Which electricity contract to choose in the event of a change of supplier?

Do you want to change electricity supplier? Note that this process is free for the consumer. It is carried out without any cost or justification. That’s why you can choose an Electrical Services in Dubai contract whenever you want.

Several reasons can convince you to change your electricity contract

Find a cheaper electricity supplier: do you feel like you are paying too much for your electricity supply? You have the possibility of comparing and changing Electrical Services in Dubai contracts in order to find a more attractive one, for the same quality of energy. And this, without a power outage.

Choosing a green electricity contract e: is your ecological fiber catching up with you or developing? There are many green electricity offers on the market today. They could convince you to change your contract.
FIND BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE: Having trouble contacting customer service? Did you have a bad experience with this one? You can change contracts to find a provider with better customer service.

As a reminder, you do not have to take any particular steps to change your electricity supplier. Indeed, you just have to choose a new electricity contract. It is your new supplier who will then take care of terminating your old electricity contract.

Which electricity contract to choose when moving house?

Are you going to move soon? Are you in the middle of the boxes? You should know that certain steps are necessary to obtain electricity in your new home. First of all, we recommend that you anticipate this change and take out a new electricity contract for the new accommodation, at least 15 days before your move. In a few clicks on LeLynx.fr, choose your new electricity contract. Then you can cancel by telephone, email, or registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt (LRAR).

On the day of the move, remember to take an index reading of the Electrical Services in Dubai meter of your old home, but also of the new one. This step is essential to be able to terminate your old electricity contract and start the new one. And this, whether with the same supplier or with another one.

Be aware that it is not possible to migrate your old contract to your new home without terminating it. Indeed, each contract is linked to a meter, itself linked to a dwelling. They are not transmitted. It is also better because your old electricity contract would not necessarily be adapted to the characteristics of your new home. In addition, electricity prices have surely changed (up or down) since your subscription.

Information to be provided for an electricity contract

After making a comparison of the electricity contracts available, have you chosen a supplier? Good. You must now provide him with several essential information to establish the contract:

  • Your contact details: surname, first name, and full address
  • Pricing: Base option or peak hours/off-peak hours option
  • Your annual electricity consumption: you can find it on an old bill
  • The power of your electricity meter: in kilovolt-amperes (kVA), for example, 3kVA or 6kVA
  • Delivery Point number (PDL): you will find it on your meter and on your electricity bill
  • Your current electricity meter reading or that of the accommodation in which you are going to move
  • Bank account details (RIB): if you choose payment by direct debit.

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