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What Are The Prominent Attributes Of UiPath?


UiPath is a worldwide-famous software development company that manufactures Robotic Process Automation software. In the higher-end organizations in the industry, the RPA tool is primarily utilized for expansive end-to-end automation. In the rapidly altering business environment, it provides sophisticated and robust solutions to various enterprises in the industry. It expedites the processes by automating numerous time-taking and repetitive tasks. The RPA software has multi-faceted applications in the industry and primarily, companies utilize the software for uncovering efficiencies, streamlining processes, providing insights, and making the digital transformation process economical and faster. Therefore, taking the long list of intuitive attributes into consideration, it is a good career choice because it has multivariate uses in higher-end enterprises as well. Therefore, UiPath Online Training has become more in-demand and a multitude of professionals are going for credible certification to upgrade their profile in this field.

Now, let us check out some intuitive attributes of UiPath that makes the tool a preferable choice among multitudinous companies.

Features of UiPath:

There are a few key characteristics that help in rendering the users with modernistic RPA solutions for varying business requirements. Some of those handy features are elucidated in the pointers below:

Drag and Drop Workflow:

The end-users of UiPath utilize a graphical workspace and configure visual process steps. The users do that by readily picking and dropping tasks in the graphical workspace. They also have the option of utilizing the recorder wizard so that they can easily configure applications or web-based workflows.

Record and Playback:

End-users utilize this feature to document actions and convert them into an automated process. It includes multi-variate recording types such as Basic Recording, Web Recording, Desktop Recording, and Citrix Recording. UiPath also comes embedded with around 300 in-built activities that encompass application integration design tasks and process automation.

Advanced Scraping Options:

Extracting information from applications and web pages is quite streamlined with the UiPath Screen Scraping features. Moreover, the data scraping wizard aids in the scraping of information with a repetitive methodology. Additionally, the solutions work without any problems with a multitude of software such as Java, .NET, PDF, Flash, SAP, etc.

Robustness and Security:

UiPath offers a robust methodology for developing durable and intelligent robots. Moreover, there is easy accessibility to these robots. Any employee with access to the organization’s security cameras can proceed to use these robots. However, this easy accessibility also comes with its own set of flaws. For example, if widespread employees gain access to the robots, it can naturally lead to some security lapses. However, UiPath ensures that there are no deficits in security. It does that by rendering the users with auto-login functionality that is also highly secure. It increments the security measure, but also maintains the easy-of-access.

Now, let us take the discussion forward and analyze the components of UiPath that would make the functionality of the RPA tool further clear.

Components of UiPath:

There are primarily three components of UiPath that makes the job easier and more sophisticated for the users while implementing the RPA solutions.

  • UiPath Studio: It is essentially a user-convenient interface that enables users to digitally plan and design numerous automation processes. The users do that by utilizing efficient diagrams and drag-and-drop features. Here, the diagrams visually represent the structure of the entire tasks that robots have to complete. It makes it easier for the users to refer to the diagram anytime they wish to get an idea about the entire roadmap of tasks completed by the software robots.
  • UiPath Robot: After you have completed the design of the process, it is essential to enact the process in the UiPath Studio. The UiPath Robots convert the strategies into specific tasks, which are then sequentially implemented. These robots carry out the specified tasks in the same manner as users but they do it without user interference. When a certain event occurs on the computer, the robots implement certain tasks automatically.
  • UiPath Orchestrator: This component is applicable for web-based applications in UiPath. It has innumerable features for multi-faceted processes such as monitoring, deploying, scheduling, and controlling automated processes and bots. Furthermore, developers also extensively use it as a centralized platform for maintaining and managing all software robots.


Software robots have emerged as an efficient and modernistic solution to ease out the tasks of the users by recording the user actions to automate certain tasks. Furthermore, it also makes use of existing systems to cut down the disruption possibilities. Now, RPA is a technology that deals with the creation of such robots, and UiPath has been a market-dominating provider of such technology. The above paragraphs give a comprehensive overview of the features and components of UiPath, which you must know to move your career forward. If you are seeking profitable job prospects and high-remuneration job opportunities, sign up for UI Path Training in Gurgaon and use the insights and certification to upgrade your knowledge and career profile comprehensively.


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