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What are your expectations for the new fake rolex? it reveals something important

As in the past,fake rolex’s release of new models can always attract the attention of watch fans.

The new changes brought by fake rolex this time include a comprehensive update of the Water Ghost series,a new 41mm size of oyster perpetual and a new color dial,and sky-dweller.

It is the first time to replace the oysterflex rubber strap,datejust also launched some new color changes and so on.

Regarding the new Rolex,I believe everyone is familiar with him.

However,from the action of the brand’s new launch this time,it also reveals some important meanings or phenomena hidden behind it.

They are actually quite critical to Rolex’s future development or market trends.Let’s learn what Rolex revealed important thing.

1.Superficial data does not represent everything

When the brand released the information of the new water ghosts,many people will notice that their diameter has increased from the original 40mm to 41mm.

The first thought is”the water ghosts have become bigger!”Then a series of questions will follow.

Doubts,if the case becomes larger,will it become more burdensome to wear?

Or does it look like a big watch when worn on the hand??

Just looking at the data changes may indeed lead to many questions,

but if you have the opportunity to see the real watch of the new water ghost,

you will find that the diameter of the watch has increased by 1mm.

While expanding the diameter of the watch,rolex replica also neutralizes the overall visual impression by fine-tuning the watch’s appearance,lugs and strap width and other details,

so if you put the old and new water ghosts together,

it may not be easy for you to see them at a glance.

It is only a new model enlarged by 1mm,and the new model is not just an increase in the diameter of the watch.

With the modification of details,

the watch becomes more comfortable and easier to wear-this is not obvious just by looking at the data changes.

rolex replica

2.It’s not that fake rolex doesn’t want to reproduce,but the way is relatively low-key

Many people see the colorful face plate of the new oyster perpetual,and think it is a new idea of the brand,

but in fact,the development process of a new watch cannot be completed in a short time,and sometimes it may take several years Long.

To put it simply,the new color dial of oyster perpetual is not new strictly speaking,because fake rolex has used a similar design decades ago.

In the past,rolex replica did not pay much attention to retro design.

Although many Rolex series are classics that have existed for decades,retro design is not their main style.

The 2020 oyster perpetual subverts our concept a bit,

because those colored dials can actually be traced back to the stella enamel dial of the day-date smash hit in the 1970s.

Maybe the new model does not follow the same enamel method,

but the color of the watch is roughly It is close,through this new work,

Rolex quietly brought the popular elements of the 1970s back to modern masterpieces.

3.The 39mm Rolex sports watch is about to become extinct

With the advent of the new oyster perpetual,it represents another fact-there are fewer and fewer Rolex watches with a diameter of 39mm,and this size is almost graduating from Rolex.

Because the oyster perpetual has added a 41mm model along with the water ghost,

fake rolex watches stopped production of the old version of the 39mm model of the oyster perpetual.

Therefore,the brand sports watch still has a 39mm size,and only the explorer Tanyi 214270 stands out.

Some people think that the appearance of air-king is very similar to that of Tanyi,

but in fact,its diameter has been increased to 40mm in the previous model change,while oyster perpetual has an enlarged diameter,

its appearance profile is not like The water ghost has been modified so much and so thin,

it is more like directly enlarging the case of the watch.

4.Although the appearance is not obvious,the movement is very important

Another key point of Rolex’s new model is that most models of movements have changed their dynasties.

After the 32 series or 2236 movements have been replaced one after another,

it means that they are also updated to versions with chronergy escapement systems.

From the perspective of the brand,Replacing with a new movement means that the performance of the movement is better,and the power storage is also improved,in other words,it is more practical.

However,for most people,the actual feeling of changing a new movement will not be too obvious when wearing it.

After all,rolex replica is known for its good quality,and old movements are usually products that have been tempered by the market for a long time.

To put it bluntly,the new movement is definitely better than the old movement.

For today’s wearers,the improvement of movement details should not affect their decision to buy a watch.

fake rolex

5.The high popularity of Rolex has led to more and more Internet keyboard experts

After the release of the new fake rolex uk model,there was a lot of discussion in major media or Facebook groups,which shows that Rolex is still as popular as ever.

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