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Use Ginger Powder To Get Rid Of These Health Issues

Ginger has been revered as a powerful medicine in folk healing practices worldwide. Especially in Indian and Chinese cultures, ginger has been used to cure many diseases. Modern scientific studies have also relieved ginger’s powerful properties in alleviating many ailments. This is why many pharmaceutical companies use this spice in their medicines, especially those related to cardiovascular health. These firms often buy wholesale ginger powder online for medicinal purposes. However, ginger powder as a home remedy can help you prevent various health issues. Here are some common problems ginger powder can help you eliminate.

Upset stomach

Having an upset stomach is painful and annoying. You can’t focus on your work due to cramps and bloating. Ginger powder can be an excellent remedy for treating an upset stomach naturally. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help the stomach neutralise digestive juices. It further stimulates food digestion and absorption, reducing intestinal gas.


The ginger powder contains thermogenic properties that help burn fat. So, regularly consuming ginger or ginger powder may boost your metabolism and help you reduce fat rapidly, helping you to lose weight. Adding a dash of ginger powder to your curries, tea, soups, and other sweet and savoury dishes is the best way to reap the benefits of ginger.

Morning sickness

This staple spice can also cure motion and morning sickness in pregnant ladies. Drinking ginger powder mixed with water can prevent nausea. This is because it has a soothing property that soothes the stomach and relieves nausea. So, now next time you feel morning sickness, try this remedy.

Common Cold

Ginger has gingerol and shogaol compounds, which have anti-inflammatory properties. These compounds help relieve common colds. Drinking powdered ginger root with lukewarm water positively affects colds and flu. Mix ginger powder, clove powder, and salt in lukewarm water and drink this twice daily to relieve the cold.


Ginger has been used to eliminate various health issues, and headache is one of them. Thanks to its pain-relieving properties, ginger helps reduce headaches. Apply powdered ginger paste on your forehead and let it sit for a while. Applying this paste to your throat can also help relieve throat pain.

Chest Pain

Many anecdotal studies have shown that ginger can alleviate chest pain due to gastrointestinal problems. This effect of ginger is attributed to its anti-inflammatory property. However, more research is needed, so you should tread carefully when using ginger for chest pain. In addition, excessive amounts of ginger can lead to chest burns.


Flatulence often occurs due to bad digestion. Since ginger promotes digestion, it can be an effective remedy to keep flatulence at bay. Moreover, ginger powder has carminative (gas expulsion) properties, which also help you relieve gas and help you get rid of flatulence and its symptoms like cramps and belching.

Lowers blood sugar

A recent study also suggested ginger can help regulate insulin and reduce blood sugar levels. Moreover, recent research on rats has also indicated that it can help common diabetic symptoms like body weight and body mass. However, you should consult your doctor before adding ginger powder to your diet.

Period Pain

Since ginger is packed with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, it can help relieve period pain. In a recent study, women who consumed 1,500 milligrams of ginger powder every day for 3 days experienced less pain than those who hadn’t.

Sore muscles

Ginger can also be a significantly effective remedy for sore muscles. It won’t remove the muscle point on the spot but can tame soreness over time. In a study, people who had taken ginger before exercises experienced less pain the next day than people who didn’t.


Ginger can reduce swelling with its anti-inflammatory properties. This may help cure symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. You can consume ginger powder with your food to relieve the pain. Moreover, you can also use ginger compress or patch on your joint skin to reap the benefits of the spice.

Gum infection

Ginger has anti-bacterial properties that can ward off bacterial infection from your mouth. It has an active compound called gingerol that fights off bacteria and keeps them from growing. These bacteria can cause periodontal disease. Drinking ginger-infused warm water can reduce these bacteria in your mouth.

Key takeaway

Ginger is a powerful medicine that can eliminate various ailments and strengthen our health. After knowing all these health benefits of ginger powder, it is wise to always keep this spice in your pantry and consume it daily. For that, you would need a bulk amount of ginger powder, which you can easily purchase from suppliers of bulk spices in South Africa. So, order your batch today and add this spice to your diet to reap maximum health benefits.


Is powdered ginger good for your health?

Consuming ginger can reduce intestinal gas and bloating caused by fermentation, constipation, and other conditions. Cellular wear and tear There are antioxidants in ginger. These chemicals aid in controlling free radicals, which can harm cells if their levels get too high.

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