders and technical personnel to lead implementation work. These professionals teamed up with the technical architects to ensure that the new technology was perfectly adopted.

Cloud sales and purchasing manager: Those who have completed the AWS cloud practitioner certification can easily transition into this position and work with the rapidly evolving advanced productive technology. A successful candidate for this certification will be allowed to work with software developers and IT architects working on the AWS platform.

Key account manager, cloud: these professionals are liable for the sales management of the cloud storage, servers and products. These professionals are accountable for driving adoption, market penetration, and maintaining the large customer base in the market.

AWS SysOps Administrator: One who is qualified to work as a SysOps administrator on the AWS platform can work as a SysOps administrator.

Once an applicant has validated his skills through the AWS SysOps administrator certification, he can further validate his skills to manage and implement production operations.

Cloud Developers: These individuals create software applications and solutions for businesses. Aspirants can take up the AWS developer associate certification to be one.

Cloud Software engineer: If you are into designing, developing, and implementing systems or software on the AWS platform, then you can definitely work as a cloud software engineer.

Cloud DevOps engineer: Validate your skills with the AWS DevOps Engineer professional certification and sharpen your skills related to development, network operations, and system development.

The AWS Big Data Specialist is the one whose role is limited to designing and executing big data services for deriving value from the data. A person with a technical background in architecture is needed for this.

AWS is growing, continually creating a scope of growth for both enterprises and employees. Those who want to give their career a good hike must sharpen their skills with AWS certifications.

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