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What are the Different Roles & Responsibilities of SAP MM Consultants?

SAP Material Management, or SAP MM, is a logistic module that helps the organization manage the procurement procedures and other areas of material management. This logistic module includes production planning, Sales and Distribution, Plant Maintenance, Warehouse Management, and Project Systems.

It streamlines the procurement process and assists in seamless material management tasks, allowing the firm to run more smoothly and efficiently. As a result, SAP MM Training focuses on efficient materials and inventory management. Also, it helps to create awareness to manage the process of the organization’s resources and materials to increase productivity.

SAP MM Consultants: Meaning

An SAP Material Management consultant specializes in assisting clients in achieving their immediate and long-term SAP system and software goals. They usually work with customers to define their needs, collect and analyze data to identify the strengths and weaknesses of current systems, conduct research to discover the best practices to fulfill the client’s goal, and build plans to optimize overall operations. Above all, an SAP MM consultant must follow the company’s rules and procedures and its vision.

Roles & Responsibilities of SAP MM Consultants

The responsibilities of an SAP Material Management consultant range from project implementation to project support. Thus, the following roles and responsibilities of an SAP consultant include:

  • For Project Implementation

An SAP MM consultant plays a crucial role during project implementation, which is as follows:

  1. Familiar with the crucial business aspects, creating AS-IS and TO-BE documents and obtaining user approval to develop a business blueprint.
  2. Also, develop a material management organizational structure and associated configurations such as valuation area plants, purchase organization, warehouse structure, storage location, etc.
  3. Get the final touches on the material and purchasing groups, payment terms, pricing methods, and agreement.
  4. Define the pricing methods by accessing sequence and condition type.
  5. Also, design and implement a taxation scheme
  6. Finalizing and certifying number ranges for vendor master and material master. Getting all purchase and inventory papers in place.
  7. Set up split value based on distinct valuation categories such as material quality and source, country of origin, etc.
  8. Getting ready for internal and document testing.
  9. Create master data templates for various items such as vendor masters, material masters, Info-records, excise masters, purchase orders, and source lists.
  10. Negotiating with suppliers to achieve the highest quality at the lowest possible price, assuring the best deal.
  11. Vendor development to have different sources of raw material supply.
  12. Plan the transition strategy for the Material Management object.
  13. Also, create a user manual and teach various business process owners.
  14. Project preparation and posting for Go-Live support.
  • For Project Support

The responsibility of a Material Management consultant does not end with the project implementation project. It also includes support functions. The duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Interacting with clients through phone conversations, online meetings, and emails.
  2. He is in charge of troubleshooting different issues in the SAP system and providing support to resolve such problems.
  3. However, manage tasks and requests and close them within pre-defined Service Level Agreements.
  4. Analysis and resolution of a production support call. 
  5. Make the appropriate configuration modifications.
  6. Raising Change Requests and giving functional requirements.
  7. Prepare test data for the testing of Change Requests
  8. Testing and validating Change Requests and preparing the test results.
  9. Carrying out regression testing
  10. Interact with the consultants of other modules.

In addition to the roles and responsibilities listed above, a professional SAP MM consultant may have additional obligations depending on previous experience and the customer type.


Hopefully, you find this article informative. We have compiled the usual roles & responsibilities of SAP MM Consultants that make them key personnel of any organization. Therefore, to make a career in SAP MM, you should go for SAP MM Online Training. Such training will make you proficient and help you to kickstart your career in this domain.

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