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What is the Difference Between Gmail and Google Mail?

Gmail and google mail are both mail services offered by Google. So they share a lot in common, but they also have some differences.

Gmail is the leading email service offered by Google. The Gmail team had enormous success with innovations such as personalized spam filters and a flawless interface. Google Mail was formerly called “Google Mail” and later “Google Apps for Your Domain.”

Gmail is part of the Google Apps package as a web app and desktop app. Mail, Google Docs, and calendar are other components of the Google Apps suite. Some of these apps also exist apart from this suite. Google Apps is designed and marketed by Google.

Since the closing of its acquisition by Google, much about the company’s Gmail product has remained unrevealed to this day. After all, details about the popular email service would have to compete for the attention of an already heavily saturated public.

What is Google?

Google is one of the most popular internet search engines. By typing the words you want to search for into the search box, it scans the Web for relevant Web pages.

Why does GOOGLE stand for Google?

GOOGLE stands for Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth

How does Gmail work?

In Gmail, you can safely store your email in the cloud. With a web browser, you can access your messages from any computer or device. In Google Meet, you can join or start video meetings directly from Gmail if your administrator allows. You can add Google Chat directly to your Gmail inbox and take advantage of all the features Chat has to offer.

What is Google Mail?

The Google Gmail service (pronounced Gee-mail) is a free web-based email service that offers 15 GB of message storage and the ability to search specific messages. A conversation thread is automatically created by Gmail when successively related messages are sent.

What makes Google and Google Mail Different from Each Other?


Google Mail is abbreviated as Gmail. A mailbox cannot function without an email client, such as Yahoo mail, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. Among the Email service providers, Gmail provides its users with a unique Email ID associated with their Google account.

Technical View

When Gmail launched in 2004, it offered one gigabyte of storage per user, which was significantly more than its competitors offered. A 15-gigabyte storage space is available today with the service. The maximum size of emails a user can receive is 50 megabytes, including attachments, while the maximum size of emails they can send is 25 megabytes. The user has the option of inserting files from Google Drive into the message if they are larger files. Or it will automatically show you an option to export the files in a google drive link.

What is the Major Difference Between Gmail and Google Mail?

Nearly half of the world’s largest companies use Gmail as their primary email platform by 2021. Microsoft’s Outlook would be the next biggest.

It’s because Google offers a lot of useful and free office applications that make Gmail such a popular choice with businesses.

While Google is available to all Gmail users through their Gmail accounts, businesses tend to use the enterprise version – Google Workspace along with plenty of additional benefits and advantages.

A rebranding of G-Suite called Workspace took place in 2020. Several new features have been added by Google to make working remotely a lot easier.

Your business name can be used as your email address when you sign up for Workspace.

Google Apps comes up with additional web services such as Account, Search, Business Profile, Maps, YouTube, Play, News, Gmail, Meet, Chat, Contacts, Drive, Calendar, Translate, Photos, Chrome, Shopping, My As Center.

Along with some other useful web and software applications as well like Finance, Sheets, Slides, Books, Blogger, Hangouts, Keep, Travel, Google Store, Jamboard, Classroom, Earth, Collections, Arts and Culture, Google Ads, Podcasts, Google one, and Forms.

How to Switch Data from Google and Gmail to Other Domains?

Gmail became Google Mail’s UK name in 2010 after Google changed its name from GoogleMail to Gmail. There are still some users who have not switched to an @gmail.com domain, despite the fact that many people now use an @gmail.com domain. Users with an email domain @googlemail.com may experience some issues with their Box account. Those having issues with a @googlemail.com domain should switch over to a @gmail.com domain if they are having issues with a @googlemail.com domain. 

If you want to migrate your @gmail.com account data to any other email client or email services provider then you can use the third-party tool that can help you to effortlessly migrate the entire mailbox data from one account to another account.

It’s pretty easy to switch data from one Gmail account or another or into any other google workspace account by using the Corbett Gmail Migration tool. Or by adding your email id to any Google Workspace.

Final Words

I hope you will get your answer by reading this article and may this article clear your thoughts about the difference between Gmail and Google Mail. Here, we explained everything that both Google and Google Mail have all about. I hope this article, will help you to clear your doubts.

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