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Where is The Coldest Place in the U.S in Summer?

With the change in the weather cycle, summers are knocking at the door.  And if you are looking forward to beating the heat, head to Fairbanks, Alaska. This is a year round destination. From Aurora Borealis to dense woods and ample adventure and other activities, Fairbanks invites you for a summer retreat in its cold of the summer.

Tucked in the interior parts of Alaska, Fairbanks comes up with an amazing set of opportunities to enjoy your summer to the most. But before we begin with its myriad attractions to enjoy during your summer vacation there, let’s take a look at its weather conditions.

Summer Weather in Fairbanks

Since Alaska has the status of being the coolest USA state in summer, Fairbanks has pleasant summer temperatures. Although July is the hottest month, it is not humid. Alaska commonly has the most freezing and longest winters, and coldest summers.

And the reason for this is that Alaska is located way far in the North than the Lower 48. That’s why the solar energy reaches it in scarcity.

Please note

The term lower 48 refers to the conterminous United States.

Now, let’s move to see how you can enjoy your trip to Fairbanks in summer.

The Best Summer Attractions in Fairbanks

Come summers and Fairbanks oozes with myriad attractions. Delight in bright daylight and the much famous midnight sun during the months of June, July, and August. So, here are the top attractions that you can revel in Fairbanks during summers apart from enjoying its coldest temperatures.

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Soak in the Chena Hot Springs

Refresh yourself to the core by taking a soothing dip in the Chena Hot Springs. Moreover you can go hiking, biking, riding ATVs, and take horse riding tours. You can also visit the geothermal plant and greenhouses here.

The Aurora Ice Museum takes your breath away. Marvel at several ice sculptures and a circular staircase of ice. Relax at the ice bar and any of the four bedrooms. Moreover, the North Pole is just 20 minutes from this place, so you can also proceed to Santa Claus and delight in the Christmas spirit.

Delight in Endless Daylight

Fairbanks is brightened by long sunshine hours in the summer. Enjoy watching daylight 24 hours everyday from mid-May to mid-July. And the famous Midnight Sun Season runs from April 22 to August 20. Even when the sun sets, the short period between sunset and sunrise emanates ample light for outdoor fun.

You can also enjoy late-night golfing, evening hiking, or enjoy sitting on the balcony till the wee hours. And fret not for having your sleep disturbed, hotels have blackout curtains.

Visit Pioneer Park

Don’t mistake this park for being a patch of greenery, flowers, pond, and relaxing pockets. Pioneer Park is much more than that. The Gold Rush Town here is dotted by age-old structures that are relocated from their original place to this park. Inside these buildings, you can find a hotel, church, theater, log cabins, etc. You can also explore museums, shops, and dining concessions inside.

Enjoy a nightly outdoor dining experience at the park’s other end. Here you can relish savor ties such as wood-grilled salmon, beer-battered cod, and slow-roasted prime rib. Thereafter, you can have a gala time at  the Palace Theatre in  the Golden Heart Revue. To enjoy your trip to the fullest, book an American Airlines Group Travel with your loved ones.

Explore Museum of the North

When in Fairbanks, you can’t miss out on the Museum of the North. Standing in the University of Alaska, this attraction has striking white curves and unusual lines. It evokes incredible images of alpine ridges, aurora borealis, and glaciers.

The exhibits here speak about the geography, natives, and wildlife of Alaska. Listen to an ever-changing sound on the upper level. You will also find a light environment here that is based on the vibrations connected to the natural world as well as a Rose Berry Alaska Art Gallery.

Head to the Georgeson Botanical Garden

Enrich your summer trip to Fairbanks with a visit to the Georgeson Botanical Garden. This is an education and research zone where high-latitude horticulture is given impetus. At this place, you will witness the varieties that have scored a high position among the experimental trials of plants.

In the garden, you will come across a myriad variety of flowers, such as delphinium, lilacs, peonies, daylilies, and dahlias. A native wetland garden is also here. To accompany this garden, there is a shade garden, a rose garden, an edibles garden, and a garden of plants that is used for creating natural dyes.

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Riverboat Discovery

Last but not least is this cheerful cruise. Navigating on the waters of the Chena River, this cruise floats for 3 hours with narration that takes you on time travel. Learn about the times when the interiors of Alaska were dependent on sternwheelers for transportation. Explore a recreated Athabascan Indian village through the cruise.

Here, you will get to know Athabascan nomadic life. Learn about their traditional catching and drying salmon methods, how they used animal furs and the general village life tenor. Look at a bush pilot maneuvering a float plane and pausing at Trailbreaker Kennels. The Kennels is home of the late Susan Butcher family, who won the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race champion four times.

The Riverboat Discovery was conceptualized by the Binkley family. Their tradition of steam boating is as old as a century. In 1898, Charles M. Binkley began building and navigating boats in the region. When railroads and flights overtook the freight business majorly in the 1950s, the Binkley family started with river trips. And did you know? The captain of your cruise might be one of Charles’ grandchildren!

In a nutshell, Fairbanks in Alaska is the coldest U.S. destination in summer for a soothing trip. At the same time, it is also the coolest place that treats you to exciting attractions and memories to garner for a lifetime.


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