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What Separates White Hat SEO, Black Hat And Grey Hat SEO By SEO Services In Delhi

In today’s time when everything has become online. Each and every brand is trying to reach their customer and build a community through the product and services available on its website. SEO is the best technique for getting your website indexed by search engines, paving the way for organic traffic toward your website. That’s why it’s necessary for you to have an SEO optimized website. This is the reason various digital marketing agencies are there offering SEO services in Delhi to make your work easy.  There are techniques of SEO like white head, black hat, and grey head SEO which are used by different SEO company in Delhi. We are going to discuss it in this article-

Different techniques of SEO 

1. White hat SEO

When it comes to SEO white hat SEO basically means performing SEO while keeping the search engine guidelines in mind. It’s a slow process but has a long-lasting growth effect on the website. Basically white hat  SEO focuses on improving the rank of your website without following the method of spam that manipulates the algorithm. It’s the safest and the most acceptable form of SEO technique. 

Different white hat SEO techniques

  • Development of high-quality content for the website is the perfect example of white hat SEO which is used by various SEO experts in Delhi
  • Using proper meta description and title with judicial use of keywords and phrases
  • Using good quality non spammy inbound links on your website. 

2. Black hat SEO By SEO Services in Delhi

Well if we explain in layman’s terms then black hat SEO is a practice that is against the guideline of the google search engine but helps in increasing the ranking of the page on the search engine. This is not legal as it is against the guidelines of the google search engine and can result in getting your website banned from the search engine. People who use these kinds of SEO techniques are putting websites in danger for short-term gains. Some Black hat SEO techniques include-

  • Providing backlinks of the spammy website is the worst Black hat SEO technique which can be very harmful to your website and get it banned
  • Copying content from different websites and putting it on your website can increase your websites spam score hence driving the traffic toward your competitors 
  •  Hiding stuffing keywords behind the white screen can misguide the search engine bots but it is not permanent as Google keeps updating the bots to index more effectively and when it is caught, it can create a bad reputation for your website and affect your ranking.
  • Cloaking is one the most manipulative techniques in Black hat SEO, through it people show differences to the search engine when they come to index and redirecting the users or the audience to some other website or content.

3. Grey hat SEO 

Grey hat SEO is nothing more than the combination of both Black hat and White hat SEO. It is riskier as compared to White hat SEO but it won’t get your website banned like Black hat SEO. Some SEO service in Delhi use this technique for their clients. Some of the Grey hat SEO techniques are mentioned below.

  • Redesigning your website more frequently.
  • Placing the sharing button excessively on the words of the post.
  • Indulging in clicking fraud.
seo service in delhi
seo service in delhi

SEO Experts are Essential for all companies

Given that every organization’s growth increasingly depends on its ability to reach an online audience, SEO is an essential team for the website. Every piece of information on the website must be relevant and geared toward the desired audience. The company’s web presence will help it grow. The most crucial aspect of this is the SEO effort.

Website auditing, content optimization, and link development are all options. SEO Mapping of keyword research tools.

SEO specialists will operate outside of the website to backlink the website’s link on search engines such as Google. We truly believe in our essential beliefs, which ensure that you will receive services that will help your business grow. Our highly trained and educated crew focuses on digital marketing agencies.

We Provide SEO Services to Help the Company Grow

Wall communication provides outstanding service that significantly boosts the worth of your business.

  • Local SEO: By giving a local geo-targeted audience, local SEO can assist in promoting local businesses. As a result, the website’s rating will ultimately improve.
  • Global SEO will boost a website’s rating by attracting a global audience. This will ensure that the website improves in all areas. If the company could attract a global market, it would thrive.
  • National SEO: As a leading SEO company in Delhi, we will conduct both national and local keyword research to demonstrate the organization’s strong online presence. We also provide changes for improved website content.

As a Digital Marketing Agency, Wall communication has experts in all the domains of it who will work in coordination for the benefit of the organization. We have a trusted group of customers whose business expands with the help of our services.


This is the reason that before hiring an SEO Services in Delhi you should do a proper background check and should ask them what kind of SEO techniques they use. Black hat SEO is the worst form of SEO technique that an agency can use and if someone is using it then they are putting their client’s website in danger this is the kind of agency you should keep your distance from.

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