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Useful Tips to Quit Smoking for Heavy Smokers

Here are some very useful tips for quitting smoking for heavy smokers

Smoking is one of the leading reasons of preventable death all over the world. If you smoke cigarettes, you are probably well aware that quitting has tremendous health benefits. But even if you are motivated to stop, strong cravings for nicotine, the highly addictive component of all tobacco products, can make it very difficult to fight. Using coupons for smokers will help you quit smoking effectively with great discounts. Smoking is a physical addiction and also a psychological habit.

Quitting smoking is not a single event that occurs in just one day, but it is a big journey. By quitting smoking, you will not only improve your health and the quality as well as the duration of your life, but also it is good for the lives of those around you. to quit smoking, you do not only need to change your behavior and cope with the withdrawal symptoms experienced from cutting out nicotine, but also you need to explore some other ways to manage your moods. Here are some very useful tips for quitting smoking for heavy smokers.

Avoid Triggers:

The need for tobacco is likely to be strongest in the situations where you smoke most often, like parties or bars or while feeling stressed or drinking coffee. Recognize your trigger situations and plan to avoid them entirely or get through them without using tobacco. Don’t set yourself up for smoking relapse. If you usually smoke while you chat on the phone, keep a pen and paper and enjoy doodling instead of smoking.

Do Some Physical Activities:

It is one of the best tips to quit smoking. Physical activity is a great way to distract you from the craving for smoking and reduce its intensity. Even a short burst of physical activity like running up and down the stairs can make tobacco cravings go away for some time.

You can also go out for a walk or jog when you feel a tobacco craving. While if you are stuck at home or office, you can try some squats, deep knee bends, pushups, running in place or walking up and down the stairs. If you don’t like to do physical activity, then try prayer, needlework, woodwork or journaling. You can also do some chores for distraction, like vacuuming or filing paperwork. You can apply coupons for smokers to get great discounts on quitting smoking.

Use Nicotine Replacement Therapy:

When you start quitting smoking, nicotine withdrawal may give you headaches, a bad mood, or sap your energy. The craving for just one cigarette is tough. Nicotine replacement therapy can be very helpful in this situation and can curb these urges. According to many studies, nicotine gum, lozenges, and patches help you to improve your chances of success when you are in the quit smoking program.

Avoid Alcohol:

Alcohol and tobacco are great companions to each other. Many types of research show the high relapse rates in people with alcohol use disorders. Even if you use alcohol occasionally, putting yourself into a social setting where you are tempted to drink alcohol too soon after quitting can be very dangerous. Don’t rush it because new quitters are tender.

One day you will be able to have a drink without it trigging the urge to smoke, but don’t expect to be within the first months, or perhaps even the first few months. Everyone is different in how they move through quitting nicotine addiction, so be patient and preconceived notions you might have about how long recovery should take. Instead of that, you have to focus on your situation.

Stick With You Quitting Program:

Many good smoking quit programs have been lost to thoughts of being able to smoke just a little, don’t consider them. The longer you go without smoking, the easier it will be to stay nicotine-free. Once you plan to go ahead and smoke just one cigarette, or for just one night, the chances are that you will again start smoking. Many coupon codes and discount deals are available for smokers to quit smoking easily.

Change Your Habits:

Smoking becomes a part of daily routine, and you automatically go for cigarettes at certain places, certain times, or even around certain people. You can change your habit to replace them with new ones. Try to make some changes to your daily routine. While if you go from a certain route to your workplace.

Have your breakfast somewhere else that prohibits smoking, and if you smoke after lunch or dinner, eat fruits or brush your teeth instead. Furthermore, you can make your hands busy to avoid smoking because you can’t smoke when you have something in your hand or are doing something from them. So, whenever you feel like your hands are empty, play games on your mobile phone or start messaging with your friends. 


All these above mention tips are great ways to quit smoking. You can use coupons for smokers to get more knowledge from your doctor at discounted rates. So, if you want to quit smoking, first make a plan and sticking to it is the most important step. After that, you are applying these tips will work

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