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Ulysse Nardin Fake Watches New Blast Tourbillon Rainbow Watch – Neon Dazzling Strikes

Fake watches: There is no other reason why gemstones and diamonds have become commonly used decorative materials in the watch field. Jewelry and wristwatches are closely related. Gemstones and diamonds are expensive, precious and attractive enough. As for the most popular application of gemstones on wristwatches, it must be the rainbow bezel with a rainbow effect composed of various colored gemstones. There are a lot of high-profile designs. For example, Ulysse Nardin launched three new rainbow circle fake watches at the end of August. Today we will introduce to you one of the BLAST tourbillon rainbow Swiss Fake Watches.Swiss Fake Watches

The rainbow circle design inspiration of the three new works comes from the silicon material technology that Ulysse Nardin is most proud of. As early as 2001, the brand took the lead in introducing silicon material on the escapement device. Today, Ulysse Nardin has an absolutely mature grasp of silicon material technology, which is already ahead of the entire watch industry. This non-metallic material. Silicon parts also have a characteristic, which is the iridescent luster that will be refracted under different light conditions. Ulysse Nardin restored the iridescence through gemstones of different colors and decorated it as a bezel.

The 45mm case is made of two materials in Ulysse Nardin fake watches. The middle case is made of black DLC-coated titanium, and the upper case is made of black ceramic and polished and sandblasted. The left side of the case also retains the classic nameplate design of Ulysse Nardin, and the independent number of the watch is engraved on it.

It can be clearly seen from the picture above that the case of the Blast tourbillon watch has a very characteristic lug design. This angular multi-fold lug is also derived from the stealth fighter, and Ulysse Nardin uses it to enhance the design of the case.

The crown on the left side of the case, the brand anchor logo is engraved on the top, and the crown shoulder guards are set on both sides. The waterproof performance of the whole watch is 50 meters.

On the bezel and hour markers, a total of 50 baguette-cut rubies and sapphires are inlaid. The bezel is a rail-set process, with gems attached to gems, which is very beautiful, without gaps, and will not be exposed like traditional inlays, such as round beads or bezels. A rail setting with a stepped rectangular or square cut will also accentuate the lineal beauty of the stone. And for this Blast, Ulysse Nardin insists on using natural colored sapphires and rubies instead of selected semi-precious stones. Although it is not ruled out that semi-precious stones sometimes have a stronger color, but only from my own preference, it must be All gems are best.Swiss Fake Watches

We can see from the picture that the gemstones selected by Ulysse Nardin are not mainly rich in color, but large and particularly translucent, that is, high-clarity gemstones. Although the measurement standard of colored gemstones cannot be simply measured by clarity Look, but Ulysse Nardin really made the effect look good. The transition of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple in the rainbow circle is also very smooth without jumping colors. The colored gemstones on the 12 hour markers correspond to the color of the bezel one by one.

The hollow dial of the watch, the perspective beauty is as good as ever, the entire X and the rectangular frame can be regarded as dividing the dial into four spaces neatly, and the left and right sides are the dial wheel train and the travel time wheel train. White, and the platinum micro-oscillating weight at 12 o’clock and the flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock, the upper and lower parts are the visual focus. The disk also follows the black theme, making the colorful jewels more shining.

The flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock is not hindered by the splint of the traditional tourbillon,

so it is more enjoyable to watch. You can also clearly see the silicon parts used by Ulysse Nardin, which change colors with the light. Moreover, Ulysse Nardin’s hollowed-out disk surface, in fact, has one type, and the movement decoration is absolutely unambiguous,

whether it is brushed polishing, sandblasting, or the chamfering of parts is very delicate.

The UN-172 self-winding movement carried by the watch is upgraded

from the manual hollow tourbillon UN-171 movement of the original manager series. Black X-bridges span the entire movement. The reason why the hollow perspective of the watch is so good is that Ulysse Nardin deliberately

removed the redundant parts of this tourbillon movement, leaving only 137 parts. The application of its internal silicon material makes the anti-magnetic

performance of the watch follow the accuracy of travel time, stable and reliable. The full chain can provide 72 hours of dynamic storage.perfect replica watches

Ulysse Nardin also equips customers with a waterproof rubber strap with velvet texture. This combination is very interesting. In the past, we saw velvet straps on some women’s high-bead styles to match evening dress perfect replica watches. Ulysse Nardin combined it on this Blast, which has a sporty style and is very textured. Ulysse Nardin also offers a black alligator leather strap option.

For this brand-new BLAST tourbillon rainbow watch, after reading the whole watch, I feel that it is actually very straightforward. It looks expensive and not bad. friend taste. With the popularity of the rainbow circle, there are some watch brands of the rainbow circle watch,

which make you feel unsuitable and vulgar at a glance,

as if you see someone else has it,

you have to take a look at the design heat, and don’t worry about it. And Ulysse Nardin, the rainbow circle composed of colored gemstones,

is purely to make the watch look better,

and try to innovate a little more in jewelry inlays that were not very specialized in the past.

A single rainbow circle is also a test of the comprehensive watchmaking strength of a watch brand. Good colored gemstones need to be viewed from the overall design collocation,

gemstone size, color, smoothness of combination transition and inlay technology. Ulysse Nardin fake is here, Can’t fault everything. The actual wearing effect of the watch can be seen from the wearing

picture of my colleague’s wrist circumference of about 16.5mm. Even if it is 45mm, because of the all-black theme and the combination of titanium

and ceramic materials, it is neither too large nor too large. Provides a lighter and more comfortable fit.

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