Why Does Your Business Need a Customer Portal

Do you want to help your customers? All the time? Help them to solve the problems they have related to your product? If yes then your one stop solution is a Dynamics 365 portal. It is a solution to all your problems. A customer portal is a place for the customers to access self-help resources where they can get answers to their problems real quick. To know why your business needs a customer portal read further and explore.

Customer Engagement:

Customer portals help improve customer interaction, which helps strengthen the business and customer relations. It allows your customers to give feedback and present their point of view. This customer feedback is a great way to engage your customers where they have the right to put their thoughts forward regarding the brand.

Making content for helping your customers in any way and form helps them solve their query making them feel more connected. Like writing articles, blog posts, and videos for social media can help find their own solution rather than directly contacting you.

A strong customer engagement paves the way for strong brand loyalty and enhances knowledge about your product to your customers, making it more useful for you to advertise it. It helps with customer interaction for information on invoices, orders, and feedback. Microsoft Power Apps have seen a 172%  growth since 2019 because of such active customer portals.

Secure File Sharing:

A customer portal like Dynamics 365 portal helps you upload sensitive and confidential information like home address and other details. This is saved in the form of encryption so that no outside or inside employee can know what it is unless authorized or is authorized to have an encryption algorithm key.

Channels like messages, emails, or a customer portal can share huge data files, making it easy to upload and add security that helps both parties.

Saves Money:

Portals like Dynamics 365 customer portal are self-service portals. It helps you add FAQs and hence helps customers find their answers. This helps you cut the clutter of repetitive questions and reduce the number of tickets generated in a day. This further increases your efficiency and hence helps you gain profit.

Solutions like Power Apps and Power Automate can easily be automated to the request flow for customer service systems.

Customer Feedback:

Customer feedback determines customer satisfaction. As customers have the access as well as the right to give their opinions as feedback it helps you with the market surveyed. It also helps you find the loopholes and also address the negative comments received. It helps build your brand, build a reputation, and a good one if most of your feedback is good then. Also, you can make a few negative feedback private and deal with those customers to help them change their perspectives.

Customer Satisfaction:

In total 72% of satisfied customers share a positive experience. The easier it is for customers to access the information, the better it will be for your business.

Customer portals like the Dynamics 365 customer portal makes it possible to leverage personal information. It allows them to locate a customer based on the past queries and also personalizes their accounts to improve the overall customer experience.

Enhance Sales and Marketing:

Customer portals like Dynamics 365 help you with sales and marketing capabilities. It offers a great range of services and also promotes them. It is critical among all other reasons because this is the way to grow your business and take it to a new level.

The Dynamics 365 customer portal can help you target promotions and customers accordingly. Which later proves to be a more strategic step towards achieving your business goals and for taking more strategic decisions.

This also allows the customers to purchase on their own accord and makes them feel less stressed and pressured.

Ensures Customer Security:

Customer portals are designed for security to make sure that the company’s information is safe and secure. Technology like firewall and other encryptions help protect the data from corruption from malware and viruses. All tools fit well with the Dynamics 365 portal, as they can be easily integrated with cloud services.

Customer Recommendations:

For a better user experience, customers need to recommend your brand to different people starting from their family to their friends and everyone else they know. It can only happen if you create consistent content that is eye-catchy and easy for your customers to understand. Like if you write FAQ pages using complex words then the problem does not get solved.

You need to add a live chat and contact email id for supporting your customers 24/7 to assist and guide them wherever needed. It should always be open to assistance and feedback as well.

Self Service Troubleshoot:

Most customers share a vast range of information that might help other customers to find solutions that help with their problems. It is best if a problem is solved within less time and without any employee intervention.

You can share the “How To” posts and videos on social media by making one for each common problem. Also, FAQ pages should be able to solve common repetitive questions. It should be a forum to discuss all such things. It also helps if you help your customers solve queries on different social media platforms.

It leaves room for your customers to leave a query for the registered official business account on all social media platforms and then it needs to answer simple questions.


Implementing a customer portal is the need for an hour. To maintain and manage a huge customer base, you need a customer portal. There are many reasons why you should opt for a customer portal.

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Maulik Shah

Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder & CEO of CRMJetty, hub of innovative customer relationship solutions, provides ready to CMS integrate portal solutions for SuiteCRM, Sugar CRM, Salesforce, and Dynamics CRM, IT service, education portal, healthcare portal development, travel portal development.

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