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UTMios-Solution replace the battery on your Apple MacBook Pro?

UTMios-Solution replace the battery on your Apple MacBook Pro?

Determining the price of a MacBook Battery Replacement All MacBook batteries are replaceable. Whether or not you can do it yourself depends on the year of your MacBook. Most MacBooks built before the middle of 2012 were fairly easy to replace.

 Macbook Batery Replacement

Take a look at these pictures of how Apple’s new iMac Pros are held together with an industrial-grade aerospace adhesive that requires heat, solvents, and lots of courage to remove.

MacBook Pro Late 2015 and newer, batteries start at $250

MacBook Pro Mid 2015 and older, batteries average around $240

MacBook Air 13 2010 through 2017, batteries start at around $150.

Regardless of the year, most MacBook Air batteries are much simpler to replace, and as a result, are much more repair friendly. No industrial adhesive and only five Torx screws hold in most MacBook Air batteries.

  • Will Apple repair my MacBook?

Apple currently services the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air at its retail stores across the country. Most repairs are not completed in stores and are shipped to facilities in Texas, California, or New York. All Apple quotes include this expedited shipping to and from retail stores.

As expected, servicing your MacBook at Apple is usually going to cost you significantly more than at any other repair center, especially Gophermods. There are a few exceptions where it makes more financial sense to have your Mac repaired at Apple.

If you have had your MacBook liquid damaged, then Apple usually will be less expensive. If you have multiple issues with your MacBook, Apple is probably your best bet.

Apple offers a tiered pricing system for repairs at its service centers. They range from a tier 1 through a tier 4 repair service program. As a result, there is a minimum and a maximum price for the services. There is a sweet spot where Apple is the best value.

 MacBook Repair Delhi

Apple’s tier repair structure ranges from $300 up to $849 depending on which MacBook you’re servicing. If you’ve completely fried your super high-end $4,000 MacBook Pro 15″ Touch bar, you should take it to Apple. If you are looking for a screen replacement on your entry-level MacBook Air 13″ from 2014, which has a few other dents but works fine, then you’ll want to run away from Apple because they’ll charge you $799 plus sale tax.

Why do dents and other issues matter to Apple? Well if you have a perfectly working MacBook with only a cracked screen, but say you have a small dent in your bottom case, they will insist that you replace the entire unit with the tier 4 repair service and not just repair the cracked screen.

  • So what should I do with my broken MacBook?

At Gophermods, all repair quotes are free. All of our Minneapolis repair stores offer services for mac repair. If you’re not certain what is wrong with your MacBook, our diagnostics are only $29. If you decide to proceed with any repairs, we apply your diagnostic fee to your total cost.

If you bring us your fully customized MacBook Pro and we don’t think we can help, we’ll point you in the right direction and tell you whether or not Apple is your best option or if replacing the unit might be a more worthwhile alternative too.

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