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Top Tourist Attractions In Australia | Travel Guide

You are so lucky about your weekend because it is the best time to explore dreamland-Australia. And especially when you have valid, unused miles from the airlines to book the flights to any elite status destination. Australia is a versatile motherland that is a bit smaller than the United States. So, it might not be surprising that this could be the home of the most distinctive places enriched with worldwide creatures.
There is nothing to worry about remarkable moments through the weekend in Australia while you make Hawaiian airlines booking. You can visit many iconic sightseeing milestones in Australia, such as Ayers Rock & the Sydney Opera House. While these places are roaring with travelers, many tourist places in Australia aren’t revealed as famous but are truly impressive.

Where to Visit in Australia for Scenic Sightseeing & Fun?

Below is the list of top attractions of Australia which you can follow to get rid of the confusion about where to start the mesmerizing tour in Australia.

Opera House

Suppose you make your mood for the Australia trip. In that case, you should not miss visiting “Sydney opera house,” especially when you are a jolly nature kind of person who is always starving for entertainment.

Even though it’s most people’s dream to explore the Opera House, they cannot accomplish their desire. It is so because some do not have enough time, and some do not have a couple of savings to afford the Australia trip.

The Opera House is even one of the great architectural icons throughout the world. Its design is like billowing sails or enormous shells. This attraction on Sydney’s edge enhances the glamour of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

It is between the water surface from three sides, and the Royal Botanic Gardens frame it to the south. This tourist attraction encompasses a concert hall, restaurants, theatres, exhibition rooms, a cinema, and studios.

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Your trip to Australia is incomplete if you left this place. And that would be your silly mistake but a great regret. So, ensure to add the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park into your itinerary while going to Australia.
It is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage natural wonder, which encompasses the largest living species on the earth. It’s so extensive that you can witness it from outer space.

If you always wait for the water sports near you, this reef is specially dedicated to you. You can discover diving, island enthusiasts, snorkelers, and picturesque nature eyeshots here. Here you can find over 1600 marine species of dolphins, sharks, tropical fish, dugongs, rays, giant clams, and turtles.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

It is affectionately named “the Coathanger,” this unique feat of the world’s building-A largest steel arch bridge.
Sydney completed the Harbour Bridge forty years before the Sydney Opera House. It is another best attraction for the tourists after the Opera House with a unique architectural design
There are many other fascinating places to explore in Australia which cannot be explained in words. Hence, we urge you to continue Allegiant airlines Booking and grab the best chance to explore all the unique spots for a worthwhile weekend.
Whether you are a new couple, you can make your weekend remarkable with enchanting pictures, sights,s, and adventurous activities.

Safe and Secure Place to stay in Australia

It’s obvious, that you might look for a safe and secure way to stay in Australia until you complete the trip. Find the list below to get ease on where to stay safe in Australia.

  • Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney
  • Grand Chancellor, Melbourne
  • Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island
  • Saffire Freycinet, Tasmania

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