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What To Do If Outlook Crashes When Opening?

Why does my Outlook Crashes When Opening? A similar problem is encountered by one in every 10 users. I am unable to resolve this. So what should be fixed? Is this pending?

Let’s look at how to fix Outlook crashes on startup issues in this article. Continue reading for more information on the straightforward and efficient remedies we discussed for the Outlook open and closure issue.


What to Do If My Outlook Crashes When Opening?

Due to many reasons Outlook crashing problem occurs. Some of them are:

  • You have downloaded Incompatible Outlook version on your computer.
  • Irrelevant add-ins causes the issue of crashing.
  • PST Files are Corrupted.

Now use these 3 quick fixes listed below to successfully fix Outlook keeps crashing when it first launches.

1. Launch Outlook in Safe Mode first Fixing Outlook opening crashes

Opening Outlook in Safe Mode will allow you to fix any Outlook issues, including opening crashes, startup crashes, and processing-related freezes. Outlook must be launched in safe mode.

  • If Outlook is open, close it. Next, open the Run dialogue box.
  • Press the Windows logo key plus R for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Windows 8.
  • For Windows 7, select Start, then select Run by typing the word into the search bar.
    • Type outlook.exe /safe now, then press Enter.
  • After completing these instructions, restart Outlook normally. Close Outlook.
  • Continue to the following step if the problem no longer exists. This suggests that the “Outlook crashes on startup” issue may be related to some problematic add-ins in Outlook.

2. Turn off add-ons

By adding new features and improvements, add-ins enhance Outlook. But occasionally, it could obstruct normal operation and make Outlook crash or hang. Follow the guidelines below to disable add-ins.

  1. Select File, Options, then Add-ins.
  2. Click the COM-Add-ins > Go option in the Manage drop-down menu.
  3. Verify and deactivate any enabled add-ins. Restart Outlook after saving the adjustments.

If Outlook is operating normally today, add-ins are to blame. But it’s critical to pinpoint the precise add-in that constituted a problem. Check each add-in separately and restart Outlook to find that out. Wait until Outlook crashes again, then repeat the process for each add-in that was previously chosen.

3. Utilize the Outlook Diagnostic Tool

  1. Run the automatic diagnostic program that you downloaded from the Microsoft website on your computer.
  2. The problem should be fixed after the tool has finished its work. Visit Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365, nevertheless, if the problem continues.
  3. On the first screen, select Outlook, then select Next.
  4. Depending on your situation, choose one of the available options.
    • Outlook crashing with the warning “Microsoft Outlook has ceased working.” 
    • Outlook frequently freezes or hangs. Select Next

You should be able to fix the majority of Outlook issues using this automatic program. If the issue nonetheless shows up, there can be a problem with your PST file, which is addressed in the following remedy.



Now that the problematic add-in has been located. Continue using Outlook while permanently turning it off. The Outlook Crashes When Opening problem should be fixed. If this is ineffective, seek the assistance of a professional Outlook support team. They will definitely help you regarding this issue. 

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