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Tropical Birthday Games / Hawaii Birthday Games

Tropical Birthday Games / Hawaii Birthday Games

Hula Hoop contest

  1. Buy a few hoops at a low price and challenge all the kids to a hula hoop contest. You can create “Hula Hoop” badges or provide candies for rewards.
  2. Create enough badges for different categories: the most extended Hula Hoop, the Hula Hoop with the most hoops at a time, the craziest Hula Hoop, the funniest, the most original, etc.
  3. See also these Hula Hoop games.

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Chair Volleyball: For this tropical birthday game, you’ll need a volleyball net, lawn chairs, and an inflatable beach ball (the bigger, the better). The controls are the same as standard volleyball, but everyone must remain seated in their chair to play. Players can use any method to keep the beach ball in the air as long as they stay seated and don’t get up. Expect chairs to tumble and players to laugh. 

Tropical Coconut Birthday Games

Here are three ideas you can use to incorporate coconuts into your Hawaiian birthday games. Give everyone a coconut and see who can roll it the farthest. You can also draw a small circle somewhere in the garden and see who can roll their coconut closest to the center of that circle. The last idea is to use coconuts to organize a kind of miniature bowling. The coconut is then used to knock down pins or bottles!

Mango Battle

This tropical-themed game is simple yet hysterically fun! Two opponents face off, each holding a large spoon containing a mango. The game’s thing is to strike your enemy’s mango off the spoon without failing yours. To play, draw a circle 2 meters in diameter on the ground. Each player stands inside the circle and tries to knock the other’s mango off their spoon. Players are not allowed to hit, push, pull or grab each other: they can only touch the spoons. You can organize small challenges or tournaments to crown the king or the queen of mango battles.

Warrior – spear-throwing

Who is the greatest Hawaiian warrior in your little troop of the day? Decorate a big watermelon with eyes, snout, ears, and a corkscrew tail to make it look like a pig! Please choose the location of your watermelon carefully (it must be secure) in the party area and let the children take turns trying to hit it with a spear. One of the tropical birthday games for older kids, but younger players can also participate by throwing darts!

Pass the Orange

Ask all the children to form a circle and pass an orange around the circle. The thing is, they can’t use their hands. They have to pass the orange with their chin and neck. If the orange falls, the two people who dropped it are eliminated. If you don’t want to eliminate a player, those who dropped the orange can do a fun challenge, pledge, or have to try their hand at hula hoop!


One of the funniest tropical birthday games for all ages! Have all the children tie a piece of ribbon or string to the end of a brown balloon, and the other end of the string/ribbon is tied around one of their ankles. These balloons represent coconuts. The game’s object is to put on some music and try to pop other people’s coconuts by stomping on them without your coconut getting popped. The player with the last “coconut” intact wins the game!


Although piñatas are not native to Hawaii, they are still a big hit at most parties. Buy a Hawaiian-themed piñata and fill it with fun Hawaiian treats and trinkets. Here are some piñatasthat will work perfectly in a tropical or Hawaiian party.

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